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What if I don't want professional hair and make up?

I never wear make up except for special occasions. I don't like the look of fake eyelashes and caked on make up. I am wanting a fairly simple hair style and natural looking makeup for my wedding. I have 2 sisters with some good quality hair straighteners/curlers/etc and intend to get some good quality make up, do trial runs and keep things fairly simple but also nicely done. We have always done each other hair & makeup at previous weddings we have been to. But is this wise? What are the downsides of DIYing our hair and makeup?

Updated : 11/11/2023

3 answers

What's better - fake lashes or eyelash extensions?

Hi! Wondering what to do with my lashes for my wedding. Should I get eyelash extensions, or should I ask for false individual lashes? Is there a preference from a makeup artist's perspective too?

Updated : 15/05/2023

14 answers

When's the best time to start skin care for my wedding?

Can you recommend a simple routine to follow?

Updated : 3/04/2023

7 answers

Do you charge more for New Year's Eve weddings?

Would we be looking at surcharges or a different price list for hair and makeup if our wedding was on nye?

Updated : 7/03/2023

12 answers

Should I get eyelash extensions before the wedding?

I haven't had them before so looking for advice on a trial, or how early to get them before the wedding. Thank you!

Updated : 27/02/2023

5 answers

When's the best time to have a hair and makeup trial?

Wondering how far out before the wedding is best, but also, would like to use the trial to help me choose my suppliers.

Updated : 20/02/2023

17 answers

Emergency backup plans for makeup artist?

Hi there. Wondering about emergency backup plans in the event my makeup artist is sick or is in an emergency on our wedding day. What contingency plans are in place? Do I need to pack my own makeup just in case?

Updated : 13/02/2023

7 answers

Do makeup artists generally travel?

Hi, we're considering a semi-rural wedding, but not wanting to limit our suppliers to just the town. How far do makeup artists generally travel without charging extra, and at what point would they charge a travel fee? Thank you!

Updated : 3/02/2023

13 answers

What's a rough timeline for hair and makeup on the day?

Hi there. Would love a rough timing guide for my hair and makeup. I've got 4 bridesmaids, plus me, and my mum. We are staying at a hotel nearby the wedding venue and the ceremony starts at 5pm. Thank you!

Updated : 14/11/2022

9 answers

How to wear my hair with strapless sweetheart lace dress?

I have grown my hair for 3 years now for my wedding (had to postpone 3 times due to covid and others) and i’m struggling to find a proper hairstyle. I love to have my hair down because of all the trouble i have gone thru to grow it, but i’m used to keep it up due to my work. What would be the best option with the dress that i have? I also have few clip on-hairpieces that i would like to include my hair as well.

Updated : 23/10/2022

5 answers

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