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Situated on the Sunshine Coast, Dan Ford is a talented, versatile Celebrant and MC - he’s just perfect for fun, modern weddings! With a background in the Australian Navy and passion for true love, Dan is a warm, friendly celebrant - a real people person. With numerous wedding packages, all including a tailored ceremony, and a vibrant, unique approach, Dan is a fantastic addition to any wedding.

“What a pleasure to deal with! Dan was so organised throughout our entire process and really made our ceremony fun, unique and absolutely perfect. He really set the tone for our entire wedding and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dan!” Matt

What you can expect when working with Dan Ford Celebrant & MC for your wedding:

  • Personalised ceremony. Dan Ford believes that every couple has a unique story to tell, which is why he ensures to personalise your wedding ceremony, based on your likes, interests, story and preferences. The ceremony is tailored to you as a couple, and can be as fun and upbeat or romantic and heartfelt as you like! 
  • Convenient wedding packages. Dan Ford offers a range of flexible, convenient and comprehensive wedding packages. These handy packages include an elopement package, celebrant-only option, MC and celebrant services and on-the-day wedding coordination - talk about convenient!
  • Modern, fun approach. If you’re after an energetic, fun ceremony full of laughs and a few sneaky tears - Dan is your guy. Dan loves creating modern ceremonies that really move people, and might include some personal stories about your journey as a couple or some funny anecdotes, whatever your choice, Dan will create a warm ceremony that your guests will enjoy.
  • Confident speaker. Dan can easily project his voice and capture a crowd’s attention - you won’t see him waving his arms for attention when your guests need to take their seats! Dan is so comfortable in front of crowds, his confidence will put you at ease!
  • Experienced celebrant and MC. Dan is a highly experienced celebrant and MC, yours will in no way be his first ceremony! Dan is experienced, confident and can handle any surprises that may arise with grace and a calm manner. Past couples have raved about Dan’s unique, fun approach, noting that he made their ceremony incredible and personal.
  • Charismatic and charming. Dan Ford is lovely and oh-so-charming, your Aunt Josie will love him! 


“The guests from our wedding gave such god feedback about Dan. While waiting for the big arrival he was polite and friendly and mingled with our guests. He even helped handing out drinks before the ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet, upbeat and he was very flexible and rolled with the punches with ad libs and funny moments. A quick, upbeat modern celebrant. Dan's the man.” Kirby

Here’s what else you need to know about Dan Ford Celebrant & MC:

  • MC Services. Dan Ford is a charismatic, entertaining MC - trust us, your guests will be laughing, having a merry time and feel like they got to know you better as a couple.
  • Wedding Coordination. Dan Ford offers wedding coordinator services for couples who need a trusted and reliable person to look after the logistics of their wedding - because you shouldn’t need to worry about supplier arrival times while getting your hair and makeup done!
  • Elopements. Some people aren’t after a big wedding, and that’s perfectly okay! Dan understands this, which is why he offers a special elopement package for couples with a smaller guest list anywhere from 2 - 20 guests.
  • Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and surrounds. Dan is based on the Sunshine Coast, but is willing to travel to Brisbane and all around Australia to be with couples on their wedding day.


What packages do you offer and are there any additional fees?


Your Ceremony Celebrant:

  • Tailored wedding ceremony that’s unique to each couple
  • Pre-wedding meetings 
  • A pre-wedding ceremony rehearsal 
  • All legal paperwork and lodgement
  • Travel fees (Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and beyond)
  • A professional, high quality PA system with wireless microphones


Elopement Essentials:

  • Everything included in the ‘Ceremony Celebrant' package
  • For between 2 to 20 guests


Drop The Mic:

  • MC services
  • Organised and fun, modern approach (no cheezy/boring stuff!)
  • Everything included in the ‘Ceremony Celebrant' package


What Dan's couple say......

“Dan prepared and delivered the most beautiful ceremony for us. Fun, sincere and very personalized. I could feel his genuine passion for making our day perfect going above and beyond with little things that made a big difference. Thanks Dan the man!” Jess x

"Dan was an incredible celebrant and MC for our wedding. He created a ceremony that was relaxed, short and fun which was exactly what we wanted! Dan was so friendly with our friends and family and we had many comments on how wonderful he was throught the night. He ensured our ceremony ran smoothly by having a practice with our bridal party and immediate families the night before the wedding. We are very grateful that we had Dan at our wedding!" Emma & Miles.

"The guests from our wedding gave such good feedback about Dan. While waiting for the big arrival he was polite and friendly and mingled with our guests. He even helped handing out drinks before the ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet as we requested, upbeat and he was very flexible and rolled with the punches with ad libs and funny moments. A quick, upbeat modern celebrant. Dan's the man!" Kirby & Leigh.

“Wow, just wow! From the very first time Brett and I met Dan we instantly felt his humorous, fun, energetic vibes. I love that Dan was willing and able to have a bit of fun, and really show his personality through the whole ceremony. We loved that Dan was so down to earth and let us just ‘roll with it’.  It was a quality we looked for with many celebrants and we are so thankful we came across Dan. Thank you for everything Dan, our day was perfect even with all the changes due to COVID. I highly recommend Dan and his services, if you're wanting a fun energetic passionate celebrant or MC DAN IS THE MAN!”  Shanese



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Questions and Answers

What style of Marriage Ceremony do you facilitate?

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC

Your Marriage Ceremony will set the tone for your entire event. It's the centerpiece of the day, and should be fun and engaging, with moments of sincerity and emotion. Upbeat, but not over the top and certainly not boring. Meaningful, but not melodramatic. Think warm and fuzzies with giggles and storytelling. Oh , and legally legitimate: we seamlessly layer and intergrate those segments in-between all of the storytelling and personal anecdotes that will have you’re guest, and yourselves laughing out loud and dabbing away at you’re eyes with tissues.

My couples and I co-create the ceremony for a very important reason. We catch up in person, and/or Zoom or FaceTime if we can't, share the highlights of your story so-far through some Q&A. Then, on the day I will subtly weave and layer your personalities, anecdotes and story highlights around the legal requirements: (I Do's, Vows and ring exchange), to ensure your marriage ceremony is one yourself , and your guests well remember, and talk about for all of the right reasons!

With SO many Celebrants & MC's to choose from, why should we choose You, Dan Ford Celebrant?

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC

Ahhh... the million dollar 'sell yourself' question that non-salesey, people-people like myself answer in analogies...(because they are way more fun!)

Like bespoke ice cream nowadays, there are many different flavors of Celebrant & MC.. So, choosing the right flavor to match you're tastes is important...(and if you have not guessed by now, I'm not your average cookie-cutter, Vanilla Celebrant & MC).

Being married myself, I understand that couples need someone to take the time to inform them of: the legal requirements ( IE:..paperwork), and what's needed for planning the ceremony. As important as these base details are, any and every Celebrant will do this for you. Those details are the information 'cone'. How we do it though, is the difference between a cone that's been sitting a cupboard waaaaaaaaay past expiry date: the bare essentials. Or, a handmade Belgian waffle cone, still warm from shaping (think: a personilised approach, the need to knows without the fluff. It's still a tiny bit sweet as we are building rapport, even through the administrative process that I have simplified and modernised as an online event page that you can access from anywhere, anytime...). NO! Do not eat the delicious, handmade waffle cone yet... wait for the ice cream!

My fave 3 wedding vendor flavors have always been these:

  • Organisation - We are on time, on point (including that we dress on theme and color tone), we communicate warmly and professionally. Yet make it seem effortless... Because we love what we do!  The most solid of scoops at the bottom.
  • Adaptability - We are on your team! So we take care of issues that pop up that you won't even realised happened, until after on, when we will laugh about it together over a glass of bubbly (think: bring a back up PA and spare Mic batteries JIC. Give a lighthearted and respectful outro and tap on the shoulder to anyone who starts repeating themselves during speeches. Have the venue delay the bridal party by 5 mins because your Nan's just ducked to the loo... etc.. ;)  The vital teamwork scoop is in the middle! And at the top...
  • Creative Presence - It's commonly understood that professionals are proficient at going through the motions with an above average level of skill (we hope :P). In the Celebrancy & MC space, I have been a guest at many of these types of ceremonies & receptions, and they are good... but not immersive and unforgettable. To create in the moment as a Celebrant & MC, is to know the content like a favorite song, yet allow the spontaneity of a gathered, salubrious group (especially your tight tribe of besties) to go ‘off script’ and mess around with tune. The chorus will be dedicated to you two, however we don't let the formalities dictate a stuffy vibe. It's a love celebration after all, and the sweetest top scoop, chocolate sprinkle dipped parts cannot be 'scheduled'. Modern Celebrants & MC’s know this, and invite these spontanious moments to happen.

Because we know it’s where the real magic can be found!

We prefer all of out guests to enjoy themselves fully and not have to watch the clock.... Will you do a cracking Job as our MC, and give us a sweet bundle discount too !?

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC

Y  E  S! I was a professional MC before I became a Celebrant! Nothing gives me more pleasure than creating a great rapport in the Ceremony with all of your guests, then keeping things moving along with an upbeat and sincere vibe all through the reception. The most common feedback couples recieve from their guests, having me as their MC is: 'How do you know Dan? He was such a great MC! It was like you had known him for ages."

I'll be there to welcome everyone into the "Love Celebration" reception including houskeeping, humerous and heartfelt speech intros, all the way through to giving you a memorable exit after keeping the dance floor rocking, to letting eveyone know their transport has arrived and thanking them for attending. "Please don't forget you're handbags and personal items, and travel safe." Beginning to end service - From Fiancès to Happily Married and tucked up in bed with a day and night full of unforgettable, awesome memories.

Give all of your besties the whole night off and head to my Special Offers for details on my 'Ceremony Celebrant and Drop the Mic MC Bundle!'


(36 reviews)
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14 Apr 2022

Dan was fantastic! Right from the very start when we first made contact with him he was informative, friendly and able to offer what we were looking for from our celebrant. In the lead up his communication and flexibility with us being interstate made everything smooth and easy. The rehearsal was awesome, he made sure everyone knew what they need to do, when and how and put a real ease into how the following day would go. And as you can imagine the day went along beautifully. Dan was able to capture the lighthearted, casual romance that we were after during the ceremony and everyone who attended commented on how amazing the ceremony was. We would highly recommend Dan to anyone planning their wedding. Dan also was our MC for the reception. He continued the effortless casual romantic feel through the day and ensured everyone had an excellent day.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Mackenzie (& Matt), let me start by thanking you both for choosing, then trusting me to officiate your ceremony and reception at Flaxton Gardens! Your entire day and night was a real pleasure to attened and be involved in. Have a fantastic marriage! Dan. x

12 Oct 2021

Dan was our celebrant and MC for our wedding day. Dan was brilliant to work with and made everyone feel so relaxed and comfortable on the big day. He took the time to get to know Liam and I so he was able to deliver a very personalised and genuine ceremony. We are so glad we hired Dan to be our MC also, he took the pressure off our friends and family so everyone could relax and enjoy the night and allowed the ceremony, right through to the reception to run so seamlessly. He tailored the ceremony and reception to suit our style and we are so so pleased. I would highly recommend Dan as an MC and Celebrant. It felt like I had my very own wedding planner/coordinator on the day! Thanks Dan!!

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Jess , Thanks so much for having / trusting me as your MC as well as your Celebrant (I do love MC'ing as it free's up ALL of your guests to really celebrate!). It was great to see you both having great fun all night long with your friends and family :) Thanks again! Dan :)

4 Sep 2021

Dan is an absolutely incredible celebrant! Organised, personal, efficient and professional! We met with Dan over the phone to discuss the process and planning for our ceremony and immediately felt at ease. His questionnaires and frequent emails kept us on track and enabled him to write the most beautiful and personalised ceremony. He spoke of how we met, our similarities and differences, the way we became engaged and the things we love most about each other. The ceremony was a perfect mix of sentimental and humorous moments. The way Dan told our story and interacted with our guests felt as though we had a friend standing up there with us. Dan was the talk of the town with nearly every wedding guest raving about how amazing and charismatic he was. We feel blessed have had such a special ceremony and can’t thank Dan enough for being such a positive vibe.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Jess, Talk about a cracking wedding! Your 'crew' were such an awesome bunch, everyone there to celebrate and enjoy such a special event! It was a real pleasure to co-create with you both. Good times! Dan. X

3 May 2022

Our wedding celebration was perfect and very special. Our ceremony was just perfect, Dan learnt our story so well and stitched together our story so well. Everyone said it was the best ceremony they had been to and it's definitely all thanks to Dan. it was completely us - funny, relaxed and full of love!

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey, Thanks to you and Nat for sharing so much of your story and so many funny and thoughtful anecdotes and highlights. because you did, I was able to weave the ceremony into a fun, meaningful, and loving presentation. It really made the whole experience of ceremony design fun and memorable! Dan. x

3 May 2022

Dan created a special ceremony for Natalie and I that was modern, light-hearted, but serious all at once. The ceremony reflected who we are and was exactly what we wanted for our special day. Dan knows his stuff as a celebrant to make sure all those tiny little details that you never think of are done right. On the day and since our guest have repeatedly told us that they loved the ceremony, and it was the best they had seen. We could not have wished for better and highly recommend Dan.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey John (and Nat), Yours' was a truly memorable Wedding day at Gabbinbar Homestead. Pesky virus hurdles a-plenty, we got there in the end, though (and with style;). Thanks so much for choosing me as your Celebrant. Dan :)

31 Mar 2022

Honestly Kelly and I can not ask for a better Celebrant. Dan was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. It was everything we could’ve asked for. I highly recommend Dan to all couples! You won’t regret it.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Aww jeepers. Thanks a bunch, Ross & Kel. Your special day was a real pleasure to be a part of. Thanks again for choosing me as your celebrant too. Dan. x

26 Mar 2022

Dan is the perfect combination of what we wanted in a celebrant (in our case, Dan was also our MC for the reception and I'd recommend you do yourself a favour and ask him to handle both for you) - not only in how he approached his role but also how he approaches his business in general. Dan is very personable, has a great style, and is experienced in all the ways to add special touches to the day (while also allaying any anxieties). On the business side, he's organized, professional, and clearly dedicated to honing his craft despite already being the best I've come across after being a guest at dozens of weddings. Moreover, our guests loved him and, as cliche as it sounds, I'll be recommending him to all our friends who are getting engaged and starting the planning process.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Soph & Reece, Haha, Yes! MC'ing is a guilty pleasure of mine for sure. I was convinced to become a Celebrant whilst MC'ing a relatives wedding acctually ;) And, a big thanks to you both for trusting me with your Ceremony and Reception. It was a lot of fun and a cracking day and night out. Dan. x

11 Mar 2022

Relatives thought Dan was a friend, and friends thought that Dan was a relative, he reflected us so well. We requested an Acknowledgement of Country to start our ceremony and Dan brought such a respectful and interesting history of where we stood, it was a highlight of the day. The ceremony was so joyful, Dan had taken the time to know us and had our guests and ourselves both laughing and crying such happy tears. Also, Dan was so well dressed and handsome, he looked part of our fashionista crowd!!

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Gents! Are you kidding me :) Rain couldn't even come close to dampening anything about your wedding and party at the Boatshed!! Your vision was so perfect, your friends and family, so ready to celebrate you both! Even the stars came out to cap off what was the perfect celebration of two amazing humans. Thank you both. Dan. X

9 Mar 2022

Exceeded our expectations, we were very lucky to work with this man. Felt like a long friend when we met each other. The entire process was brilliant and put me at ease on the big day.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Thanks a bunch James. Your Pash & Dash elopement at Spicers Tamarind was a real pleasure to be a part of. Thanks again> Dan. x

14 Jan 2022

Dan was flexible supportive and he was a great entertainer. He made our wedding ceremony run incredibly smoothly and had our guests laughing along the way. His system to prompt each step was highly efficient and kept us on task for the important day. We were very last minute with everything and Dan just took it all in his stride.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Rachel, Thank you for those very kind words. I definitely consider it an honor to make the process of marriage organised, engauging and above all fun for myself, and my couples so thanks for choosing me as your celebrant. Dan. x

8 Jan 2022

Dan did an awesome job during our wedding and it was our great pleasure to have him as our celebrant. He made sure that we are up to date and everything was so organised. The questionnaires he sent us was a big help to organise our story, thoughts, and feelings for each other. During the wedding, he made us feel comfortable and our guests really enjoyed the way he presented himself. He also made himself as an extra organiser during our group photos! It was a lovely day and we couldn’t thank him enough for a job well done. 😁

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Marielle & WenYan, Both of you were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout your wedding journey. Thais made your wedding day fun, laid-back and memorable for all of the right reasons. Thanks for choosing me as your celebrant. Dan. x

1 Jan 2022

Dan was the celebrant for our surprise elopement. Dan made the process leading up to the day super easy and stress-free. Dan made our ceremony fun with lots of laughs with the wonderful words he used. Dan made us feel very comfortable when exchanging our vows. We highly recommend Dan if you are looking for a celebrant you will not be disappointed.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Thanks a bunch Skye & Matt. Your stunning Sunshine Weddings Elopement at Noosa was a real pleasure to be a part of. Have a fantastic marriage :) Dan. x

4 Dec 2021

We couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant! Dan was perfect, and made our ceremony so incredibly special and personalized. If we coups do the day over, we would definitely pick Dan again!!

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey O'Hara (and Josh), How much fun was your wedding day @ Tiffanys in Maleny! Thanks so much for choosing me as your Celebrant. Dan. x

7 Nov 2021

Dan was fantastic! He brought real energy to our day and kept everyone laughing and engaged. He was our MC and celebrant and we would highly recommend him. Really made a difference to our day!

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Maddie, It was an absolute pleasure to be your Celebrant & MC! I had such a fun afternoon and night. Your family and friends really know how to let loose! Thanks again and take care :) Dan. X

3 Oct 2021

Dan made, what would have been an otherwise stressful and nerve-racking day; easy, fun and wonderful. He's versatile and flexible with what you want on the day. So many of our guests complimented on how great he was, and really made our day special.

Dan Ford Celebrant & MC  

Hey Parzhin (and Zach), Your Maleny Manor wedding was a real fairy tail event to be involved in. thanks so much for choosing me as your celebrant! Dan. x


Service Area
Sunshine Coast / Noosa / Brisbane / Toowomba / Gold Coast

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