Australian Wedding Industry Report

The latest wedding trends, costs and industry insights are all included in our annual 2024 Australian Wedding Industry Report

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Our annual Wedding Industry Report presents the latest industry insights you need to know to grow your wedding business.

2023 Annual Wedding Industry Report

As Australia's No.1 wedding website, Easy Weddings conducts the largest annual survey of hundreds of Australian wedding businesses and thousands of couples planning weddings or having married in the past year.

We collate this mass of data each year to produce the nation’s most comprehensive wedding industry report. The data in this 9th annual study provides insights into the planning behaviours of today’s couples, including the average costs of a wedding in Australia, local trends, and other wedding industry statistics.

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2023 Annual Wedding Industry Report

What's in the Easy Weddings Australian Wedding Industry Report 2024?

  • Wedding industry forecast 2024-2025
  • What the average Australian couple wants for their wedding, and their pain points
  • How couples are influenced to spend
  • The typical wedding budget, broken down by region and supplier category
  • How the cost of living has impacted wedding budgets, guest counts, and engagement lengths
  • Wedding statistics, trends, and insights by business type
  • Destination weddings, honeymoon trends, and budgets
  • Our Wedding Business Checklist for 2024 success
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The Most Popular Months to Get Married in 2024

Interested in which Saturdays are the most in-demand for weddings this year? We have the data to back up what you need to know! It's all in the report.

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Top 5 Stressors for Couples Planning a Wedding

In a typical year, couples spend 26% more on their wedding than they originally intend to. This year, the gap between budgets and final spends has fallen to 22% How has the cost of living reduced couples' wedding budgets? We answer these questions and more in the Australian Wedding Industry Report 2024.

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Whether you're considering starting a wedding business of your own, looking to learn more about Australian couples, interested in what other businesses are doing, or researching wedding trends data for press/media purposes, the Easy Weddings Australian Wedding Industry Report 2024 will provide the insights you need.

2023 Annual Wedding Industry Report

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