The wedding swimmer? Wedding photographer falls into lake

It’s usually the bride and groom who take centre stage at a wedding, but in the case of the Illinois nuptials of the new Mr and Mrs Jones, it was the photographer who had everyone’s attention – after she fell into a lake while shooting the newlyweds’ photos.

The first scene of the footage, captured by the couple’s videographer, shows the newly married couple making their way down a pier, which acts as their aisle, while their wedding photographer walks backwards shooting the happy moment.

Suddenly, a guest screams, “Oh, no!” and we see the unnamed photographer plunge off the end of the pier into the lake’s waters.

Everyone, including the bride and groom, rush to her aide and, once she’s safely on land, she begins crying and saying, “I’m so sorry.”

Only after she has composed her self, does she ask if her camera is OK.

She is and the video ends with a shot of the couple walking back up the aisle – and the wedding guests searching for a towel for the drenched photographer.

It gives a new meaning to taking the plunge, doesn’t it?

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