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Updated : 22/02/2021

For our wedding, we want our guests to have the best time, we figure if they're having a great time, so will we. We've got our ideas, having been to weddings ourselves, of what makes the overall experience an awesome one... but would love to hear all perspectives, please!
3 answers

Updated : 22/02/2021

My fiance is not keen on being in or having a videographer at our wedding (he is not that comfortable with the idea of being filmed - which is completely fine), but I would still like to capture the speeches and some special moments on video. Is it worth hiring a videographer? Any hints or tips on how to get these moments captured on video without paying for the full service of a videographer?
8 answers

Updated : 9/02/2021

Are there any "rules" about who can see your wedding dress before the wedding?
3 answers

Updated : 9/02/2021

Curious about this and how it would be done well.
20 answers

Updated : 6/02/2021

Hi there, I'm wearing a blue wedding dress How do i pick a bridesmaid dress colour that won't be too matchy but won't overshaddow me either?
2 answers

Updated : 5/02/2021

Is this weird? I feel strange about it!
8 answers

Updated : 4/02/2021

Wondering if the ring part of our ceremony can be personalised or if it has to be what everyone else has?
29 answers

Updated : 27/01/2021

Hi team, I am at a loss as to what to get my bridesmaids as a gift - they already have all their shoes and jewellery for the day. What would be an appropriate gift?
2 answers

Updated : 18/01/2021

How does anyone plan a guest list for a wedding now when things can change so quickly? Do we need like an A, B and C list? Any advice is appreciated!
2 answers

Updated : 12/01/2021

Hi, we were hoping to have a 'budget' wedding but it is proving harder than we initially thought. We want to have a wow factor venue with floral and styling but not sure how much is needed to be spent to achieve a 'wow' vibe.
7 answers