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If you’re looking for a sincere, reliable marriage celebrant, you’ll love working with Melbourne-based Wendy McRae. Wendy designs and performs heartfelt personalised ceremonies that reflect your true nature and story as a couple. She boasts years of experience, endless resources, a background in theatre, a genuine passion for writing, and a reputation as one of Australia’s top-rated celebrants.

Wendy McRae is one of the warmest, most thoughtful people you’ll ever meet. Her passion for crafting spectacular bespoke ceremonies is undeniable. She will listen to your ideas, offer her own guidance and suggestions, and not shy away from a challenge — even if it means hiding in an ensuite for 30-minutes to perform a surprise wedding! 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional ceremony with all the bells and whistles, an intimate, sweet and minimalistic affair, or simply documentation preparation and signing, Wendy will ensure your marriage experience is smooth, unique, and memorable

Wendy will accommodate your personal needs, provide an extensive range of resources and tips, and promise to be available via phone or email to answer any burning questions you may have.


“Wendy is a seasoned professional who not only created a ceremony that felt truly unique to us but always gave very considered and thoughtful answers to all of our queries that showed her years of passion and experience as a celebrant. But beyond this, Wendy was incredibly supportive, patient, and emanated warmth and kindness from start to finish. She made us both feel so at ease and was a huge contributor in setting the vibe of a light and laughter-filled ceremony.” — Kristen O. 


What you’ll love about working with Wendy McRae for your Melbourne wedding:

  • Her sincere, trustworthy nature. Wendy is considered one of Melbourne’s most dependable celebrants, and she definitely lives up to the honour! Her genuine, authentic nature, warm, bubbly personality, and ability to calm couples’ nerves before their big day are all reasons she’s highly sought after. 
  • Individually crafted ceremonies. If you’re looking for a completely new, unique ceremony structure and script, Wendy is the celebrant for you. Having never performed the same ceremony twice, Wendy knows how to tune into your individuality and produce a beautiful, one-of-a-kind celebration that is all about you and you alone! 
  • Her thoughtfulness. Wendy will do all she can to ensure a smooth, unforgettable ceremony. She will offer a wide range of poems, readings, vows, rituals, and music suggestions. She’ll share her special tips and tricks for easing nerves, meet you several times before the wedding, host a rehearsal ceremony, and provide a high-quality PA system for optimal sound. 


Highlights of working with Wendy McRae Melbourne:

  • Sincere, trustworthy, reputable marriage celebrant 
  • Will travel anywhere in Melbourne 
  • Offers several comprehensive packages for varying requirements 
  • Extensive list of resources including an easy to follow guide 
  • ABIA finalist for nine years in a row 


Do we need to have a rehearsal? 

Wendy McRae highly recommends a rehearsal for you to further understand how things will unfold on the day and promises it will be a relaxed, enjoyable process.


“Wendy was fantastic from our first meeting to our wedding day! She was very thorough with lots of ideas and examples for us to use but was also very flexible, allowing us to personalise our ceremony exactly as we wished. Wendy has a very warm and personable nature but maintained professionalism throughout the ceremony, not trying to steal the show. We had so many of our guests comment that she was the BEST celebrant they have ever witnessed!” — Kate C. 


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Mid week weddings are unique and very special .......

Have you considered a midweek wedding ? Some venues offer discounts for during the week .... you are not competing for busy dates for cars, cakes or flowers for delivery or set up.

What about a luncheon wedding ....... they are fabulous ! the afternoon is then filled with being with your guests and making the most of the time with them before going out in the evening for ....who knows what ...... all meet up again at a pub, a pizza place ...a karaoke bar !!!!

A breakfast wedding is very unique ..... for a smaller more intimate ceremony ...... and then the day is yours to plan out in whatever way you wish !!! One of my most memorable weddings was at 8am in the morning in the city - picture this ..... the sun was just low in the sky over a glass sheet of water in the bay, the trams were just starting so the 'sounds' of Melbourne were waking up..... the birds were still singing their trills before the busy morning began...and everyone arrived elegantly dressed for a breakfast feast ...sitting at freshly placed, white tablecloths as the sun glinted in every piece of cutlery neatly laid out !!!! Call me ........ I can inspire your imagination ...... and it won't cost you as much ...! Simple  !!!!


(217 reviews)
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19 Mar 2022

Picking a Celebrant for our wedding was one of the hardest things we had to do when organising our wedding. We are so grateful that we found Wendy. She was perfect in every way. Professional, loving and focused, Wendy was a delight to work with throughout the process and helped make our day unique and perfect. We couldn't recommend her highly enough and are forever thankful to her for helping us make our day perfect

Wendy McRae  

Grant and Leo! From our first meeting, I was so delighted to be chosen as your celebrant to share this lovely journey with you both. On the day, the air was palpable....with warmth, support and genuine love from family and friends. Thank you for your thoughtful words ! Happiness always. Warmly, Wendy

25 Feb 2022

There aren’t enough words…Wendy is AMAZING at what she does. She’s so personable and lovely and she’s also incredibly organised making it so easy to have the ceremony that you really want. She went out of her way to make sure everything went smoothly on the day and every single one of our guests, including the ones who attended via zoom, commented on how great she was. I can’t recommend Wendy enough!

Wendy McRae  

Helen and Stephen...... what a wonderful day ........ and the zoom for overseas 'guests' was SUCH a success....everything about the day was glorious...the weather, the venue, the family from Germany, the warmth, the fun ...... the lot !!!! I THOROUGHLY enjoyed our jiourney together!! Thank you for your thoughtful words. Happiness always. Warmly, Wendy

6 Feb 2021

Wendy is an absolute gem!! With a caring nature, Wendy guided us through the process and had so many suggestions we hadn’t thought of before to make the day extra special. Even during the rescheduling of our wedding, Wendy was so accommodating, thoughtful and considerate throughout the whole process and went above and beyond to help us. We can’t recommend Wendy highly enough!!

Wendy McRae  

Your wedding was well worth waiting for as the whole day was one of pure joy !!! Thank you for your kind words....you are such a lovely couple and all the preparation, heartache, phonecalls, changing, was challenging but a great bonding experience. Happiness always....Warmly, Wendy

24 Feb 2022

Wendy made the planning of our ceremony very easy and straightforward. Wendy helped us to understand how a ceremony should flow and helped us to make the ceremony 'us'. Through multiple face-to-face meetings, Wendy helped us run through and practice the ceremony, so we were comfortable and prepared for our day.

Wendy McRae  

Jacob and Olivia..... it was a pleasure to be your celebrant and the venue you chose suited the whole day perfectly and I was so glad you had the family there to share it with you both. happiness always. Warmly, Wendy

13 Feb 2022

Wendy provided us with the most beautiful, personalised, and emotional ceremony for our wedding day. She was great with her email communication with us, and flexible and easy to deal with when we needed to postpone. Thank you so much wendy for a ceremony we will never forget!

Wendy McRae  

It was well worth waiting for ...the day was superb .....the weather, the ambience, the venue, the people.......all provided the best scenario. Thank you for your kind words. Warmly, Wendy

11 Dec 2021

We would like to thank Wendy for being the celebrant for our wedding in December 2021. Wendy had been highly recommended to us by a close friend and from our first meeting we both knew that she was the celebrant for our wedding. COVID was still around us so everything had to be very fluid. We’re also a mature couple and Wendy immediately made us feel very comfortable with her warmth, experience and willingness to be adaptable to our evolving plans. Wendy guided us through the entire process making the day special for us and our guests. Wendy was a pleasure to deal with and we received many complementary comments about the ceremony and Wendy. We would thoroughly recommend Wendy as a celebrant to anyone. Thank you Wendy.

Wendy McRae  

George and Elvie...... the day was great ...... your family are lovely and the whole atmosphere was one of warmth and love. Your words are very thoughtful ...thank you. Warmly, Wendy

28 Nov 2021

Wendy was amazing. We are s glad we selected her as our wedding celebrant. Very accomodating in the preparation for the wedding, and obviously with unexpected hiccups as all weddings do - she was truly stellar. Thank you again Wendy!

Wendy McRae  

Fiona and John...... what a wonderful day ...... i was good to see all your guests looking so happy and enjoying themselves. Thank you for your kind words. warmly, Wendy

27 Nov 2021

Wendy was one of the best parts of our wedding. We'll spoken, nicely presented and a calming presence - we couldn't imagine anyone else ever officiating our special day.

Wendy McRae  

What lovely words Alexander ....thank you ..... it was a wonderful day and Clare looked stunning ....your face when she appeared was magic to watch. You also looked extremely cool !!!! happiness always.... Warmly, Wendy

17 Sep 2021

Wendy has been an absolute blessing for both myself and my husband. From our first meeting with her, we knew immediately that we wanted her to be our celebrant. She gave us so many ideas and suggestions we hadn’t thought of before and was amazing to work with. Even during the tough times now, she has been so thoughtful and considerate throughout the process for getting us registered. She has been so supportive of our journey through each and every step. I can’t recommend Wendy enough for any couple looking for an amazing celebrant who will go above and beyond. Thank you so much Wendy for being the support we needed and we can not wait to have you do our big wedding as well next year!!!

Wendy McRae  

Anish and and Bryce ........What a perfect couple you are ..... thank YOU for choosing me. I was delighted to help Anisha...these last few months have been so volatile and so working together to achieve what you wanted was team work !! Your family are truly lovely..... and I too am already looking forward to the big celebration next year !!! Happiness always ..... Warmly, Wendy

3 Jul 2021

Wendy was the celebrant for our wedding on 3 July 2021. The entire process from initially meeting Wendy, chatting through the documents and our vows, through to the rehearsal and the actual wedding day was seamless. Wendy was a delight to deal with and her smile and friendly nature made our day so much more stress-free and special. Our guests absolutely appreciated her professionalism and manner and we received so many comments about the lovely ceremony that she conducted for us. I would recommend Wendy as a celebrant to all of my friends and family.

Wendy McRae  

Candice ........ thank you for your kind words...... it was a great day and even the threat of covid cloud over us, it could not have removed the smiles from your faces and the warmth and love from your guests. happiness always. Warmly, Wendy

19 Mar 2021

Wendy was fantastic from our first meeting to our wedding day! She was very thorough with lots of ideas and examples for us to use but was also very flexible, allowing us to personalise our ceremony exactly as we wished. Wendy has a very warm and personable nature but maintained professionalism throughout the ceremony, not trying to steal the show or come across as our best friends. We had so many of our guests comment that she is the BEST celebrant they have ever witnessed!

Wendy McRae  

It WAS a beautiful day in every respect ........... the ambience, the venue ....everything. Thank you for your kind words..... Happiness Always.... Warmly, Wendy

26 Feb 2021

Wendy is such a friendly, lovely and enthusiastic lady which made our ceremony so special. Her attention to detail and support through out the whole process was just amazing.. especially during a pandemic! We can’t thank Wendy enough for making our ceremony so amazing. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is looking for a celebrant because she will not disappoint. Thank you Wendy!!!

Wendy McRae  

Caroline and Andrew ...... what a fabulous day ..... and you had waited so long !!!!! It was well worth waiting for. Thank you for your lovely words.... I enjoyed the whole journey with you....date changes and everything. Happiness always ...Warmly, Wendy

19 Dec 2020

Wendy made planning our wedding ceremony so much easier than we initially imagined it would be. Her empathy, experience, warmth and calmness made it easier for us to share our ideas. Her understanding of the variations of human emotions across generations and cultures meant that she was able to share so many beautiful ideas to incorporate into our ceremony. We truly felt that she helped us "design" an extremely personalised, sensitive and intimate ceremony. Our guests on the day complemented us on how smoothly the ceremony was organised and how wonderful and heartfelt Wendy was. We are so happy we found her!!

Wendy McRae  

Ahhhhhh... What lovely words Shefali .... Thank you .... it was a wonderful experience with both you and your families. It is really important I feel, to include heritage, culture and tradition, so I was more than happy to encapsulate all you wanted. Happiness Always...warmly, Wendy

6 Dec 2020

My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Wendy! She really exceeded our expectations. Wendy was extremely professional but also warm through out and instilled a feeling of confidence in us during a stressful period. We also had several friends and family members mentions what a great job she did. We would highly recommend!

Wendy McRae  

What a wonderful day!!!!! And after all the problems with restrictions, your day went off without a hitch ...more a bang.... Thank you for letting me share this journey and this day with you. Such a wonderful couple you are ...and your family and friends were just the best !!!! Happiness always. Warmly, Wendy

27 Nov 2020

Wendy is a true professional who instantly made us feel comfortable upon meeting. On top of being significantly experienced as a celebrant, she is well prepared and brings an element of fun into the process by cracking a few jokes. Wendy ensured that when the ceremony was delivered, people were engaged and considered it to be both entertaining and emotionally connected. Wendy was understanding and patient throughout all of the uncertainties of COVID, was well informed with the necessary advice and promptly responded when she heard back from us. Our family and friends also personally thanked Wendy for such a lovely ceremony and we would highly recommend Wendy to other couples looking to engage a celebrant for their upcoming wedding.

Wendy McRae  

Oh Melissa and Stuart ....what a thoughtful review...... THANK YOU ...for being such a lovely couple to work with ....... it was a joy from the moment we all met and I am glad that everything worked out so well....Virus and all !! Warmly, Wendy x

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