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Updated: 16/04/2018 1:23:29 AM

I am looking to find a celebrant who is familiar with the classic filipino wedding ceremonies and also familiar with the scriptures and prayers as well. Someone based in Melbourne and happy to travel up to 2hrs from Melbourne.
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Updated: 10/04/2018 2:07:12 AM

Updated: 28/03/2018 11:43:30 PM

Hi all, I'm getting married in October, and I have a lovely acquaintance who has just told me she's a celebrant. She is registered on the Attourney General Celebrants register as an "Authorised Celebrant - Ministers Of Religion For Recognised Denominations - The Salvation Army". Neither I nor my partner are Christian, let alone members of the church, but she is becoming a close friend and I'm wondering if it would be unheard of to have a Salvo minister marry us in a non-denominational wedding?
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Updated: 26/03/2018 5:41:43 AM

Looking for a venue and celebrant then I will work out the rest
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Updated: 26/03/2018 5:37:43 AM

If you do, what do you do? I feel like a celebrant we met pushed us towards counselling...
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Updated: 14/03/2018 12:44:55 AM

Does anyone do the classic vows anymore?
I___ take thee ___ to be my lawfully wedded ___. In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live etc Just wondering
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Updated: 14/03/2018 12:45:05 AM

How do I ensure my vows sound good enough?

Updated: 25/02/2018 11:50:24 PM

I feel like that might be awkward for us. We are a super stong and stable couple now, but when we met we still had a lot of growing up to do (we were teenagers, and broke each others hearts.) We had a huge falling out and reconnected later. It was very messy and all of our fam and friends know that. Do we have to go into that when our life is so beautiful NOW, and has been for years now?
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Updated: 25/02/2018 10:37:42 PM

Updated: 19/02/2018 10:39:17 PM

conjugal status on marriage certificate?
Do both husband and wife have to mention their conjugal status (if one of them previously divorced) on their marriage certificate? Are there any options with the marriage certificates like can they choose any marriage certificate that does not require conjugal status details?
12 answers

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 19 Apr 2018

bernadette P says:

Genevieve was fabulous such a beautiful lady made our day even more special

Supplier: Genevieve Stout

 19 Apr 2018

Cheyenne & Alice L says:

Sharyn tailored the ceremony to suit us. Very helpful. Not over the top and formal. Casual and exactly what we wanted. The ceremony was great!

Supplier: Sharyn Gunn Celebrant

 18 Apr 2018

Caitlin M says:

Kate was just amazing, from the first meeting she made us feel at home and we really appreciated the fact that she helped us create a ceremony that was 100% "us" (star wars music, in jokes and all!). I'd reccomend Kate to anyone.

Supplier: Blissful Ceremonies of Adelaide with Kate Browne

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