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Keep track of your wedding budget. You'll always know if you're spending too much on accessories when you could be spending that on an amazing dress.

Take control of your wedding budget with Easy Wedding's Budget Calculator.

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nter your estimated budget and expected number of guests, and we'll calculate how much you could allocate to your dress, the groom's suit, bombonieres... just to give you an idea!

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Enter your own categories and budget items and track your quotes, costs and payments. Stay in control of your wedding finances with the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator.

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Itemise all of your wedding expenses, including quotes, actual costs and payments.

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Hear from the married couples who used our tools!

I love the budget and wedding planning tools on the easy weddings page, they have certainly been helpful for myself.

Emma E

Very useful website with lots of information and the app and budget calculator are a great asset.

Laura R

Budget is the main influencing factor for decision-making so having an idea about prices for certain stores especially bridal dress shops is great!

Kawssar J

I love using the budget calculator on my phone...

Natalie B