How much does a NSW wedding cost?

New South Wales is the most popular state for weddings in Australia. It can also be the most expensive. So from the luxurious Sydney Harbour weddings to your boho dream day in Byron Bay, we’ve broken down how much you should expect to spend on suppliers across the state.

nsw wedding cost

Wedding Venues

With around 91% of Aussie’s hiring a wedding venue for their big day, it’s one of the most popular wedding categories. A wedding venue in NSW will cost you an average of $15,503. Based on an average guest list of 97 people, that comes to around $160 per head.

Wedding Dresses

With a focus on more luxury weddings, the cost of a wedding dress in New South Wales has gone up by 26% over the past year. You’ll now be spending an average of $3,039 for the gown of your dreams.

But if you’re not worried about the budget, don’t worry because you’re not alone. 29% of all Aussie brides say they don’t care about the cost of their wedding dress if they find the perfect match.


When it comes to capturing your day you want to make sure you’re doing it right. Which is why 91% of Australian couples hire a professional photographer for their big day.

In NSW this should cost you around $3,495.

Marriage Celebrants

The marriage celebrant has more of a role to play than just rocking up on the day. They sign your paperwork, lodge your marriage certificate and support you throughout the entire planning process. So it’s no wonder that couples in New South Wales are now investing 12% more in their marriage celebrant than in previous years.

Your celebrant services should cost you around $716.

Wedding Cars

Whether you’re hiring one car or a fleet of four for your wedding day, you want to make sure that you’re arriving in style. The average cost of wedding cars in NSW comes in above the national average, at $1,486.


Having a wedding video is becoming more and more important to couples across the country, with 30% more couples hiring a videographer in the last year than they did in 2016.

If you’re in New South Wales then you’re likely not paying much more than the national average. If you’re going to hire a videographer in NSW then they should cost you approximately $3,252.


Whether you’re having a sit-down dinner, buffet or cocktail reception with finger food, you’re likely going to be paying for some food for your wedding. This could be included in your wedding venue package, or you might want to go with an external caterer who serves up your favourite treat.

Regardless you’re in luck because the cost of wedding catering has gone down in New South Wales. In fact, you’ll be saving more than $1000 under the national average if you’re ordering catering in NSW.

Catering in NSW costs approximately $8,042.

Wedding Hire

Despite the fact that more couples are hiring items for their wedding day, wedding hire has actually got a lot cheaper over the past few years. Whereas couples in NSW were spending around $3,685 on wedding hire back in 2016, now the average cost is a lot less at just $1,356.

This comes down to more and more couples choosing quality for their wedding over quantity.

Wedding Music

93% of Australian couples are still choosing to hire wedding music for their big day, with DJs being preferred over live bands.

Wedding music in NSW will cost you an average of $1,866.

Formal Wear

You want to make sure you look good on your wedding day, so getting the right formal wear is key! Whether it’s a good suit or collection of suits, you’re looking at spending an average of $1,564 for your formal wear.


Wedding decorations is another category that has seen a drop in price over the last few years. Couples in NSW generally spend around $1,322 on their wedding decorations, 27% less than couples back in 2016.


Who chose your wedding transport?

Bridesmaid Dresses

While we’re seeing couples opting for different designs when it comes to their bridesmaid dresses, so they get a different flavour in their bridal party, we’re still seeing couples invest in what their main squad are wearing.

48% of Australians have between 7 and 10 people in their bridal party, with couples in NSW spending around $956 on their bridesmaid dresses.

nsw wedding cost

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Wedding Invitations

This is one area that couples often try and work to themselves, but it’s actually not that expensive to get a professional to work with your vision instead. Wedding invitations in New South Wales cost an average of $779, only just coming in above the national average of $767.

Wedding Cakes

With just 5% of Aussie’s favouring a traditional fruitcake versus the 69% of couples who are opting for a chocolate or vanilla mud cake, this is your most delicious expense. Wedding cakes in NSW are around the same price they were back in 2016, and will now cost you around $523.

Wedding Flowers

Florals and greenery have become much more popular as styling elements over the last few years, so it’s no wonder we’ve seen a price rise across the board. Rather than just choosing flowers for their bouquets, more and more couples are having leafy greens and foliage for their wedding day, which often costs the same amount as blooms do.

The average cost of wedding flowers in NSW is $1,912.

Photo Booths

Still a popular element of weddings, the average cost of a photo booth in New South Wales is $955.

Hair and Makeup

Depending on how many people are having their hair and makeup done for your wedding, the average cost can vary. However, hair and makeup in NSW will generally cost around 30% now than it did a few years ago.

You should budget a bit under $1,000, more accurately $842, if you’re getting your hair and makeup done.


Last but not least are your bomboniere or wedding favours. Most NSW couples spend around $554 on their bomboniere. Working with a guest list of 97 people, this works around to be just under $6 per each gift.

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