3 Bridesmaids and no Groomsmen?? HELP

Hey, My HB does not want groomsmen but I want my 3 bridesmaids. How am I going to make this work without it looking weird with seating plans and photos?

Question Asked: 10/07/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Stacey McLean Photo & Film

(1) · Adelaide

Posted: 2/02/2024

I love this! I think this could be gorgeous for photos. I've actually photographed something very similar before, here is the link incase you wanted to save any images for inspo: https://www.antibride.com.au/post/a-springtime-garden-wedding
I think if its captured in a really candid fun way, anything can work. 
In regards to seating plans, it is becoming more common for couple's to sit on long tables with their guests, perhaps you could do this and just have the grooms friends or close family members on the other side of him.
Don't stress, its your day!

Lots of love,

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SaJe Media

(0) · Sunshine Coast and Surrounds

Posted: 6/09/2023

Narrative Wedding Studio has hit the nail on the head. Photos are so very powerful. That power and value only grows with time. Years down the track they still pull you right back to the feelings and experince of that moment. To force details for the sake of tradition, or in this case symmetry, will not only influence your experience of the day but how you continue to relive this incredible moment in your love story for years to come. The details of your day should honour who you are, as a couple. Unapologetically.

Narrative Wedding Studio

(0) · Sydney and surrounding areas

Posted: 18/07/2023

A lack of symmetry can be a beautiful thing. Celebrate the difference in your friends and don't force him to pick extras because in the long run as those friendships change it won't be worth it. As far as photos go, it's a bridal party regardless of the numbers. They will just be group photos that express the friendships. Round head tables where the bridal party can include their partners will solve this.

Cooper Brady Photography

(16) · Sunshine Coast & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 12/07/2023

Ditto with everything Alexander has said already.  Stick to what you want your day to be 100% and let your vendors navigate the challenges, they will have fun with it and it will make your images both true to who you are and how your day was as well as unique and different. Win win 

Alexander Shore Photography

(14) · Geelong/Great Ocean Rd, Daylesford, Macedon Ranges, Melbourne

Posted: 12/07/2023

Hello! Great question, I've seen this pop up a few times.  In my opinion, your wedding day should be as you want it.  If you want 3 bridesmaids, and your partner doesn't want any groomsmen, then don't even think about losing any of the girls - you'll regret it.  A good photographer will come up with great ideas for any photo shoots, so don't even worry about that.  A bloke surrounded by girls can make for some fun photos!  

With regards to seating plan and speech photos, have you considered not necessarily having a bridal party table?  So the two of you could either sit separately, or on a larger group table with bridesmaids and close friends / family.  The latter is sometimes nice, as you get to spend time with your loved ones, and 'titles' don't matter so much.  If you want to have a more traditional bridal table, just ask the photographer to get wide shots of you all, and also tight shots of just you and your partner.  Speakers always get a solo shot too.  It all comes together in the photo album :)

Hope this helps!

Alexander Shore

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