The best wedding vows for him

If you have decided to write your own wedding vows, but have no idea how you will impress your partner with vows that come from the heart, draw some inspiration from the vows that have been adapted from those used by real couples.

A little cheeky

I promise to listen to your advice, even if I don’t always take it

I promise to leave the score chat behind, even if I’m winning

I promise to listen for as long as it takes for you to feel heard

I promise to take care of your kind heart and to always love you with all of mine

A sweet ode

In your arms, I have found home

In your eyes, I have found compassion

In your heart, I have found love

In your soul, I have found a kindred spirit

You are my everything

Feeling spoilt

I never would have imagined that out of all the people in this world, I would find someone as special as you.

You are my best friend and my one true love.

I cannot believe I am the lucky man who gets to marry you today.

I promise I will never forget this privilege, no matter how many years of our lives go by.

I love you, now and forever.

The ultimate gamer

In this game of life, I promise to be your navigator, your sidekick, your best friend, and husband.

I promise to always have your back and I will never leave your side, no matter how tough the challenges get.

All about you

You have made me the happiest man on the world today by agreeing to share your life with me.

I promise to cherish and respect you.

I promise to care for you and protect you.

I promise to comfort you and encourage you.

I promise to be with you for all of eternity.

Building the team

Thank you for standing here with me today as we create the ultimate team for life.

I will be by your side and always love who you are, as well as the person you will grow to be.

I will work hard to understand your wishes, desires, fears, and dreams and will strive to make you happy.

I will be there for you when you need me, whenever you need me, and I will support you through misfortune, and celebrate your triumphs.

I will keep our lives exciting, adventurous, and full of passion.

I can’t wait to start this new and exciting adventure with the person I love most in the world.

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