Chrissy Teigen gives her reason for not taking her husbands surname

Chrissy Teigen, supermodel, wife, mother, and amazing twitter user, has won the internet yet again, with a tweet explaining why she didn’t take the surname of her husband, John Legend.

Image via @chrissyteigen on Twitter

Image via @chrissyteigen on Twitter

The tweet was in response to a tweet posted in August last year by twitter user @_MercyFul who asked a question to all women who are married to men, asking why they chose to not change their surnames.

She was genuinely curious it seems, and wasn’t overly critical, just wanting to hear the choices of women who choose to keep their own name. 

A common response from women was that they simply liked their own names, and wanted to keep them. Fair.

Chrissy replied to the tweet with something that no one expected.

Amen, girl. John’s last name actually isn’t Legend, it’s Stephens.

We’re all for choice, and it’s refreshing to see someone in the limelight take such a refreshing and honest take on this choice that many women feel pressured to make (either way). So keep your name or change your name, just make sure you make the choice yourself. 

If you need help changing your name, here’s a guide. 

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