One of my guests will be wearing a white dress to my wedding. I’m not comfortable with this. Should I tell her?

Should wedding guests wear white? Image: Achli

Should wedding guests wear white? Image: Achli

While etiquette dictates guests should not wear white to a wedding, it is very much up to the individual bride.

The courtesy is based on the idea that it is the bride’s special day and she should be allowed to stand out, which is thoughtful, but the potential to upstage the bride isn’t confined solely to the wearing of a white dress!

That said, if you’re uncomfortable with your guest’s choice of dress colour, yes, you should tell her. It’s not worth the churning stomach and furrowed brows in the lead up to the wedding and it certainly isn’t worth you being annoyed on your own wedding day.

If you tell your guest, who is presumably a friend or a partner of a friend, I’m sure she’ll understand and choose another colour outfit.

Whether you decide to let her wear whatever colour she wants or to tell her that you’re not comfortable with her choice, don’t worry, it’s VERY difficult to outshine a bride on her wedding day and I’m sure you’re going to look spectacular!

PS: Check out the pic below. At Kim Kardashian’s recent nuptials, the dress code was strictly black and white. Guests had no choice but to wear the two colours. See, it really is up to the bride. Same with Beyonce’s Mum’s wedding where all the guests were asked to don white clothing.

Kim Kardashian's wedding with Kris Humphries

At Kim Kardashian’s recent nuptials, the guests had no choice but to wear black or white!

Beyonce's mum's wedding photos (2)

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20 October, 2011

Claire Klich says:

I don’t think you should say anything, because anyone who looks at her on your wedding day will give her funny looks. Then you can laugh to yourself that people think she’s weird and you won’t feel bad about it :)


20 October, 2011

Kym says:

I was more than happy to approve of my best friend wearing white to my wedding, I loved that she asked and I wasn’t having any bridesmaids, and I know her reasons weren’t about trying to outshine me – she just happened to find a dress she loved in white and it looked nothing like a wedding dress.  But I think you have the right to ask this person not to wear white if that’s what you want.


25 October, 2011

Evil_jellytots says:

I don’t want guests wearing black to my wedding (traditionally it means they disapprove of the marriage) and I’m undecided whether to put this on the invites under the dress code or just spread the word through family and friends. What do you think?


    12 August, 2015

    Llama girl says:

    I know what you mean and funny enough my sister in law wore black. I’m like sigh. But end of the day you go pfft it is a special day for my husband and I and if u choose to wear that I am going to show that I don’t care :) however to answer your question hint straight away to people :)


9 November, 2011

guest says:

Its hardly being a bridezilla. If this is what you want, its your wedding….


4 September, 2012

Nina Skye says:

I would be honest – explain that having another guest wearing white makes you feel uncomfortable, if they care about you and want you to be happy on your big day – they’ll change their outfit :)


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