10 kitchen tea games your bride squad will love

So, you’re in charge of getting some kitchen tea games together for the bride to be! What now?! If you’ve never planned a kitchen tea before, then here are some fun games for the guests to plan to keep them entertained throughout the party:

Firstly, it’s important to note that most of these little games have a “winner”, so it’s a good idea to have some chocolates, lollies or small gifts to give out to the winners of each game, or maybe, you could tally up points and have one bigger prize! Here’s our list of the ten best kitchen tea games for the bride to be and her bride squad:

kitchen tea games

Two truths and a lie:

TLDR: Great game to get to know your guests.

How to: Ask every guest to write down two truths about themselves and one lie. Then they read them aloud and the group tried to guess which one is the lie. A great icebreaker at the start of the kitchen tea!

Who said it:

TLDR: Like the wedding game, but the guests have to figure it out!

How to: Before the day, ask the couple to answer a bunch of questions about how they met, what they think of their first date or any holidays they’ve taken and anything else they share. Maybe some ideas of how their future will go,  if they want kids then how many, and anything else that’s relevant. Then, print the quotes out on a sheet of paper and ask guests to circle a name to attribute the quote to the person who said it. The person with the most right wins!

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Think like the bride:

TLDR: find out who knows the bride best!

How to: Get a whiteboard and marker and ask the group yes or no or either/or questions. The bride secretly writes down her answer on the board. All guests are required to answer each question, and whoever gets the most answers right wins!

Will you be hiring chairs, cutlery or crockery?

Handbag raid:

TLDR: Use guests handbags to do a scavenger hunt!

How to: Prepare a list of items commonly found in handbags, slowly working your way up to uncommon things. When you call out an item name, the first to pull that item out of the bag wins a prize! A lot of people use the actual item as the prize, IE, if they were the quickest to pull out a lip balm, they would get a free lip balm. Otherwise, you can use chocolate bars, lollies or little token gifts.

Close up black leather bag in hand of fashion woman.

Bridal bingo:

TLDR: It’s bingo but with a wedding theme.

How to: Create cards but replace the word BINGO with the word BRIDE instead. Skip the numbers and instead use relevant words to the wedding couple or bride to be.

Toilet paper brides:

TLDR: You make wedding dresses out of TP!

How to: This is one of the most popular kitchen tea games! Sort the guests into smaller groups of 2-4. Each group will have a “model” who has to wear the TP dress. The others have a set time to make a dress out of their allocated materials- rolls of toilet paper! The facilitator chooses the winner and they get a prize.

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Instant poetry:

TLDR: Get your guests thinking! Each group writes a poem for the bride to be.

How to: Pair up your guests, and give the guests a word that they need to use in their poem. Then, once they’re all done (give them a time limit to put the pressure on), one of team members needs to read their poem. The bride can select a winner! All of the poems could also be kept and put into a book for the bride to be!


TLDR: Madlibs but wedding related.

How to: The host will need to prepare printable story templates, and then print them for guests. In groups, the host prompts guests to fill in the blanks of the story. Then each group is required to read their story out loud, and the one that gets the most laughs wins!

They are more than bridesmaids

Walk down memory lane:

TLDR: Each guest tests the bride-to-be’s memory!

How to: Give each guest a piece of paper and have them write a memory of them with the bride-to-be, then have her read each aloud and guess who wrote each one down.

Gift giving game:

TLDR: You need to pay attention to everyone!

How to: Get your guestlist and print one for everyone with space next to each name. When the bride to be finally opens all of her kitchen tea gifts, afterward, ask the guests to write down what each person gave! The person who gets the most right WINS! You can play a similar game without the print outs, by getting the bride to be to guess who bought each, and get her to open the gift before the card! This adds a little bit of extra fun during the gift opening time.

kitchen tea games

Which are your favourite kitchen tea games? Leave a comment below!

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