Emotional father-of-the-bride stops wedding to allow bride's stepfather to help walk her down the aisle

Image: Delia D. Blackburn

Image: Delia D. Blackburn

This heartwarming photos has gone viral for all the right reasons. It captures the very moment a father-of-the-bride decided that even a biter divorce wasn’t going to spoil his little girl’s big day.

Ohio-based wedding photographer, Delia Blackburn, of Delia D Blackburn Photography posted the picture above on Facebook with the caption, “Todd Bachman, father of the bride, brought his daughter to the beginning of the aisle. He stopped the procession while people were confused at his actions and he walked up to his daughter’s stepfather.

“Todd reached out his hand and grabbed Brittany’s stepfather (Todd Cendrosky) and pulled him down the aisle to walk their daughter down the aisle together. NOT A DRY EYE at the ceremony..including me!”

Delia’s photo has touched the hearts of people across the internet, especially since it has come to light that Bachman and Cendrosky’s relationship has always been strained.

It seems the bride, Brittany, had called Bachman in tears saying she didn’t know which of her fathers she should ask to walk her down the aisle, so, in a remarkable act of kindness, her father, Todd Bachman, decided to surprise Brittany by getting both her Dads to walk ‘their’ daughter down the aisle.

“Families are what we make them,” Ms Blackburn added, “make it about your kids and not your ego. Congratulations Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really is…love for your children. Please share so that we can spread kindness throughout!”

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