Pier collapses, wedding party ends up in the water

Dan + Jackie 05.31.2014 (live) from megjenae on Vimeo.

Yikes! Talk about being swept off your feet on your wedding day!

An American bridal party, including the bride and groom, ended up in the water after the pier they were posing for photographs on collapsed.

The bridal party, consisting of a whopping 22 people, including the bride and groom, were posing for a group photo about an hour before the wedding ceremony when they felt something move beneath them.

Unfortunately, that sinking feeling was the bridge giving way and, within seconds, most of the bridal party were hip-deep in the shallow water.

Only one member, a fleet-footed bridesmaid, managed to get away unscathed. The rest of the party, however, ended up standing on towels attempting to dry themselves off before the big ceremony.

Despite the wet outfits and sodden bridal couple, the ceremony went ahead as planned, only 10 minutes late.

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