Joanne and Aaron bring touch of luxury to rustic wedding

Wedding: 02/09/2017

Posted by Lucy | 13 November, 2017

Joanne and Aaron didn’t see the need to have a big wedding.

It was the second time down the aisle for both of them and the couple, from the Hunter region in NSW, didn’t want to blow the budget.

“(But then) Aaron commented why should we not celebrate it like our first because it is our first together. That melted my heart,” Joanne, 45, says.

It was not long after that she and Aaron, 46, discovered Elope or Wed with a Twist, by Sue Taylor and began planning their rustic wedding.

“The concept is affordable, luxurious and so easy. It’s just like a tick-a-box of what you want in your wedding from the celebrant, ceremony, menu, florist, accommodation and drinks to the make-up and hairstylists,” Joanne says.

“It makes it into a no-fuss wedding. It was perfect.”

The couple wed in Wollombi in front of 65 family and friends on September 2, 2017.

“My two adult children gave me away and Aaron’s children were up at the altar with him,” Joanne says.

“We felt like the most important couple and like it was our first time all over again, we looked amazing. I am so glad we gave ourselves the opportunity to declare our love to each other with all our family and friends present.”

Photos courtesy of Sue Taylor Photography.

Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_001 Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_002



Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_006 Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_004



Joanne discovered a gorgeous pre-loved wedding dress.

Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_018 Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_019





Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_008 Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_014

There were plenty of rustic touches to the celebration held in a beautiful marquee.





Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_021 Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_023


The couple met when Aaron dropped in to Joanne’s bakery/cafe. “It was like we had known each other before,” Joanne says of their first meeting. They had a long distance relationship for about 18 months until Joanne took the leap, sold up and moved to Newcastle with Aaron.


Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_026 Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_029Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_029


Joanne and Aaron-392_SBS Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_028



Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_032 Joanne_Aaron_Rustic-Wedding_Sue-Taylor-Photography_SBS_031

“The wedding was located in the Wollombi area and my family who travelled were also accommodated for over three nights. It gave us an opportunity to catch up on the Friday night with a pre-wedding barbecue, which was also included in the package,” Joanne says.


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Photos courtesy of Sue Taylor Photography.