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Am I marrying the right person?

Not sure about whether your special someone is The One? Relationships expert Phil Owens shares his advice on deciding whether he or she is the person you should marry.

Artist lovingly sketches life with his wife every day for a year

A Michigan man has expressed his love for his wife in a series of charming sketches - one a day for a year in fact! These cute drawings detail all different aspects of their life together and are simply adorable.

Couple meet on Snapchat and marry after only meeting once in person

A young couple have (apparently) made history by becoming the first people to marry after meeting on the popular image messaging/dating app, Snapchat. Nathan Treweek from Cornwall, England, met (now) Gabrielle Treweek from Washington state in the United States, on Snapchat after they

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day – without celebrating Valentine’s Day

Not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day so, if you and your love have decided against doing so, here are some simple but still romantic ways to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day - without actually celebrating Valentine's Day!

The dos and don’ts of proposing

So, you're ready to propose. But you're not sure how best to seize the moment - or if you should plan everything down to a T. Where should I did it? When should I do it? What should I say? They're all valid questions grooms across the ages have pondered and, hopefully, these dos and don'ts will demystify how to pop one of the biggest questions of all time...

10 signs you’ve found The One

Here are 10 signs that you may have found The One.

Questions you should ask a prospective spouse before marrying

In an ideal world, couples get engaged - and then married - already knowing they're on the same page when it comes to life's big issues. If not, here are a range of questions every engaged couple should ask before heading down the aisle

Basics: popping the big question…

"Will you marry me?" is a question that starts the journey towards happily ever after. But there are lots of traditions, expectations and moments that accompany it. Here's our handy guide to what to expect, and what to do.

What happens in Vegas: How far is too far on your hen’s or buck’s night?

Hen's and buck's nights are supposed to be a bride and groom's opportunity to have one 'last big fling,' but that doesn't mean there aren't rules around what behaviour is - and what is absolutely not - acceptable, nor that the word 'fling' be taken literally. Strategic Therapist and relationship expert Phil Owens shares his advice on how far is too far at your pre-wedding celebrations.

Love in the lab: 36 questions guaranteed to make you fall in love… with anyone?

Twenty years ago, New York psychologist Arthur Aron made two complete strangers fall in love using just 36 questions and, two decades later, a New York Times journalist tried it out for herself - and it worked.