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21 Oct 2020 

Steve did an amazing job as the celebrant for our wedding! Very thorough and at pre wedding meetings made sure we felt comfortable and knew exactly what to do on the day. We would highly recommend him

From the time I was a little girl I can remember dreaming about my wedding day and drawing sketches of my dream wedding dress until my art book ran out of pages! Lets just say that by the time Patrick proposed, I already had my dream wedding all planned out and had saved hundreds of inspiration photos from Pinterest. By the time we decided that we were ready to start organising our wedding I knew exactly what style of dress I wanted and so the time had come for me to start shopping around to see if I could find "the one". The very first bridal store that I went into was LUV Bridal in Maroochydore and about 6 dresses later, I found "the one". Ladies I can confirm that it's true what they say... just like when you found your man, the same goes for your dress... "When you you know, you know". From the moment I stepped into my Madi Lane gown and looked in the mirror I knew it was the one! I literally couldn't wipe the smile off my face the entire time I was wearing it. The lovely girls at LUV Bridal Maroochydore were so incredibly helpful and gave their honest opinions which I truly valued and it made me feel so confident in my final choice. Once I said "Yes to the dress" they made the entire process so easy for me in regards to ordering and recommending a seamstress for alterations. Thank you so much to the team at LUV Bridal Maroochydore, I cannot thank you ladies enough for helping me to find my dream wedding dress!!! Xx

Kelly V says about Dunbar House:

11 Oct 2020 

I couldn’t recommend this venue enough!! Venue is gorgeous and staff will make your hearts melt!! Food was delicious, guests kept raving about it. Located on the shores of Watsons Bay. Perfect for a dreamy sunset.

29 Aug 2020 

I worked meters away from the Moonee Ponds Fairytales bridal boutique and drove past most day waiting for the day i got to be one of those girls that has the 'Yes to the dress' moment. In early 2019 I had my chance, it was the first and only bridal shop I wanted to go to and the reason was because they had plus sizes dresses you could try on. on the day I tried 6 dresses on. MY dress was number 4! They have a great range for us plus size ladies and great service.

27 Aug 2020 

Enrik Limousines were very professional and helped us to organise the right transport for our wedding, even though we forgot to make the booking until only a few weeks beforehand! It was a very hot day, and the driver always made sure I had some chilled water to drink. They were on time, and got us from place to place with no hassles at all. I also appreciated the driver's help getting in and out of the cars with my bulky wedding dress.

Kelly H says about Crown Perth:

27 Jul 2020 

This was An amazing room, fabulous view of the river. Really enjoyed the Crowns service, food and top class location in the beautiful city of Perth.

12 Jun 2020 

Lucky to find the perfect dress off the self

29 Apr 2020 

5 out of 5 stars isn't enough. Always Classic Cars were sensational. From the ease of booking the cars, the beautiful quality of the Rolls', and the thoughtfulness of the chauffeurs (umbrellas were out when there was a drop of rain, and they helped lay my long veil nicely before I walked down the aisle) -can't recommend them highly enough

12 Apr 2020 

The events team at the Brighton Savoy are incredible at what they do. From our initial meeting until the day the staff were very helpful with any questions we had. We had our ceremony in the atrium followed by the reception in the Gala Ballroom (what a fantastic space!) Jennifer was our planner on the day and she was amazing. She made sure everything ran perfectly. The food was great, all our guests loved it. Highly recommend!

Kylie F says about Flight Centre:

11 Mar 2020 

Planned us an awesome honeymoon of a mix of relaxion and adventure!

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