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Recently asked questions

Updated : 26/07/2022

Can you advise a common shot list for our wedding? I want to make sure nothing is missed. First kiss, first dance, etc. What are some of the shots you don't even think about? Thank you!
8 answers

Updated : 7/06/2022

Hi there. My ceremony is at church in the morning and my reception is at 5pm in the city. Am I better off getting two separate photographers - one for getting ready + ceremony and one for the reception - to save on my budget? Or how does that work?
7 answers

Updated : 25/05/2022

I think an engagement shoot could be nice but I'd love to be more comfortable about what normally happens at one of these, obviously it's different to the wedding. I'm pretty awkward in front of the camera.
13 answers

Updated : 8/07/2021

I was wondering whether it's normal to get two sets of photos, like, all the original ones and then the edited ones? Do we pick the ones to be edited or does the photographer do that?
13 answers

Updated : 29/06/2021

I think it would be so amazing to get featured in a real wedding blog or magazine. Is there a list or style of photos I'd need to help us be in with a chance?
6 answers

Updated : 27/05/2021

Hi. There are so many amazing wedding photographers out there, I'm getting decision anxiety. How do you know your photographer is the one for you? Thanks!
12 answers

Updated : 13/05/2021

Is there a way of describing the different styles that is standard with wedding photographers?
8 answers

Updated : 29/04/2021

Is a wedding album worth it?
Not sure about this. Thinking we might just do our own wedding album online but then again, we're not very creative. And do all photographers do albums or would we be finding our own company for it?
15 answers

Updated : 15/03/2021

We're getting married in Melbourne soon and I'm scared we'll be rained out for photos. What are some good undercover places to take wedding photos around Melbourne?
2 answers

Updated : 9/03/2021

What are some nice photo locations in Melbourne that are close to the city? We'd like a mix of architecture/buildings, gardens, iconic spots and maybe some lesser-known locations. Ideas appreciated!
1 answers

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