Engaged couple lose 60kgs for their wedding day – and the results are just beautiful!

British couple Matt and Hannah before their incredible pre-wedding weight loss.

British chef Matt Brady and his girlfriend Hannah made a promise to each other when they got engaged. They vowed to lose 60kgs before their wedding day – and, not only did they do it (two days before wedding, no less), the results are quite extraordinary.

Matt, whose job as a chef saw him eating more than he was happy with, says his self-esteem hit rock bottom and he hated having his picture taken.

He told London’s Daily Mail, “My (now) wife Hannah and I both piled on weight in our late teens. We’d started earning our own money and most of it went on takeaways and nights out.

“Getting a job as a chef didn’t help. I spent my days picking at food and could easily eat three or four times a day at work. I was a lot less active than I had been when I was younger, too – and it showed.

“On the one hand, I was really happy and secure with Hannah. On the other, my confidence had taken a real nosedive and I was very self-conscious about my size. I had to buy XXL clothes online and I hated seeing photographs of myself – there’s a picture of me at a wedding and I swear I’ve got three chins,” says the 23-year-old groom.

A leaner, happier Matt says his self-confidence has improved markedly since losing a whopping 42kgs. Image: Slimming World

The couple joined UK-based weight loss group Slimming World and changed their entire way of life. They modified the style and type of food they ate and added daily exercise – and the weight started to drop off quickly.

By the time of their wedding, Matt and Hannah had lost a whopping 60kgs between them – and their wedding pictures reflect their happiness beautifully.

Matt, who lost a total of 42kgms, says, “Now we both have so much more energy and confidence. We’re excited about starting our married life together.”

The bride, Hannah, lost 18kgs.

Matt and Hannah’s complete story can be read in the October 2014 edition of Slimming World

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