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Updated: 14/03/2018 12:44:55 AM

Does anyone do the classic vows anymore?
I___ take thee ___ to be my lawfully wedded ___. In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live etc Just wondering
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Updated: 14/03/2018 12:45:05 AM

How do I ensure my vows sound good enough?

Updated: 25/02/2018 11:50:24 PM

I feel like that might be awkward for us. We are a super stong and stable couple now, but when we met we still had a lot of growing up to do (we were teenagers, and broke each others hearts.) We had a huge falling out and reconnected later. It was very messy and all of our fam and friends know that. Do we have to go into that when our life is so beautiful NOW, and has been for years now?
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Updated: 25/02/2018 10:37:42 PM

Updated: 19/02/2018 10:39:17 PM

conjugal status on marriage certificate?
Do both husband and wife have to mention their conjugal status (if one of them previously divorced) on their marriage certificate? Are there any options with the marriage certificates like can they choose any marriage certificate that does not require conjugal status details?
10 answers

Updated: 19/02/2018 12:29:42 AM

Updated: 19/02/2018 12:30:02 AM

How does the name change process work?
Do celebrants help with this process?
9 answers

Updated: 13/02/2018 1:58:03 AM

Please post as anonymous, thank you.
13 answers

Updated: 12/02/2018 3:19:11 AM

I've written mine and I'm still waiting to find out about theirs- is there anything I can do without nagging? The wedding is only two weeks away
17 answers

Updated: 7/02/2018 5:23:20 AM

Do canapes have to be kosher for our Rabbi?
We are having wedding ceremony at reception venue 1st with a Rabbi offici Do canapes after have to be kosher, when we are signing the documents? What is the protocol? Kosher food is very expensive. The Rabbi will not be attending the reception but will be present when canapes are offered around.
4 answers

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Famous for hosting Channel 10s 'Perfect Match', TV and radio personality.


As life's a journey, allow me to walk this part of the way along with you. Together, we can make your celebration one worth cherishing.


At Licensed to Wed, Gina's vision is that you will enjoy and remember your ceremony always! Licensed to listen, create and please......!!!


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 18 Mar 2018

Morgan F says:

Gina has been a complete pleasure to work with from our very first email, right through the entire marriage process. We found we were having trouble clicking with a celebrant after meeting a few, however after a recommendation from a trusted friend to chat to Gina, we finally found the one! Gina made the whole process so smooth and easy for us, explaining everything and making sure our ceremony was the perfect fit for us. Gina made us feel so comfortable with her calm nature, and her incredible professionalism is a credit to her. Not only did Gina handle all the big important components, but she also looked after the little details and made us feel so special. We do not hesitate at all in recommending her for your own amazing wedding.

Supplier: Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

 15 Mar 2018

Laurent I says:

Naomi was just awesome. She is so lovely and organised. All our guests loved her as well. With her, it's smooth sailing all the way through, and communicating back and forth was a breeze. If you go with her, you will not regret it!

Supplier: Naomi Korolew | Marriage Celebrant

 15 Mar 2018

Anna C says:

From day one Mark was a wonderful support to us in planning all the details of our ceremony. His caring and professional attitude gave us confidence at each stage of the process. The ceremony was relaxed and happy and many of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

Supplier: Celebrations by Mark Carey

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