Drunk woman ruins wedding – and gives bride a bloody nose…

This 2009 video, of a drunken guest ruining the wedding she’s attending is so darn awful, we were sure it must have been fake.

But, fake or not, it’s pretty darn horrifying.

The shaky video starts with the rather over enthusiastic guest, dressed in a red halter-neck dress, dancing around a marquee, much to the horror of the obviously unimpressed bride.

After several overly-friendly attempts to dance with others, including the groom, she hikes up her dress and attempts a pole dance using the large tent pole holding up the marqueen.

Unfortunately, tent poles aren’t designed to be used in this manner and, as soon as the lady in red climbs it, the pole gives way BRINGING DOWN THE ENTIRE MARQUEE.

To say the wedding was ruined is an understatement. After all, not many wedding videos end with footage of the bride with a bloody nose.

Talk about bringing down the house…

UPDATE: It seems our gut was right. This video appears to have been created for Heineken as part of their responsibly drinking campaign, Know the Signs.

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