How much should you really spend on wedding flowers?

Flowers and florals are one of those beautiful elements at a wedding that can truly bring everything together. From your theme to your colours to the romance, your wedding flowers are a truly magical part of the day.

But flowers are also one of those items that we see on a regular basis, whether it’s at the local florist or even in your own garden. And because they are so accessible on a regular basis many couples can find it confusing when it comes to how much they should spend on the florals for their big day.

We surveyed more than 4,100 Australian couples for our 2019 annual wedding industry report to find out exactly what couples are spending on their wedding flowers, and to give you a guide on what part of your budget should go to your flowers.


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What are you actually paying for?

There are a lot of different elements on your big day that can incorporate flowers, and while you’ll obviously have a service charge from your florist, your wedding flower cost will rise or fall based on how many of these elements you choose to have. However, the most common floral feature at the wedding is your bouquet.

Bridal bouquets

Your bridal bouquet, along with that of your bridesmaids, is likely going to be one of the first floral features that you think about for your wedding. Couples will often feature a larger or more detailed bouquet for the bride, with smaller but matching or complementary features for the wedding party.

Many couples also book themselves an additional smaller bouquet for the bouquet toss. This means that you don’t have to damage your very special bouquet by throwing it, and have the opportunity to preserve it for after your wedding.


Grooms are not exempt from the floral details either, with many still choosing to have boutonnière details on their suits. This is going to be another item to consider when it comes to purchasing flowers for your wedding, with boutonnière or corsage features for parents still included in many weddings.

Something for your flower girls

If you are having flower girls or boys on your big day then consider what they’re going to have with them. Flower crowns, flower wands, and of course throwing petals are all popular options that are worth asking your florist about.

Table centrepieces

Traditionally the centrepieces on the tables at a wedding have been some form of floral feature. Whether you’re going for a simple bunch in a vase look, or going for raised features that your guests can talk through, consider the cost of these decorations in your flower order.

Further decorations and styling

Of course you also have other decorations and styling to consider for your day. Are you going to have features lining the chairs to your ceremony? Will you have a flower wall on your day? Two particularly popular trends at the moment are arbours and hanging installations. All of these decorations that include greenery or floral elements will likely have to be arranged with your florist to make sure you get the matching look that you want.


Remember, when it comes to order flowers for your wedding you’re also include your foliage and greenery in this as well. And while greenery is so on-trend now that many couples aren’t learning this for the first time, don’t be surprised in your bunches of greenery cost the same amount as another bunch of flowers.

It’s all fresh produce that you’re getting from the same place and has the same time and effort going into it, as well as whether or not it’s common coming into play.

So how much should you be spending?

Once you’ve decided what features you want to include in your wedding day, it’s time to look at your wedding flowers cost. The average Australian couples ends up spending around $1,618 on the flowers for their big day.

Couples in New South Wales are spending the most, with big floral features and details popular with luxury weddings a riding trend in Sydney. You’re looking at spending an average of $2,074 if you’re getting married in NSW. Couples in Victoria can expect to spend around $1,652, while it’s $1,455 in Western Australia, $1,423 in South Australia and $1,062 in Queensland. The most affordable three states are the Northern Territory, $993, ACT, $813, and Tasmania finishing up the list  t an average of $693.

Interestingly, the majority 78% of couples will buy their wedding flowers from a specialised florist for their big day, while just 20% will organise the flowers themselves. And there are 2% of couples who won’t have any flowers at all!

Because of this, most couples (44%) end up spending less than $500 on their wedding flowers. We would say that most of these couples are sticking to their bouquets and boutonnière.

A price guide depending on your budget

Using our free budget calculator tool, we’ve taken a quick look at how much you should set aside for your wedding flowers based on some of the most common wedding budgets.

Generally speaking, you should look at spending around 5% of your overall budget on your flowers. Which, based on the average cost of a wedding being $32,333, is actually what most couples will do in 2019!

  • $20,000 budget — $1,000
  • $30,000 budget — $1,500
  • $40,000 budget — $2,000

How to find the right wedding florist for you

When it comes to choosing who is going to be the right florist for your wedding day, first think about whether there is a particular type of flower you want. 57% of couples will use real flowers on their wedding day, while 20% go for artificial blooms and 23% combine both real and fake flowers.

Choose a florist who can guide you through what you want, or what might work for you if you’re unsure. You may have your heart set on peonies but not know when they’re in season, or you could just be after colours to complement your wedding theme. A good wedding florist will be able to chat to you about both and offer a range of suggestions and alternatives based on what is or isn’t available. The same goes for talking about different types of products, such as your bouquets or boutonnière.

You also want to look out for someone who can help out with any allergies that might be of concern, while also looking at the quality of the product they produce. If they have a physical store then take a look at their products there, or if they’re an online business have a look at some of the real weddings they’ve done before. There you can have a look at details such as the consistency of bouquet sizes as well as how the florals bring the theme together. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you might have about flower freshness and seasonality based on the weather.

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