How to choose the perfect marriage celebrant

Celebrants are a necessary element to your ceremony. While some come off like a sprooker pushing overpriced raffle tickets at the Royal Show, others are the perfect mix of class and charm, and are a great addition to the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony. Here’s some hints and tips about choosing the perfect celebrant to officiate your marriage.

Choosing the one for you

Choosing the right celebrant is very important. While the rest of your wedding is tailored to reflect you as a couple, there’s little one can do to make a ceremony truly personal. The right celebrant will understand what you want, and work with you to achieve it. They will know the ins and outs about certain beliefs and traditions, and help you make informed decisions about what to include or exclude from your ceremony.

Be prepared to invest in the right celebrant. Dragging out any old celebrant to officiate your marriage won’t go unnoticed by guests. Plus, choosing the right celebrant for you will get the day rolling along nicely.

Ask them!

If you have questions — ask them! And if you feel awkward or as if you can’t ask questions — find another celebrant that you feel comfortable with. Remember to read reviews or ask for testimonials, and enquire about their qualifications and experience as a celebrant. They should be happy to help.

Meet them in person

With internet liaison the norm nowadays, you may feel its unnecessary to meet your celebrant in person. We recommend against this. You must meet celebrants in person to know whether you get along or not. Also, meeting in person will give some indication of how the ceremony will feel, and this would be the perfect opportunity to organise a rehearsal to get you comfortable with the ceremony format.

Make your booking

When you’ve chosen the celebrant of your dreams — book them ASAP. Popular celebrants are booked well in advance, and trust me: you don’t want to be stuck with a sprooker!

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