Bohemian bride: A crown of flowers – and golden trousers

Golden wedding gown with golden trousers. Image: Camilla Arnhold Photography
It’s hardly surprising to learn that this radiant bride, Candida, is an artist because her truly beautiful wedding, which took place at London’s Islington Town Hall on October 4, 2013, is a wonderfully unique fusion of colours and textures, but it’s also quite visionary.

After all, how many people could pull off golden trousers on their wedding day?

Yet, when Candida married her beau, a doctor named Tom, she and her bridal party, as well as the groom, of course, looked absolutely lovely!

She even wore a wonderfully vibrant crown of dahlias and looked every part the beautiful bride.

The best part about her gown, which was made by her mother, is that, depending on the angle, it looks like a dress thanks to a matching overskirt. The inspiration for the gown and it’s golden hues was Candida’s time growing up in Dubai and Italy.

Oh, and this ridiculously clever bride also made the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Wow. No. Double wow!

Tell us, would you wear trousers on your wedding day? Even fabulous ones like Candida?

Images: Camilla Arnhold Photography.

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