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Updated : 15/12/2020

Just wondering if it is standard practice to pay vendors in full for services such as photography prior to the actual wedding day?
14 answers

Updated : 3/12/2020

I don't want a bridesmaids dress either, and nothing too fancy. Any suggestions?
10 answers

Updated : 20/11/2020

In a commitment ceremony is the celebrant allowed to say husband and wife?
13 answers

Updated : 17/11/2020

Hello, I was just wondering how many glasses I should order for a wedding of 100. Champagne, beer glasses, water glasses wine etc?
7 answers

Updated : 9/11/2020

We are looking at hiring a car for our wedding, we're quite confused on the hours we may need it for. We will all be getting ready at the same hotel, the guys will be leaving before the girls. Do I hire 1 car (limo) to take the guys and then wait for it to come back and pick us up and take us? Our ceremony and reception is at the same venue as well so we don't need a car once we have all been dropped off. Can we add on a price to the end to take just the bride and groom back to the hotel?
8 answers

Updated : 6/11/2020

We are recently engaged and are looking for a small venue to host a food truck wedding for about 70-100 people?
2 answers

Updated : 4/11/2020

I have had chronic health issues since 2013, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to have implants after mastectomy and have had health issues ever since. I mostly stay in contact with my friends on social media but don't hang out with most of them in person, especially since covid. I have a long time friend that used to invite us to her events but stopped a few years ago. We still run into each other and she has asked when my wedding is and she knows my fiance, as they used to work together as managers for a retail pharmacy. Her kids and my son grew up around each other but I'm not sure if they should be on the guest list or not? She always says she misses us and we need to hang out but it never happens. I'm just not sure how to decide who we should include or not include and we are trying to stay within our budget AND keep up with social distancing during this pandemic.
4 answers

Updated : 13/10/2020

I am looking at catering options for a standing event wedding in Dec, on the coast of QLD. We love our venue, but I am concerned that we won't have air-conditioning (though it is a rooftop venue, so hoping for a nice breeze). I would love some ideas on what I can serve guests, that won't wilt, sweat or weigh everyone down on a hot summer afternoon! Thanks
1 answers

Updated : 12/10/2020

Hi, I am struggling to find a venue that will cater for ceremony and reception for 15 people only. Can you suggest anywhere in South East QLD?
1 answers

Updated : 5/10/2020

Hello! I am looking for an estate in Queensland that would be suitable for a wedding ceremony and reception. I would like to be able to have tee-pee tents set up on a grassed section for guests to glamp in the evening also. Struggling to find a suitable location. I would prefer an outdoor ceremony and reception however I'll look at all options. Recommendations would be appreciated!
1 answers