1 Charis White Celebrant

Charis White Celebrant

Charis White is highly recommended by her Easy Weddings customers. This professional celebrant is known for her immaculate attention to detail and versatility when it comes to ceremonies. Whether you’re having a traditional, non-traditional, alternative or simply unique wedding, there’s something for everyone with Charis White. Check out her Easy Weddings storefront for further information. 

2 Mike Larkan

Mike Larkan

Mike Larkan is one of the most sought-after marriage celebrants in Melbourne. Mike is best known for his engaging and professional manner when performing ceremonies. He gets to know his clients before the big day to put them at ease and create a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere while exchanging vows. What more could you ask for? Find out more here. 

Mike Larkan
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(115 Reviews)
South Yarra, Victoria
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Engaging TV personality with charisma
  • Entertaining, confident celebrant with charm
  • Great sense of humour + Professional approach
Channel Ten weatherman Mike Larkan is no stranger to weddings; in fact, he’s officiated hundreds of marvellous ceremonies. A well-liked TV personality, Mike is comfortable in front of crowds and is a brilliant ceremony writer, with this fully vaccinated journalist using his word-savvy ways to craft bespoke ceremonies. Engaging and down-to-earth, Mike is a fun celebrant to plan a ceremony with.
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3 Andrew Redman Marriage Celebrant

Andrew Redman Marriage Celebrant

Andrew Redman has earned his reputation as one of the most sought-after wedding celebrants Melbourne has to offer. He takes the time to get to know his clients before the big day, with the goal of creating a ceremony that accurately reflects their hopes and dreams for married life. He’s the real deal! Click here to book Andrew Redman for your wedding ceremony. 

Andrew Redman Marriage Celebrant
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(292 Reviews)
Ivanhoe, Victoria
Awarded Victorian Male Celebrant of the year 8 times. Awarded Australia's Best Celebrant 2019.
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4 Wendy McRae

Wendy McRae

Wendy McRae is considered one of the best Melbourne has to offer. This professional marriage celebrant takes a relaxed approach to designing and performing ceremonies. She’s known for getting to know her clients on a personal level before the big day to ensure their moment is unique and an accurate reflection of who they are as a couple. Find out more here. 

Wendy McRae
Supplier Listing Images 67
(218 Reviews)
Dingley Village, Victoria
  • Relaxed approach and personalized planning
  • All will go as planned
  • I will design and perform your ceremony
  • Your ceremony will be individually crafted
If you’re looking for a sincere, reliable marriage celebrant, you’ll love working with Melbourne-based Wendy McRae. Wendy designs and performs heartfelt personalised ceremonies that reflect your true nature and story as a couple. She boasts years of experience, endless resources, a background in theatre, a genuine passion for writing, and a reputation as one of Australia’s top-rated celebrants.
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5 Julia's Celebrant Agency

Julia's Celebrant Agency

Julia Handford from Julia’s Celebrant Agency describes herself as obsessed with doughnuts, a lover of dancing and dinner parties, and a relaxed marriage celebrant. She has experience performing over 700 weddings, so rest assured she knows exactly how to create a personal, unique and engaging ceremony. Check her out here!

6 Erin Rollason

Erin Rollason

Erin Rollason is one of the most top-rated wedding celebrants in Melbourne. This award-winning celebrant describes herself as fun, relaxed and professional. She takes care of everything so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your special moment as it unfolds. To view Erin’s long list of package inclusions, click here. You won’t be disappointed.

Erin Rollason
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(116 Reviews)
Mitcham, Victoria
  • I will support and guide you through the process
  • Lots of tips & hints to make it a fun experience
  • I will listen to exactly what you want
  • Help you achieve the wedding of your dreams!
I have been voted as an ABIA Victorian Marriage Celebrant Finalist- 2017 and Bride's Choice Top 5- Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges 2017, yet again for my outstanding services. I absolutely LOVE what I do!!
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7 Elisa Westein Celebrant

Elisa Westein Celebrant

Elisa Westein is best known for her ability to support and calm couples ahead of the big day. She works to create unique, personalised and meaningful ceremonies that accurately reflect the couple’s values, beliefs and hope and dreams for their future as a married couple. Elisa takes care of all the legalities and paperwork and provides her own P.A system for audio and music on the day. Enquire today!

Elisa Westein Celebrant
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(186 Reviews)
Templestowe Lower,
  • A true professional with a youthful approach.
  • You'll be in great hands on your special day
  • A friendly, fun. open-minded professional.
  • I create ceremonies that are most importantly, yours!
Awarded 3rd Place, Best Celebrant in Victoria 2019.
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8 A Stand-up Celebrant

A Stand-up Celebrant

Paul is A Stand-Up Celebrant. He is best known for creating fun, laid-back ceremonies with plenty of laughs, tears and moments of pure joy. He’s one of the most sought-after celebrants in Melbourne for his ability to perform engaging and unforgettable ceremonies. Click here to find out more. 

A Stand-up Celebrant
Supplier Listing Images 19 Supplier Listing Videos 6
(195 Reviews)
Abbotsford, Victoria
  • “Our guests said it was the best ceremony they've seen"
  • 170 five star reviews...
  • More than 400 happily married couples
  • Choose what I wear with 'Pimp My Celebrant'!
A Stand-up Celebrant, also known as the hilariously talented, passionate Paul Bonadio, is a Melbourne-based celebrant famed for his perfect mix of humour and sentimentality. Paul boasts a comedic, storytelling approach, not shy of romance and sincerity. After years spent on the stage as a stand-up comedian, Paul’s natural charisma, confidence, and professionalism are undeniable.
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9 Megan Thompson

Megan Thompson

Backed by her passion and talent for creative writing, Megan Thompson is known for creating heartfelt and personalised wedding ceremonies. Her ceremonies are fun, relaxed and a true representation of the marrying couple. What more could you ask for? Enquire today!

Megan Thompson
Supplier Listing Images 24 Supplier Listing Videos 1
(141 Reviews)
Gisborne, Victoria
  • One of Melbourne's most sought after celebrants
  • Fun ceremonies full of love and laughter
  • Setting the scene for an epic party
  • Fully tailored ceremonies
Cheese free, fresh and engaging.
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10 Naomi Korolew

Naomi Korolew

Naomi Korolew says she likes her champagne and her humour dry. She’s best known for creating authentic, engaging and cringe-free wedding ceremonies couples will love reminiscing upon for many years to come. She’s a humanist, minimalist, podcast enthusiast and mother. Click here to get to know Naomi Korolew. 

Naomi Korolew | Marriage Celebrant
Supplier Listing Images 33
(99 Reviews)
Melbourne, Victoria
  • "fantastic from the moment we met"
  • "hands down the best celebrant in Victoria"
  • "relaxed, fun and thoroughly likable"
  • "not your typical celebrant"
Simple. Modern. Authentic.
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11 Marriage Celebrant

Marriage Celebrant

Mark Doggett from All You Need Is Love is considered a favourite amongst Melbourne couples. Mark describes himself as a modern celebrant. He creates unique wedding ceremonies that accurately reflect the couple’s love story. Whether you’re after an intimate exchanging of vows or a traditional ceremony, Mark Doggett can make it happen. Click here to find out more. 

All You Need Is Love - Mark Doggett
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(82 Reviews)
Richmond, Victoria
  • Let's make it really Fun :)
  • Check out my reviews ....
  • Totally obligation free first meeting!
  • I will make your wedding journey easy and fun :)
Would you like your Ceremony to shine as Brightly as you do? Let's make it Amazing! I'm a Relaxed, Modern & Really Fun celebrant :)
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12 All You Need Is Love - Mark Doggett

All You Need Is Love - Mark Doggett

Rita Cohann describes her style as relaxed, warm and inclusive, She takes the time to create personal, meaningful and romantic ceremonies that accurately reflect the marrying couple and their values and beliefs. What more could you ask for? Find out more here. 

Rita Cohann Celebrant Melbourne
Supplier Listing Images 107 Supplier Listing Videos 2
(72 Reviews)
Preston, Victoria
  • WINNER Best Celebrant 2018 in Victoria - ABIA AWARDS
  • A relaxed, personal, beautiful ceremony.
  • I speak French & Italian too!
  • Experienced. Stress free. Great fun.
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13 Rita Cohann Marriage Celebrant

Rita Cohann Marriage Celebrant

John McCullough could be the Melbourne marriage celebrant you’ve been searching for. John has earned his reputation as a committed, caring and professional celebrant. He takes the time to get to know his clients ahead of the wedding so they are relaxed, comfortable and enjoying themselves throughout their special moment. Find out more here.

Right Match Celebrant - John McCullough
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(69 Reviews)
Hampton, Victoria
Committed, caring & professional...Available to conduct your personalised wedding ceremony in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.
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14 Right Match Celebrant - John McCullough

Right Match Celebrant - John McCullough

Kathryn Eternal Flame Ceremonies is up there among the best marriage celebrants in Melbourne. Kathryn is best known for her versatility – whether you’re after a traditional ceremony or something a little quirky and different, she’s your girl! Click here for more information. 

Kathryn Eternal Flame Ceremonies
Supplier Listing Images 24 Supplier Listing Videos 1
(80 Reviews)
Melbourne, Victoria
  • Marriage Celebrant for nine years.
  • Conducted over 200 ceremonies!
  • Every ceremony unique.
"Kathryn is not only an amazing celebrant; she is also a remarkable woman. Her warm and personable approach was a breath of fresh air and really made the process stress-free and exciting for us. So many of our guests expressed how unique and beautiful our ceremony was, commenting that it was the best wedding they had ever been to!"
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15 Kathryn Eternal Flame Ceremonies

Kathryn Eternal Flame Ceremonies

Lynton Round Wedding Excellence is dedicated to creating engaging wedding ceremonies. He meets with his clients as often as needed to create a personal ceremony they can be proud of. For further information, check out Lynton’s Easy Weddings storefront here. 

Lynton Round Wedding Excellence
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(78 Reviews)
Hillside, Victoria
My efforts from the time we first meet to your wedding day are totally focused upon developing a ceremony that meets your desires and wishes.
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16 Lynton Round Wedding Excellence

Lynton Round Wedding Excellence

Debra Holder could be the celebrant you’ve been searching for. This professional marriage celebrant is known for her ability to create an engaging ceremony no matter the location. She guides her clients through the ceremony planning process, ensuring their special moment is unique, engaging and personal to them only. Find out more here.

Debra Holder | Celebrating Your Life
Supplier Listing Images 36
(56 Reviews)
Richmond, Victoria
  • "We loved Deb the second we met her"
  • "..happy, easygoing and warm person"
  • "Our ceremony was perfection & exactly us!"
  • "...amazing at organising everything!"
Whether it’s formal or lighthearted, or somewhere in between, I will assist you to create a memorable ceremony that reflects you as a couple and creates a great atmosphere for the celebrations to follow.
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