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Q: When I enquire with a celebrant, what should I be asking them?

A: by Lisa Newman Melbourne Wedding Celebrant

“It’s great that you are thinking along these lines as celebrants love imparting this information to you. These are some helpful questions to ask before you meet with a celebrant so you know you’re meeting with someone who is thinking along the same lines as you.

What is your fee and what is included? Do you include a rehearsal? Are there any additional costs? Do you have any other ceremonies booked on our wedding day? What deposit is required and when is the full amount due? What documents will we need to provide? How do you personalise our ceremony? What is your procedure on the day: what time do you arrive etc. What is your ceremony style? What is your cancellation policy? What is their back up plan if they are unwell and unable to attend?

I hope these questions are helpful!”

Q: Do you ask people to give toasts or is it spontaneous? Do you warn people at all?

A: by Marina Payne Celebrancy

“It depends on what part of the day you’re referring to. If you are referring to the reception then it is definitely betting to let them know beforehand so that they have something prepared. If you are having a relaxed wedding, and would like a toast after the signing of the paperwork, then I am sure your celebrant would be happy to ask your guests to raise their glasses and congratulate you on the new life ahead of you both. But remember, if you are having it at the actual ceremony (which is a lovely idea) you will need to do a bit more organising.”

Q: Our celebrant gave us a brochure called “happily ever after before and after”?

“They explained why which is fine, but this brochure is really terrible. Why is this still a thing?”

A: by Suzanne Edginton

“We as celebrants are obliged by the Attorney General’s Department to hand out the Happily Ever After brochure, and must indicate we have done so by ticking a box on the Notice of Intent when it is being completed. It does answer certain questions some couples might have, and it also indicates that your intended marriage is being treated seriously by the Department – they would like to see all couples better informed when it comes to the legal side of marriage.”

Q: How long does a civil ceremony take?

“I’m having a civil ceremony but I don’t know how long it should be to give me enough time to do photos after and also not to bore my guests? How long does the average civil ceremony take?

A: by Kim O’Sullivan Civil Celebrant

“The ceremony usually takes around 30 minutes, but it depends what you want and what is going to be included eg. a reading or a poem. Do you want special rituals like a sand ceremony or hand fasting- or any cultural inclusions? You can discuss this with your celebrant.”

Q: Can I get married in a church if I’m not religious?

“I’m worried about the weather so I’m looking for an indoor ceremony venue. There’s a church right next door to my mum’s house so I thought I might have it there. But I’m not religious. Can I have a civil ceremony in a church?”

A: Pete the Celebrant

“If you want the ceremony in a church yet you’re not religious – then that’s fine! There are no legal reasons why you can’t get married there by a civil celebrant. You will need to check that the leader/pastor/priest of the church allows couples to marry there. I’ve done weddings in churches before and there wasn’t a hassle, it was a great ceremony.”

Q: Can I request my celebrant to wear a certain colour or outfit?

“I’ve seen some awful clashing outfits and celebrants in white etc… Is it rude to ask them to wear a particular colour or style? I don’t know if I’m taking it way too far. But I want everything to look good! It is my wedding day, after all.”

A: by Celebrations by Cate

“It is certainly not rude to ask your celebrant to respect the style of your wedding. They are in many of the photos and a bad celebrant outfit can ruin a photo. Most celebrants, as I, will take their time to do their hair, make up, and make the dress fit the style you want. Even if it’s a fun one, or you have a theme. I have done some bohemian style and cocktail style as well as formal. A good celebrant will also keep in mind the colour of your bridesmaid dresses so she does not clash. Most celebrants pride ourselves on getting this right. I hope you find a celebrant that will do that for you.”

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