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Magical Makeovers has been the preferred choice of over 12,000 brides in Victoria for their wedding day hair and makeup. The award-winning professionals are also available to travel to your location.

Congratulations on your engagement! We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but don't worry - we're here to help. As you've come across our page, we'd love to chat with you about your hair and makeup needs and see how we can make your special day even more magical.

Here at Magical Makeovers, we pride ourselves on being super nice and friendly! Our journey started in 1994 with just 5 team members, but we've since expanded to a team of 50 and have won numerous awards for our exceptional work. Our team of talented specialists is dedicated to making you look and feel your best on your big day, and we're always here to offer helpful guidance to help you achieve your dream wedding look.

Our artists have extensive experience in the industry and are highly respected by their colleagues in various fields, including film, TV, fashion, and advertising. We've even worked with celebrities and on shows like "Married at First Sight"! We offer three different packages to suit your needs and budget, from our affordable Silver package to our top-of-the-line Platinum package, with plenty of options in between.
 No matter which package you choose, we'll come to you and make sure you look your best.

* We don't charge travel fees within 25km of Melbourne CBD, and we're happy to travel for trials (though there may be a small cost).

* We'll give you a schedule and timeline at your trial, so you know exactly what to expect on your big day and we run on time!

So why wait? Get in touch with us today for a custom quote and all the info you need to book with us. You can find us on Instagram (with over 2000 images), Facebook (with over 15000 images), and our website (with over 300 images). We're here to make your wedding day as special and stress-free as possible, so sit back, relax, and let us take care of you!


I am the proprietor of Magical Makeovers, and have managed this enterprise for the past decade, after working for Rhonda, the initial owner who established the company in 1994. Our team currently consists of 50 professionals. Since 1987, I have been involved in the wedding industry, and I am genuinely passionate about it! My utmost delight comes from helping people feel gorgeous and confident on their special day, which is one of the most significant days of their lives.

Mrs Kerrie Gargano

Mangaging Director/Owner

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As we have well over 40 makeup artists working in our team, we use a huge variety of professional, high quality products. MAC, Kryolan, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Lauder, Chanel, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Inglot, Nars, RDL to name a few. Each artist has their own makeup preferences and has a variety of the best available makeup on the market.

In most cases, Magical Makeovers ARE MOBILE TO YOU FOR YOUR TRIALS AND ON YOUR WEDDING DAY. Our mobile service is efficient and time effective with NO LOCATION FEES within the Metropolitan Melbourne area. However with high petrol costs and tolls there may be a small fee to cover some travel to longer distances. Parking will need to be provided for our artists if you are getting ready in a hotel or in the CBD. Some of our artists have a salon or studio at their home, so you may like to visit them to have your trial. The choice is yours. Most photographers prefer a mobile hair and make up service to your home or hotel, as this eliminates the problem of you arriving home late from a salon. You simply sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered, without rushing to appointments in another suburb. Mobile is the ONLY way to go on your wedding day!

Most brides prefer to have a trial or practice run with hair and make up prior to their wedding day. It is not essential, but to make sure that you will be happy on the wedding day, a trial is advisable. Trials for bridesmaids are optional but we do offer them a FREE CONSULTATION at the brides trial when we go through colours, styles, taking notes on their requirements. If a bridesmaid requests a trial, we are happy to oblige! Our artists will help you make informed decisions on the styles you want. They will LISTEN to your requests and will offer lots of helpful advice and ideas when asked. However, the final decision on the style is yours. They are there to give you the guidance you need without insisting that you have the style they choose for you. They will write up a schedule of appointment times and costs for each person at your trial. The person who does your trial will also be doing your hair and / or make up on your wedding day. A deposit paid at your trial, will secure your booking with her for the day.

After “what is a trial and do we offer them” and the response, can we also then add after the following questions :

A trial is an opportunity to meet your artist/ hairdresser prior to your wedding. The trial process is designed to give you the chance to try hairstyles and makeup looks. Our makeup trial is up to 1.5 hours, and hair trials are up to 2 hours. It is a good idea to wear something light coloured to your makeup trial, as this will give you a better idea of the overall look. Dark colours change your skin tone, and may make your makeup look washed out. Make sure your hair is clean and dry ready for styling, wear a light moisturiser, and have a clean fresh face.

To get the most out of your trial experience, have some ideas of styles you like from either our Facebook albums, Website, Magazines or Google searches to help the artist know what you are interested in trying.

Obviously, many brides are unsure of what will suit them and we will offer ideas and suggestions. Your input is extremely important to enable us to design your look for you that is perfect for you.

It is always advantageous to have a close friend at your trial as they know you the best, and may assist in your decision making.

They will write up a schedule of appointment times and costs for each person at your trial. The person who does your trial will also be doing your hair and / or make up on your wedding day. The price for hair and makeup trials is provided on our pricelist.

We often suggest no later than a few months before the wedding. The booking is secure with the agency, but not the artist until you’ve booked her at your trial. This basically means if you leave your trial close to your wedding date the agency may need to reallocate you another artist. If you were keen to secure your first artist (often these artists have been chosen by yourself etc.), an earlier trial is advised or if you want to have your trial later you can secure your booking with the artist by paying a further deposit to them of $50-$100 which is only refundable on the wedding day.

We are happy to do a weekend trial, but after our wedding commitments. We don’t usually do trials on Saturday mornings as the artists who don’t have a wedding are on standby for emergency coverage.

If you do prefer a Saturday am trial, we want you to understand there is a chance we may have to cancel if we get a last minute wedding or an emergency. We always give preference to brides on their day, and I’m sure that’s reassuring for you to know that we will give you the same priority on your wedding day.

Once you are happy with your stylist and wish to book them for your wedding, a further deposit is paid to them either at your trial or within 7 days of the trial date. They will provide you options on how this further deposit to be paid.

When you wish to book in either hair or makeup trial with Magical Makeovers, the date is initially secured in our diary by a refundable holding fee of $50. Once this initial payment is made, the date is then locked in our Magical Register, thereby giving the agency confidence to book in a hairdresser and makeup artist (or either) for you.

The $50 is refunded on the wedding day (off the total balance owing for your wedding). We are totally confident in our service to you that if you don’t wish to book us after you’ve had a trial, we will refund this $50 booking fee. You MUST contact the office of Magical Makeovers (not the artist) to refund this amount, and it must be done within 7 days of your trial date.

In most cases, our brides book our artists/hairdressers. The initial $50 paid to the agency is split between the two artists booked so each will take $25 off their total balance. In the case when only 1 artist is booked, the $50 comes off the total of that artist/hairdresser.

The holding deposit can only be deducted from the balance owed on the wedding day not from the amount payable for the trial.

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March 2024

I had Kerrie as my make up artist and Lanie as my hairstyles for my wedding. We played around with a few looks at my trials and narrowed down the winning look together. The girls were so efficient, bubbly and professional. Kerrie talked me through all the different packages and helped picked the right on for my bridesmaids, Mum, Grandma and myself. Magical makeovers came recommended to me by 2 different girls and I'm happy to say I have already recommended them to an upcoming bride aswell. Very very grateful to have had the girls work their magic on my wedding day

Emmily T.

Magical Makeovers

Thank you so much Emmily!! So happy you loved our services and we totally loved working with you all!

February 2024

THANK YOU to Lanie and Nathalie for going above and beyond expectations for my recent wedding. Myself, my bridesmaids and my mum all got our hair and makeup done and the quality was exemplary - we could not have been more pleased with the results :)

Andriana M.

Magical Makeovers

thank you so much Andriana! Thrilled you were all so happy! I

November 2023

Kerrie did my and my bridal party's makeup and we looked absolutely incredible. She highlighted our features and my bridesmaids were stunning. Our makeup lasted the whole day! And to top it off, we were struggling to find a hairstylist for my husband to do a man bun until the lovely Tania stepped in and did what no one else could. My husband was very handsome with his unique messy man bun and we could not be happier. They are incredible and don’t know anyone else who could have done a better job than these two.

Bianca F.

Magical Makeovers

Hi Bianca, thank you so much! I had so much fun working with you all!

June 2024

Magical Makeovers were fantastic! I was allocated a hair stylist and a makeup artist in my area, saving me the hassle of having to find them myself. Emma (hair) and Kelli (makeup) were so amazing and did such a great job for both my trial and my big day. They made myself, my bridesmaids and my mother look stunning! They listened to what I wanted and they were so fast and professional. I highly recommend Magical Makeovers to help make your planning and your special day go as smoothly as possible!

Hilary S.

Magical Makeovers

Thank you so much Hillary! We're all so thrilled you wrote this lovely review you've put a huge smile on everyone's faces today! We're so happy you were so pleased with our services!

December 2023

The staff were so kind, energetic (especially for 5am), and creative. I got exactly what I wanted and more, because the gorgeous staff had amazing ideas on how to elevate the looks more! I really loved how special they made the morning with their bubbly personalities and how easy and effortless they made what should have been a stressful morning. Not to mention how great the prices were!!!

Ashleigh N.

Magical Makeovers

thank you so much Ashleigh! so kind of you to share your experience you had with the artists and office. xxx

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Magical Makeovers offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

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Best hairstyles for an older bride

Hello. I'm an older bride getting married for the second time. I'd like some advice please on hairstyles that suit mature brides. My hair is medium length. Many thanks.

Magical Makeovers

Hi there! For an older bride getting married a second time, I recommend keeping the style fresh and modern, a style that suits your face shape. A professional hairstylist will know what suits you. A trial with a highly qualified hairstylist that specialises in bridal would be the best way to go.  LBe sure to communicate any concerns or areas you'd like to address, allowing them to tailor the style to suit your face shape, your hair length and volume and not to forget, your dress choice.  Don't think you have to choose something 'classic or timeless' necessarily - yes they can be wonderful choices but sometimes classic can looked like 'revisiting' to a mature bride! that's not ideal either!  Fresh, modern and suitable to your face shape is great. Get a good haircut and colour and your hair will look outstanding! 

When's the best time to have a hair and makeup trial?

Wondering how far out before the wedding is best, but also, would like to use the trial to help me choose my suppliers.

Magical Makeovers

We recommend  a few months before your wedding day. There are often suggestions made by the artists (such as skin care recommendations or hair treatments, trims, colours etc,) that will require a lead time to achieve the perfect outcome for your wedding day. Leaving a trial close to your date can be stressful when brides are usually so busy (and potentially the staff are too!) so it may limit your trial date options. Though many suggest having makeup on before a dress fitting, it's not something dress shops or your dressmaker may be happy with.  Check with your dress supplier if they are ok with it.  ANother thought to consider if you want a trial when you going to an event that everyone will see your bridal look before the big day. Some brides don't mind, but some end up changing their look on their wedding day. Just things to think about.  

What are important questions to ask potential hair and makeup artists?

What do I need to know about before booking one in for my wedding?

Magical Makeovers

The best advice regarding looking for a hairstylist and makeup artist for your wedding is to start with bridal styling images. Start up a Pinterest board with your styling ideas. Speak to your vendors you've booked (receptions have seen it all and will know really reputable suppliers), ask your photographer if they can recommend anyone (they also see it all !) Reputation and experienced artists are crucial for a wedding day; as we've seen it all!  TIming on the wedding day is imperative so don't just go by images, look at the artists reviews. A photo of their work may look good  but It may have taken her 3 hours to execute that look that would take an experienced professional 45 minutes for example.  As hair and makeup is the first service on the wedding day, it can be a wonderfully exciting part of the day or completely stressful if they are running overtime. This impacts the entire day!

Artist friendliness.... another importantant factor. You've got to feel like you can speak your mind about the stying at the trial. Its cruicial to feel comfortable with your stylist or makeup artist because how you look on your wedding day is incredibly important! You have to be perfect! end of story! 

Don't leave booking in a stylist too late. Many of the popular wedding specialists get booked very far in advance if the wedding falls on a weekend. Midweek weddings (except Friday) are less of a concern but certainly if your wedding is a Saturday; start looking a a 12 month ahead leadtime to hold the date. Nothing worse than spending a few months shortening lists and then find you've made a decision but they are no longer available.  I hope these suggestions help! warm regards Kerrie, Director Magical Makeovers.


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