Guest List

It's never been easier to organise your wedding activities!A step-by-step guide to all your wedding to-dos so you never miss a thing!

Guest List works with Easy Weddings' Event Manager and Seating Planner to organise your wedding activities on the go.

Build your guest list

Creating a wedding guest list is simple. You can quickly add your wedding guests on a dashboard, import a list from a spreadsheet, and update guests' details as they become available.

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Create groups

This handy feature allows you to group couples, families, friends and relatives so you always know who's who and who's with whom at a glance. Perfect for creating your seating plan.

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Note special needs

Who needs a special meal, who is coming with little kiddies, and does he or she need room for a pram? All of these important details help your wedding venue and caterer plan your perfect day.

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Easy Weddings has a suite of wedding planning tools to help organise your guests and coordinate all of your wedding events.

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Hear from the married couples who used our tools!

Your site has been immensely helpful to me. Thank you!

Lisa C

...user friendly guest list and table seating planning tools.

Hannah W

Incredibly helpful!

katrina S

The guest list, seating planner and budget calculator is what we used.

Karl M