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Updated : 20/05/2017

I'm the first of my friends (and family!) to marry so I have no idea what I'm doing! I've been looking at websites but they seem to flaunt a particular body shape, newest trends (NO interest there), and no prices. How am I supposed to figure out which stores i should actually make appointments with? I should mention, I hate shopping and would rather not go to more than 1 or 2 stores (or spend more than a couple of hours doing this), and do NOT want to spend a fortune
3 answers

Updated : 19/05/2017

We're planning a low-key daytime wedding with a very small number of people followed with a lunchtime party at home to celebrate. I had been leaning towards a slim fitting sheath style dress with sequin lace for a shimmer all over. My friend has advised me to drop the sparkle and go for a more flowing dress, as she thinks that for the sparkly dress I'd need a more formal "black tie" dress code. Although both dresses look good on me, I associate more flowing dresses with feeling "pretty" and I'm after an elegant look which I associate more with the sheath dress. Our dress code for party guests is "cocktail attire (ties optional)". It's not too late to change the dress code for guests to something more formal and we could push the party timing back to late afternoon / early evening but with the party being at home (on our deck) she thinks black tie will probably look out of place. How formal / later in the day would I need to make the party for the sparkly dress to look appropriate?
5 answers

Updated : 18/05/2017

I've seen some awful clashing outfits and celebrants in white etc... is it rude to ask them to wear a particular colour or style? I don't know if I'm taking it way too far haha. But I want everything to look good! It is my wedding day, after all :)
33 answers

Updated : 16/05/2017

I am looking at spending $3500, is this a normal price for a skilled videographer for all day?
4 answers

Updated : 16/05/2017

My partner is asking me how much to budget for, I wanna say like $500-1000, but I'm not sure
4 answers

Updated : 16/05/2017

I am really proud of my body so I'm considering it! when would you do it? Before the "getting ready" shots? :) Would it be built into the cost of the package or a separate cost?
2 answers

Updated : 16/05/2017

Is it worth setting one up?
3 answers

Updated : 16/05/2017

I'm a fairly standard size so i'm not sure
4 answers

Updated : 16/05/2017

How does it all work?
8 answers

Updated : 16/05/2017

I've bought a simple wedding that fits well but needs a few inches taken off the bottom. The dress has several layers but no delicate lace or anything on the bottom
4 answers