Do wedding photographers generally do one style best?

Starting to look at wedding photographers and wondered whether they generally have a signature style that they do best or if we can show them inspiration and they can emulate it?


Question Asked: 8/05/2023

Wedding Date: 3/11/2024

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Narrative Wedding Studio

(0) · Sydney and surrounding areas

Posted: 18/07/2023

I think this depends on their experience. A versitile weddig photographer can incorporate many styles through experience. Generally style comes from the photographers response to the event they are a part of. Some photogrphers have a set approach and others are more fluid. 

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Cooper Brady Photography

(16) · Sunshine Coast & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 13/06/2023

Good question, 

I agree with all the responses here already, I feel like they do to a degree, I feel a photographer style is a reflection of their own style, naturally gravitating to how they like to show a moment in time. Even if 2 different photographers identify as contempory or candid, or traditional or whatever description, they will always be different still, this is the beuty of photography, and why its really important to take your time choosing one. They will after all be capturing your memories, and you deserve to love them dearly.

Its easy these days with access to the web and socials at our fingertips. I recommend looking at website portfolios or even just a good old instagram scoll to get a feel for a photographers consintency, be it compositon (how things are framed), what they like to capture and even preferred edit pallettes. 

Secondly meeting with the photographer is key, (or your favourite 2 or 3) and see which one you gel with best!

I hope this helps, best wishes, Coop

Mel Hill Photography

(48) · Canberra and surrounding areas

Posted: 25/05/2023

Most professional wedding photographers do have a signature style or a few styles that they are particularly good at. This style is often evident in the portfolio of work they showcase on their websites or other platforms. Some photographers excel in a photojournalistic style, capturing candid moments in an unobtrusive way. Others may prefer a more traditional or posed style, focusing on classic shots and group photos. There are also those who specialize in a fine art approach, creating images with a strong artistic vision and emphasis on lighting, composition, and mood.

If you're considering a specific wedding photographer, it's important to look at their portfolio and see if their style aligns with what you're envisioning for your wedding photos. This will give you a better idea of their strengths and the kind of photos you can expect from them.

While many photographers are versatile and able to adapt to different styles, they are likely to produce their best work in the style that they're most comfortable with and experienced in. If you show them inspiration photos that are significantly different from their usual style, they may or may not be able to emulate it to your satisfaction.

Therefore, it's recommended to find a photographer whose existing work resonates with your vision. During your initial consultation, you can certainly bring up any specific ideas or inspiration you have, and a good photographer should be able to tell you honestly whether they can accommodate those requests or not.

Remember that wedding photography is a significant investment, and you'll likely be happier with the results if you hire someone whose natural style you love.

DC Wedding Photography

(4) · Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 11/05/2023

Personally, I like to be somewhat flexible based on the client’s requests. That said, most photographers do have a particular style they gravitate towards. My preference is to try and capture the day in its entirety. When you look back on the images one, three, or even ten years down the road, you're teleported back to the little forgotten moments of that special day. From beginning to end. All the emotion.

Twelve Eleven

(4) · Sydney

Posted: 9/05/2023

Wedding photographers, like any other type of photographer, can have different styles that they specialize in. Some wedding photographers may excel in a particular style, while others may be versatile and have experience in different styles.

Here are some of the common wedding photography styles:

  1. Traditional/Classic: This style is characterized by posed, formal portraits of the couple and their families. The photographer usually takes a structured approach, ensuring that everyone is in the right place and looking their best.
  2. Photojournalistic: This style emphasizes candid shots that capture the emotions and moments of the day. The photographer typically takes a more relaxed approach, capturing the events as they unfold, rather than staging shots.
  3. Fine Art: This style is characterized by creative, artistic images that often incorporate unusual angles, lighting, and composition. The photographer usually takes a more editorial approach, crafting images that tell a story and evoke emotion.
  4. Natural/Light and Airy: This style features bright, airy images that emphasize natural light and pastel colors. The photographer usually takes a soft and romantic approach, capturing candid moments in beautiful, natural settings.

So, it's not uncommon for wedding photographers to have a particular style that they specialize in. However, many photographers are capable of shooting in different styles, and some may even blend different styles together to create a unique approach that suits the couple's preferences.

Heirlooms by Gulshah

(35) · Melbourne / Yarra Valley / Dandenong Ranges / Mornington / Geelong

Posted: 9/05/2023

As a matter of fact, the photography style is a choice rather than being capable of doing it. As a photographer shooting weddings for 10 years now I changed gear, editing style, and target audience but I stuck to candid/documentary style photography which I think best way to tell a wedding day story because all weddings are different and they deserve to be documented to their own uniqueness. Also, it is important for me to be consistent in my style so my potential clients know what to get when they look at my work. Hope this helps :)

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