What's better - fake lashes or eyelash extensions?

Hi! Wondering what to do with my lashes for my wedding. Should I get eyelash extensions, or should I ask for false individual lashes? Is there a preference from a makeup artist's perspective too?

Question Asked: 15/05/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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(4) · South Coast, Nsw

Posted: 3/09/2023

Hi there!

I will always recommend letting the artist apply false lashes on the day of your weddng. I personally prefer creating a desired look by using individual lashes as they look more natural & last the whole day/night without any discomfort. I also want to add that if you are leaving for your honeymoon soon after your wedding, you do not need to stress about half of your lashes falling out and needing to get them removed half way through your time away. I hope this helps. xx

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Missy's Magic Styles Wedding Hair Specialist

(126) · Australia - ACT & NSW

Posted: 3/08/2023

My brides are prob the most go with the make up artist choice the girls I work with always have a selection and that way you can always change your mind on the day and the trial you always try one type and can change on the day.

I have also had a few brides get extentions and were very happy.

I think it comes down to try extentions and see if you like them first months out from the wedding and if you like them that may tell where your heart is.

Alexandra Makeup

(4) · Western Sydney, South Western Sydney, Penrith, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Blue Mountains

Posted: 22/06/2023

Hello :) 

I personally believe fake lashes are the way to go as the artist can customize and alter the lash to suit your face and overall look on the day which in turn looks stunning in photography. I also find it a little bit easier to apply eyeshadow as you have no lash extensions to obstruct and be worried about knocking a few lashes out which is so easy to do with a brush.

Ingalisa Hair and Makeup

(1) · Gold Coast / Byron Bay / Far North Coast

Posted: 13/06/2023

I would say a full set is for people who are used to having them or for people who don.t have sensative eyes.

I love the individual lashes as they are so comfortable for the majority and can be built up upon to look like a full set.

I can work with either, also If the client has them on thats fine, just check with your tec if mascara can or can't be used.

Blush & Blow Studio

(10) · Melbourne, Geelong & Yarra Valley

Posted: 26/05/2023

Hi lovely, all eyelash extensions can be accomodated for however there are some cons getting eyelash extensions for the day. If you dont have them at your trial you may find your look will appear alot more dramatic. You can go for something more like a hybrid which are alot more natural. sometimes you can get fall out from shadows especially if you are having a shimmer to your eye it can also leave residue on the lashes. if you are a bride that cries alot they dont look very nice when they get wet (your not suppose to but we cry its human.) 

I would personally opt for fake lashes applied by the makeup artist however opt for an individual lash you will find they will appear more natural, they will be fresh also so no worries over having any fall out on them. 

Anywhere 4 Hair & Makeup Wedding Stylist

(5) · Tasmania

Posted: 17/05/2023

if you prefer  thicker lashes for a longer period of  time choose lash extensions. If you like  a  more natural and not so permanent look choose fake lashes. 

Amanda Maree Makeup

(16) · Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains & Southern Highlands

Posted: 17/05/2023

Hi,  Congratulations on your wedding! Im a makeup artist and personally I prefer individual lashes. I am not a fan of lash extensions for so many reasons. Lash extensions can look quite heavy especially in photos, this can create darkness /shadowing under the eye and if not done properly can drag the eye down. They can also fall out and look patchy and becasue you cant wear mascara, they come out ashy looking in photos. 

With indiviudal lashes, they are more comfortable to wear, wont lift like a strip lash can. They are builable so you can have a more dramtic look if you wanted or just a few to add volume. I have had clients leave them on for a few days if they are careful with them. 

If you do want to get extensions, make sure you trial it well before the wedding. I know girls that have had reactions to them which is not what you want on your wedding day. 

I hope that helps :) 


Gamine Dynasty

(19) · Perth Metro, Swan Valley, South West, Northam, York, Albany, Esperance, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Broome

Posted: 16/05/2023

Hola *waving* Hope you are having a great day.

From my experience and talking to many other makeup artists, most will tend to have a preference for applying their own lashes to their clients. I, myself, prefer individuals as I can create a more custom look to each person than a strip and I find they stay on better. 
The reason being: 

• You can't always trust that another beauty professional is going to be aligned with what you and the client have discussed for their look.

• You can't trust that they will use quality materials or that they will be applied correctly and for longevity.

• The amount of times that a client has had extensions applied a couple of days prior and then asks me to fill in the gaps where some have fallen is beyond ridiculous. 

On another note, we also tend to thoroughly dislike lash lifts because more often then not, trying to apply our lashes on top of a lash lift is equivalent to trying to get a square peg in a round hole. 

Now don't get me wrong, I will work with whatever is thrown at me and I know that there are some amazing lash techs that genuinely do an amazing job and really put their client's lash health above generating income but they are a rare breed. Personally, if I can recommend whether extensions or faux lashes, I'm going to always recommend that I have control for my clients wedding day look as that is what I'm hired to do. 

Anna Tymofiyeva Makeup & hair

(33) · Sydney

Posted: 16/05/2023

 Hi ! The best  option is to go with individual or false eyelashes to achieve a desired look.

  In  some cases for the client's convenience especially if you are going honey moon it makes sense to get your extensions done in advance. Important note   get it done before the wedding day 7-3 days before and make sure that it looks natural.

Anna Tymofiyeva makeup&hair 

Makeup by Skye Mazalin

(16) · Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valey & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 16/05/2023

I definitely prefer my brides to have customised individual lashes. Depending on the desired look, we can customise the eye shape with a false lash. However, if you come in with extensions already on, the eye shape can't be changed. 

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