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Updated : 27/03/2017

Looking for some not so obvious ones.
4 answers

Updated : 22/03/2017

Struggling to figure out what kind of decorations/ props to have around the venue when there is no seating plan. There will only be scattered tables and chairs around the venue.
3 answers

Updated : 22/03/2017

Updated : 21/03/2017

I'm trying to work out how to word an invitation address... It is for my aunt and uncle, their daughter, and her partner. Should I just do two lines of titles on the invitation? Eg: John and Jane Smith Alice Smith and Ben Brown Or should I just send two invitations to the same address?
3 answers

Updated : 20/03/2017

I'd like to know if it's possible to have a elegant but simple wedding for around $5000-$6000 (give or take). If you have managed to do this could please tell me how? Preferable in the Sydney, nsw area. Thank you
2 answers

Updated : 20/03/2017

When you do seating arrangements, is table 1 generally the brides family plus the partners of the wedding party? How would you seat the grooms parents if they are both remarried and really don't get along?
3 answers

Updated : 20/03/2017

Any recommendations lovelies?
2 answers

Updated : 20/03/2017

How do I go about this? Do I need forms to fill out? It will be a very very simple wedding. Just need someone to do it please.
12 answers

Updated : 20/03/2017

I dont wish to wear a wedding dress - I'm trying to not choose to young style nor something with the older lace. My figure has changed from a model figure to now an apple due to early menopause. I have no idea what style to choose. my partner is wearing navy.
5 answers