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Nice shop front and dressing area. Beautiful dresses and a luxury Wedding Dress shopping experiance. My Wife bought her dress off the shelf and it was just what she wanted. If you want a custom made dress allow 6 months lead time.

14 Apr 2021 

Loved my dress, was able to buy off the rack due to a short time-frame and the staff were more than accommodating of my needs!

19 Mar 2021 

Gunners were great with communication - especially in relation to all the nitty gritty details and last minute requests with our guests and their dietary requests and changes to the total number. Jasmine our coordinator was always lovely to work with and super helpful! They handled the night well the food was amazing! Beautiful venue!! All our guests loved it!

09 Mar 2021 

Hiring the suits from Ferrari made everything so much easier. They were always very accommodating at our fittings and with our date changes. John at the Essendon store was always a pleasure to deal with.

Carmen L says about Lark Music:

06 Mar 2021 

Travis from Lark was brilliant to deal with. We went to their showcase gig to hear the different musicians and we were excited to book them! Travis was great in getting back to me quickly, answered everything and let me ask annoying questions :p Martika, Brett, Stu and Travis did such an amazing job at our wedding. Set list was great. All the guests have been impressed and had a great time! Highly recommend these guys !

Raffaele ciuca made finding my perfect dress so easy. It ended up being the first one I tried on. The staff were very helpful to find styles that suit my body and what I liked/imagined.

Jessica S says about Dunbar House:

05 Feb 2021 

Such a beautiful venue with amazing food and wine. We had the ceremony under the fig tree and it was absolutely stunning. Dunbar House took care of all the details on the day which meant we could really relax and enjoy it!

14 Dec 2020 

I never knew what I wanted in a wedding dress - I definitely wasn't a girl that had always pictured her wedding day and knew exactly what she wanted. The team at KWH in Sydney helped me narrow down styles that would suit my figure. And whilst I had two friends with me who pushed me to try on dresses I wouldn't normally go for (which I ended up picking), the team went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable and my experience was amazing. When I went for my fittings I hadn't seen my dress in over a year and didn't know if I'd like it anymore... Susan made me feel like an absolute princess, and fitted my dress to perfection. I wish I could have brought her with me on the wedding day to give me a little pep talk! Highly recommend KWH to all brides!

13 Nov 2020 

We used Belle Classic Limousines for our wedding on the 3rd January this year. Sue and John were really easy to contact with fast response times, answering every single question and taking on board all of our requests. On the day both drivers were so friendly and professional. Darren was a huge help knowing the easiest way for me to get in and out of the car in my dress! They stayed back for photos after the ceremony and happily moved the cars a million times so the photographer could get that perfect shot. I would highly recommend Belle Classic Limousines to anyone looking for an beautiful car and friendly, reliable service.

01 Oct 2020 

The cars were amazing, the drivers were amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and day. Thank you for everything, we highly recommend!!

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