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Your wedding should be the most INCREDIBLE day of your life.  Nothing awkward. Nothing posed. All you have to do is be you. Do you agree? If the answer’s ‘yes’, let’s talk.

Simplicity. Honesty. Trust. Personal connections over materialism. Authenticity over perfection.

These are my core values; to me, candid moments are the only ones worth capturing.

After 8 years of shooting weddings in Sydney, I’ve learned that no one likes surprises - especially bad surprises on their wedding day! So when you book me, you can expect the expected: I’ll arrive early, leave late and make sure that you look your absolute best in every shot.

In addition to capturing all the magic and madness of the day, I also want to make sure that you enjoy the whole process - from our first conversation right through to me delivering a set of glorious wedding pictures for you to look back on in 10, 20, 50 years from now.

That’s why I focus on delivering a calm, confident and relaxed experience that couples can count on to minimise the strain and maximise the joy of their wedding day.

My documentary style of photography cuts out anything awkward, fabricated or posed, leaving just raw, unfiltered emotion that tells the story of your love.

If your answer is still ‘yes’, let’s chat about how you want to remember the most incredible day of your life.



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Questions and Answers

How will I receive my wedding photos? Will it be on USB or DVD?

Images By Kevin

A commonly asked question that I get asked all the time is “How will I receive my wedding photos”, “Will I get a DVD or USB?”

When I first started as a wedding photographer in Sydney in 2012, I did what everyone else did and provide a DVD with all of your wedding photography. Not only was I restricted to 4GB of storage, it was incredibly slow to copy. It would literally take 4 DVD’s just to fit all of the photos. In addition to this, if my clients lost their DVDs they would have to ask me for the photos again. Luckily, I would have a backup saved somewhere, but imagine if I didn’t and all of the memories were on those discs and you lost them…

Did you know that Apple no longer has DVD players in their iMacs and Macbooks? In their eyes, DVD’s are obsolete. In a few years time, no one will have a DVD player.

Enter USB’s. They are cheap, easy and portable. You can copy multiple versions of your photos, take them anywhere and show your friends and family. You can copy them to your computer. It’s good until they do a EPIC FAIL on you and you can’t read it anymore. Don’t even mention the MAC/PC compatibility issues. Everyone has a story of when a USB failed on them….again, imagine all of your wedding photos were on that USB and it stopped working….

And guess what, they are releasing a new USB C which will make your USB’s obsolete in a few years.

As a professional wedding photographer in Sydney, I knew there had to be a better way of storing your digital photos with confidence it will be there in 5, 10, 15 years time. Future proof your photos that not only look good but it will still be around when you need it.

Enter Shootproof!

I’ve been using Shootproof for over 2 years now and it has made my clients extremely happy.

Here’s why you’ll love your Shootproof photo gallery


Your wedding photography will be showcased with beautiful online galleries, complete with a slideshow functionality. Notice how all of your images are displayed in a tile format so it shows you a story. Not only does it look great on a desktop, it’s fully optimised for mobile.


The great thing about Shootproof is that your photos are displayed in stories of the day, example, Sarah Getting Ready, Brad Getting Ready, The First Look, The Ceremony etc. That way you can locate your photos quickly and not bore your friends and family with every photo of your wedding day. Trust me, only you and your future husband will sit through all of your photos for hours on end, not everyone will share the same enthusiasm!


The gallery allows you to download all of your photos in one go, but you can also download particular photos one at a time if that’s your thing.


Your gallery is secured by password protection and a private URL, plus you can hide certain “Embarrasing” photos away from your mother in law and other zealous relatives.


You can easily share photos  on Facebook and Twitter right from your gallery


Save your favourites so you can access them again and again and again


Images By Kevin

Ask your wedding vendor if they have a backup plan, for example,  with photographers ask them how they will keep your photos safe if you lose a camera, gets stolen or your memory card fails.  Do they have backup equipment? What happens when it rains? If they can’t give you a good answer then I’d reconsider my decision. 

Most amateur photographers don't really consider how important this is, and only carry one camera and one lens. Imagine if they accidently drop that camera, what can they do?

I personally photograph my weddings with 2 cameras which contain dual memory card slots so one card backups the other. If the event of 1 card failure, then you have the 2nd just in case. 

For most weddings I have an assistant who serves as a backup to myself just in case anything goes wrong. 

I also have multiple lenses so if one stops working, I have a bag full other ones I can use. 

It does not stop after the wedding, so you'll be pleased to know that I have at least 5 working copies of your wedding photos by the end of the same evening as I copy it your photos to multiple devices and cloud storage to ensure it's completly safe.

Any photographer who doesnt consider photo backup  as important should not be considered for your the most important day of your life so far. 

I don't like wedding albums, I just want the photos on a USB. Can you do this?

Images By Kevin

I believe your wedding photos deserves a better home than a post on social media. This is why I am so passionate about wedding albums and printing your photos. 

It should be honoured and treasured in the same way you pledge to love, honour and cherish each other. 

Your wedding deserves a beautiful, high quality album so I only work with the best suppliers. I've found the world's best wedding albums in Queensberry.  Every time you open your Queensberry wedding album, you will fall in love again. 

I include a beautifully crafted photo album in every wedding package. Of course you will have a link to send your wedding photos digitally to everyone you choose, but this should only serve as a backup. 

Does opening your wedding album up in 10,20 years time evoke more memories, turning the pages and looking at the prints, or does looking at a computer screen give you a better viewing experience?

I understand that wedding albums do cost more, but in the long term it is something that won't go out of fashion or stop working dur to changes in technology. 


(61 reviews)
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23 Sep 2018

Kevin is an excellent wedding photographer and we had no regrets choosing him to photograph the best day of our lives! From the moment we had our initial meeting at Kevin’s home we instantaneously fell in love with his portfolio and photography skills. We loved that his style was natural, candid and most importantly he focuses on capturing the raw emotions of people. No frills or awkward shots; just natural and simple yet classy images. We engaged Kevin for 15 hours on our wedding day in September 2018 and many were in awe that he was able to carry out his job so well on his own. On top of capturing all our special moments, he was non-intrusive. Most of the time we didn’t even realize he was around. Kevin also proved that he is more than just a photographer. He is friendly and approachable and made himself feel like he was part of our family. Our bridal party photoshoot on the wedding day was stress-free and full of genuine fun and laughter. Our friends and family were really comfortable with Kevin as he did seem like one of us – an old friend whom we haven’t met in a long time. Our photos were delivered promptly about 3 weeks after our wedding and we loved it to bits! The pictures are stunning, and we have received numerous compliments on them, with some guests commenting they’re the best they have ever seen! Kevin is definitely a very talented and brilliant photographer. If we could rate Kevin out of 10, we’d absolutely give him a 11!

Images By Kevin  

Thank you Roxanne and Shaun for this wonderful review, I loved every minute of your wedding and the fact that you felt so comfortable around me that you can nearly call me part of the family for the day is just so heartwarming for me. Love how you gave me a 11 out of 10!

17 Nov 2017

Kevin is an amazing photographer! We first met Kevin at a wedding open day. From the moment we approached his stall he was professional, friendly and showed us plenty of his previous work. We loved that his photos captured candid moments. His photos didn't looked forced or staged like some other photographers work. The whole experience was smooth and enjoyable. Kevin was quick to reply to all my emails and was very helpful when I had some questions. Everything on the day went smoothly. Kevin knew our venue well so he knew where to take us for photos. He is very creative and made us feel super comfortable. Kevin is not only a great photographer but a genuine, nice and friendly person. He is passionate about the work that he does and that shines through in his photos. I would highly recommend Kevin to any couple!

1 Oct 2016

What can I say - Kevin was amazing on the day, making us feel completely comfortable. Photos came back so promptly as well, and boy were they beautiful. For quite a long-winded day with so many things happening, Kevin was so professional and captured everything so well. It's been amazing reliving the wedding through all his photos. He was also very responsive, patient and was readily available for all our questions leading up to the day. He was even readily available after the wedding, despite just having his first child newly born! You can really tell Kevin takes a lot of pride in his work - and rightly so. The hard thing now is - how do we pick only a select few for our wedding album?!

Images By Kevin  

Hello Ann and Andrew, Thank you for such a lovely review, it means so much to me that you felt completely comfortable around us on the day! Absolutely loved your wedding, it was certainly one to remember especially the fun at the end of the night. Kevin

8 May 2022

We loved having Kevin as our photographer for our big day and felt like he was part of the family. When we wanted to have a night ceremony at the Grounds, we were worried about the poor lighting of the intimate venue. Kevin put us at ease by reassuring us that he had taken photos at Grounds before so he knew the venue well and how to work the light. And he definitely did! We loved the soft yet clearly lit photos from the day and would recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a wedding photographer who you can trust and has got your back on your special day!!

5 Mar 2022

One of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process was to have Kevin be the photographer of our pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot! What really distinguished Kevin from others was that he was truly empathetic. From our very first meet-up, we were impressed by his ability to understand our vision, our concerns and everything in between. Kevin took a lot of time out of his own day to be involved in key decision making and to provide us with new perpsectives on challenges we faced. We appreciated this, especially as many weren't related to the actual photography of the day. It really went to show how Kevin goes above and beyond for his clients. Whilst the wedding's now in the past, Kevin continues to keep in touch with us!

3 Mar 2022

The most important thing for me when choosing a photographer was not just their talent but also personality. Kevin stood out from all the rest, he was so friendly and kind, as well as his port folio showing his wedding photography, it was just the right style I was after, relaxed but beautiful and capturing all the special moments. We chose to also have his hybrid video option for our wedding day and I'm so happy we did! The photos are absolutely wonderful but also having a little wedding video was something I'd recommend to everyone, it is so worth it. It is a video my family and I will treasure forever.

28 Mar 2021

Kevin was such an amazing photographer. He did our engagement shoot and provided advice throughout the wedding planning progress. He also has strong industry networks and was able to connect us with other vendors such as our videographers for the day. Working with Kevin was seamless and the photographs we received we're beyond amazing. The photos taken during the wedding day felt soo natural yet the final result had such a professional feel and really conveyed the happiness from the day. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I encourage you all to take at Kevin's portfolio, you won't be disappointed :)

9 Jan 2021

If you’re after a photographer to capture all the emotions so when you look back at the pictures you feel all the feels come rushing right back, then Kevin is your man! Kevin was so friendly and easy to work with leading up to the wedding and on the day, we had an absolute blast! We didn’t feel at all like we were posing all day and felt ‘all photoed out’ by the end of the day. We just went about our business, having a blast and Kevin captured it all in the pictures! The photographs were authentic and captured exactly how we were feeling which was so beautiful to look back on after our big day! I knew about Kevin from my brother's wedding and after seeing his pictures, I had no doubt that I wanted him for our wedding too! Kevin is friendly, fun and easy to be

20 Dec 2020

Kevin delivers stunning high-quality photos that captured the natural joy and beauty of our wedding. He made us feel at ease with simple and calm directions. We didn’t want our wedding photos to be overly posed, and Kevin managed to be in the right places at the right times to capture candid photos of us and our guests. Kevin surprised us on our honeymoon by sending the link to a sneak peek series of brilliant photos (accompanied by a lovely song) nine days after our wedding, four days after Christmas! Working with Kevin is a delight. For an award-winning photographer he is very unassuming. His package fee is reasonable, with no hidden costs or extra charges.

22 Oct 2020

From the get-go, we knew Kevin was going to be amazing. Kevin had a stunning portfolio online, and we were confident that our wedding photos would as well. He definitely met and exceeded our expectations! Kevin managed to get all the important shots and memories of the day, which will be a timeless treasure for us. His candid and outdoor photos are the best! Kevin is an extremely easy guy to get along with. From the first day we met him, we admired his professionalism, flexibility and friendliness. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer for the day.

10 Oct 2020

Thank you for being a part of our wedding. Your relaxed approach was just what we were after. The pre-wedding shoot was great to break the ice and get comfortable in front of the camera. The sneak preview of photos the day after was such a nice touch! We would definitely recommend you to our friends!!

1 Aug 2020

We felt totally at ease with Kevin as soon as we met him, and loved his philosophy on weddings and the way he captured moments. We booked in an engagement shoot with Kevin, and had the best time- the photos were amazing and it helped make the wedding day go more smoothly. Kevin is prompt, reliable and very talented. The wedding day was totally seamless, we felt like Kevin was an old friend at our wedding and he made all our guests feel comfortable. The photos are fantastic and we never felt like we had to "pose" for anything , which suited us to a tee. Would highly recommend Kevin to anyone!

28 May 2020

Kevin was recommended by our wedding celebrant. He took the best photos and got the perfect sunset photo that we would forever cherish! He made us comfortable during the entire time. Many thanks also for being our witness :)

14 Mar 2020

Deciding to choose Images by Kevin for our wedding was an easy choice. From our first meeting, Kevin warmly welcomed us as partners to what was going to be our biggest project yet. He fitted our preferences perfectly - we didn't care too much for staged or posed photographs and emphasised our wishes for our photos to be taken in the candid/natural light. We had a complimentary engagement photoshoot which was fun and also heartfelt. We were lucky to get our wedding celebration in before all the restrictions came into effect and the day/night could not have been better captured than by the talents of Kevin. By the end of it, Kevin had delivered a top quality finish that has surpassed our expectations. Every time we revisit our photos, it gives us so much joy. The photos capture so much emotion we almost feel like we're right back there on that special day. Thank you, Kevin.

10 Mar 2020

We couldn't be happier with our choice of using Kevin as our wedding photographer. We chose him because of his more natural approach to photography and he did not disappoint. He was professional while also making us feel comfortable on the day. Turn around time was super quick and the photos are absolutely beautiful. He has an amazing eye and captured every moment perfectly.

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