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As a wedding professional, Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Is airbrushing for a wedding still popular?

Hi, I'm wondering what kind of makeup to have for my wedding day. What are the most popular makeup looks at the moment for weddings? And new techniques? Is air brushing still a thing or was that a fad? Thanks.

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Yes, absolutely.  We airbrush almost 100% of all weddings we do still, it is as popular as ever and gives a beautiful finish.  Airbrushing is simply the application of a liquid foundation in a fine mist via an airbrush gun as opposed to using a brush or a sponge.  We have the ability to do a light coverage or a full coverage depending on the clients requirements.  There is a large variety of different airbrushing foundations and not all are created equal.  We tend to thin our own foundation to just the right consistency to ensure it goes on beautifully but isn't too thin like some of the ready to use brands.  Like all makeup, the skin needs to be prepped correctly depending on the skin type and of course colour matched perfectly.  An experience makeup artist will carry a full range of foundation colours or will mix them to get a perfect match for your overall skin tone.  

In regards to makeup looks - we are seeing a return, thankfully, to a more natural shaped brow, but still a tidy brow.  ie. the harsh, chisel shaped brows are gone, as are the unkempt brows, but still strong and defined.  Brides are tending to keep their own natural shape but with a brow wax to remove the loose hairs on the brown bone.  Eyes are tending to be still reasonably strong with natural looking false lashes, so we're still seeing a glam look but without going way over the top.  More of a glamorous version of who they are as opposed to having themselves totally transformed into someone totally different.  Shine on the face is kept to a minimum with only a light touch of shine on the brow bones, cheek bones and possibly a touch on the lips.  Lips are tending to more the natural, soft dusty pinks still unless wanting to make a statement of the lips.   Magnetic lashes are stirring some interest, in particular the 10 magnet lashes, and also the newer self-sticking liner bond.  These are great for brides who are used to wearing lashes and may struggle with the usual latex glue.  

I hope this helps.  Happy wedding planning.  x

Lisa - Makeup 4 Brides | Hair 4 Brides 

Is it normal to have two make up artists and two hairstylists for five people?

Hi. Wondering whether it's normal to have two make up artists and two hairdressers for a wedding party of 5 people? Thanks.

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Not usually, however depends on your timings and, honestly, if you can get 2 stylists for each willing to take on a booking for essentially only 2 or 3 people each.  Often you will find that it is not worth their while to go out for only only 2 people when they can easily do a group of 5 on their own.  For a group of 5 people we usually allow 4 hours - 45 minutes each plus setup/packup time.  Some stylists may require more time, some less, depending on their experience, speed and just how they work.  You would also need to consider that each stylist will require a 'work station' which may encroach on your space, especially if getting ready in a hotel room. 

Makeup and hair is usually happening at the same time with one stylist working on hair on one person whilst the other is working on another person, and then they just swap around.  Unless you are getting the one stylist to do both makeup and hair for all 5 people (which is like having one person to do a booking of 10), then the timings should be the same. ie. Having a makeup artist for 5 people should take the same amount of time as having a makeup artist and a hair stylist (2 people) for 5 people.  Professional stylists work in with each other and sort this out for you on the day.  Just be sure to have a constant stream of people for them to work on to make sure your timings stay on track.  

I hope this helps.  Happy wedding planning.  :-)

Lisa Thomas

Makeup 4 Brides | Hair 4 Brides 

How can I ensure great wedding makeup?

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

There are many facets to this question.  In the first instance you should be looking to book a makeup artist who is experienced in bridal makeup.  It is one thing to do makeup for a photo shoot that needs to look good for an hour or two, but another to create a makeup look that will both photograph well, look good up close in person as well as last 10-12 hours without major touch-ups. Professional bridal makeup artists understand this and will design your makeup look using products and applications designed for exactly that.  View examples of the individual stylist's work to see if their style suits your own needs.  From there you should then focus on your own skin prep.  Ideally having a plan 6+ months ahead can really help in ensuring that your skin will be at its best for your special day.  You may wish to discuss your skin prep needs with a beautician skilled in this area who may recommend a series of facials, microdermabrasion or other treatments designed just for you.  Be sure not to introduce anything new to your skin too close to the wedding day in case your skin reacts.  Drink plenty of water too - this can make a big difference to your skin if it is well hydrated. Also, be aware that a change to any hormonal contraception can have an effect on your skin, sometimes resulting in hormonal breakouts which nobody wants. 

On the wedding day be guided by your makeup artist as to how she/he wants you to present your face in regards to moisturisers or serums that you use.  Some can react with the makeup products used so definitely check this first at your makeup trial.  Heavy moisturisers are often best avoided in the hot or humid months as they can attract more moisture to your face which you definitely want to avoid.  I hope this information helps.  Happy wedding planning. <3 

Lisa Thomas - Makeup 4 Brides | Hair 4 Brides 

what is the price to get my makeup done?

I am after a quote and whats included and what costs extra.

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Hi there,

Pricing depends on when your wedding is, where it is and how many people are in your group.  The easiest way to request a quote is via our website and click on 'request a quote'.  Fill in the details and this will give us everything we need to check availability and provide you with a written quote.  

Very soon however we will be launching a new marketplace style website whereby you can view profiles of all our makeup artists and hair stylists and get instant quotes online.  We hope to have this launched by January 2019.  

Thank you for your enquiry. 

Kind regards,

Lisa Thomas


Makeup 4 Brides | Hair 4 Brides 

are flower crowns out?

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

No they are not out but we are starting to see less and less of them now.  They look stunning with the right look.  Just be sure that you are comfortable wearing something with a little bit of weight in it on your head as this is something a few of our brides didn't factor in: how heavy some of them are.  Also consider the time of year and if the heat will quickly deteriorate the flowers if they are fresh.  :-)  

if i have a makeup trial with a company, am i assured ill get the same artist for my wedding?

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Absolutely.  We have a large team of makeup artists and hair stylists and the stylists who are allocated to your wedding day booking are the ones who would be doing your trials.  You are always best to go through a process with any company to firstly ensure that they are available on your wedding date; that you agree with the quote provided and then from there secure the date and the stylist.  From that point you can the arrange for your trial(s) knowing that your stylists have been secured for your wedding date.  Of course there are options to exit the wedding day booking if you so desire after having the trial done, but this ensures you have covered all bases.  Regardless of whether it is a one-stylist business or a larger multi-stylist business you should be able to select the makeup artist and hair stylist that you want if they are available. Happy wedding planning.  :-) 

Is it better to book one specific make up artist, or a makeup artistry company with multiple artists

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

With a makeup artist company you have the benefit of backup in the event of illness or injury. Sadly, we receive too many last minute calls to help out either on the day or a day or two before because the makeup artist has had to cancel and hasn't offered a replacement artist. Some may wonder who they will end up getting on the day however reputable makeup companies such as Makeup 4 Brides will allocate the same makeup artist for your makeup trial that is looking after you for your wedding day so you get to know the makeup artist and be comfortable with their level of skill and what your makeup will look like. So essentially you are still getting a personalised service but with the backing of a larger company. A makeup company can also often offer multiple makeup artists for large bookings to ensure the preparation start time isn't hideously early to accommodate everyone. You also have comfort in knowing you are dealing with a professional company that has invested a lot of time and money into building their reputation and have too much to lose if they don't deliver the highest level of service. These are all things to take into consideration. Happy wedding planning.

how do i make sure my makeup looks good all day?

I've seen wedding photos where the bride's makeup ends up looking terrible by the night time. how do I avoid this? I'm hoping to have a photoshoot during the night so I don't want my makeup to look awful... should I get my makeup artist to come back at night, or should I do my own touch ups?

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Hi Roxanne,

A professional makeup artist will design your makeup to ensure you look good up close but also photograph beautifully as well; it should last all day and into the night without the need for major touch-ups except lipstick and perhaps a light blotting powder if necessary. Your wedding day makeup should be comfortable to wear, withstand the temperatures of the day as well as the inevitable tears. Professional makeup artists will assess your skin and apply primers or mattifiers (depending on your skin type and the time of year) to give the foundation a great base to cling to. Personally I prefer a liquid matte foundation (that I airbrush on) and then set the foundation with a setting powder. I like to start the makeup more on the matte side as it will develop when your natural oils come through to a semi matte, semi dewy finish. This is where your makeup should remain for the rest of the day. The actual design of your makeup should only have shimmer or highlighters added where we want the shine (ie. a touch on the cheekbones, brow bones, and perhaps a shimmer on the eyelid and maybe a touch in the lipstick or lip gloss) with the rest remaining matte. Too much shine on the face means added editing work for the photographer afterwards which they don't like. Mascara and eyeliner must be waterproof - this is a given! With the right makeup artist you shouldn't have to get them to return at night to re-do your makeup, they should be designing your makeup to last the distance. Makeup for a wedding day has a lot of demands placed on it. It is one thing to do makeup to look great for a photo shoot or YouTube clip, it is another to make it last the distance and photograph well right till the end. This is what you are paying for with a professional makeup artist - someone who understands all this. I hope this helps Roxanne. All the best with your wedding planning. Lisa Thomas - Makeup 4 Brides

Can I bring my bridesmaids to my Makeup/Hair trials?

I'm indecisive and need a firm hand to tell me if I look good!

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Hi Melanie, thanks for your message. At Makeup 4 Brides | Hair 4 Brides we have no problem with bridesmaids attending the bride's makeup and/or hair trial(s) however the only thing I could think of that may be an issue is actual space to accommodate everyone if you were to bring a large party with you. I know myself I can accommodate the bride and 4 others quite comfortably in my studio for seating but some makeup artists and hair stylist may not have the space so it would be best to check with whomever you book for your big day or perhaps consider just taking your matron of honour and mum along? This is quite common. Just be wary too....if you take 5 or 6 people along and ask their opinion you are going to get 5 or 6 different opinions. ;-) Happy wedding planning. x

When should I cut and colour my hair before the wedding?

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Hi there, in answer to your question it really does vary from person to person as to the right time to cut or trim your hair prior to your wedding day, depending on the hair style you are wanting to wear on the day. We usually recommend having a hair trial first, normally around 2 months out from the wedding day, at which time you could then discuss this directly with your hair stylist once she has an idea as to the length of your hair currently and what style you are wanting to wear on the day. Some upstyles require quite a bit of length so it is best not to cut anything before discussing this with your hair stylist. She will also discuss the best time to colour your hair but usually the week leading up to the wedding day is normal. Please don't colour your hair the day before! We have seen brides with tint stains on their face/hair line from doing just this...on their wedding day. :-)

How much does wedding make-up usually cost?

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Hi Sarah, Makeup 4 Brides charges $99.00 per person (for groups of 3 or more) for makeup including airbrush and travel within a 30 minute radius of each base location. For full details and to view our gallery and 'looks' page please visit our website Happy wedding planning.

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