What if I don't want professional hair and make up?

I never wear make up except for special occasions. I don't like the look of fake eyelashes and caked on make up. I am wanting a fairly simple hair style and natural looking makeup for my wedding. I have 2 sisters with some good quality hair straighteners/curlers/etc and intend to get some good quality make up, do trial runs and keep things fairly simple but also nicely done. We have always done each other hair & makeup at previous weddings we have been to. But is this wise? What are the downsides of DIYing our hair and makeup?

Eliza S

Question Asked: 11/11/2023

Wedding Date: 24/04/2025

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Missy's Magic Styles Wedding Hair Specialist

(126) · Australia - ACT & NSW

Posted: 3/02/2024

I can say I have had brides do their own but have had make up which is great for Photography and Film. I would say pay a profeshional only due to lighting and Photography you can come out white where you have make up and natural colour on neck... It's totally up to you but I say even if you get a student learning or a friend that is a makeup artist... I am a hairdresser by trade and I also have had my brides cry with me after and said they wished they got lashes on like their girls.  Hair is different if your sisters can do it and your happy that is great. But still would recommend a hair dresser doing a soft style to match your dress. But this is can be a right or wrong answer I say to my brides it's your day and what ever you want it's ok. You don't have to be any different to what you have every day. Some times too much presure is put on you but all ways stay true to your self and you know deep down what you like and don't like and remember photography shows every thing. 

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Blush & Blow Studio

(10) · Melbourne, Geelong & Yarra Valley

Posted: 20/11/2023

Sometimes this is a great idea but then can add alot of preassure and stress on the day. I find that with alot of youtube and tik toks instagram you can learn alot thee days. In my professional opinion I feel Hair & Makeup is an important factor to ensure the morning runs smoothly. Hair & Makeup artists are trained professionals in this area and know exactly what to look out for and attention to detail, like long lasting styles and flawless makeup. All different hair stylists and MUAs have a specific style they like to do so i reccomend looking at ones that comliment your style and booking a trial. usually because your afraid of cakey makeup may have been because you go to someone who likes to do heavy bases.  Below i have outlined some pros and cons for you to consider. 


- can save money 

- you know exactly how you like it and wear it so expecations will be met

- you know what products work well with you

- can look at getting one on one workshops to teach you basic skills you need


- can waste money trying things 

- can spend more money buying all the products 

- the money you spent on a 1:1 lesson could cost the same getting it done

- your photograps may not turn oout how you wished due to not enough attention to detail 

- run late because you spent to much time 


Leonie Makeup

(32) · State-wide

Posted: 17/11/2023

Hi Eliza,

It's completely understandable that you have a preference for a more natural and simple look for your wedding, and opting to do your own hair and makeup with the help of your sisters and quality products is a personal choice that can add a special touch to your day. There are certainly advantages to DIYing your hair and makeup, such as the comfort of working with familiar tools and the joy of sharing the experience with your sisters.

However, it's essential to be aware of some potential downsides to consider. Professional makeup artists have expertise in choosing products that will withstand the duration of the event and look great both in person and in photos. They understand how makeup behaves under different lighting conditions and how to enhance your features in a way that may not be immediately intuitive.

While there's no right or wrong choice, hiring a professional makeup artist offers certain benefits. They have a keen eye for color selection, can customize the look to complement your features, and are experienced in creating styles that will last throughout the day. Additionally, being pampered by a professional can add a special and relaxing touch to your wedding day experience.

If you decide to go the professional route, it's recommended to do thorough research. Look at portfolios, read reviews, and choose someone whose style resonates with your vision. This will help ensure that your makeup artist understands your preferences and can deliver the look you desire. Ultimately, it's your special day, and the choice between DIY and professional assistance should align with what makes you feel most comfortable and beautiful.

I hope this helps. Feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat. Happy to assist ??

Hair by Jennifer Barker

(2) · Sunshine Coast & Surrounding Areas. Brisbane. Gold Coast.

Posted: 16/11/2023


Thank you for your enquiry. How you want to look on your special day is entirely at your discrection. However, getting a proffessional to do your hair and make up will help with the longevity of your style/look on the day, and gaurantee you have a flawless look for your photo's. You cannot get this if you DIY. You can always speak with your stylist/makeup artist to give you a natural look for the day, we always work closely with the bride to make sure every service you recieve is exactly what you want. I recommend a trial as this is one of the most important days of your life. I hope this helps with your question.

Kind regards


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