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Q: Should my bouquet match my centrepieces?

A: by Ivory Rose Botanicals

“You do not need to use the same flowers in every element of your wedding for the theme to stand out and be spectacular. It can sometimes be more effective to walk into a reception venue where the table centrepieces stand out because they are different. It’s about making it flow.

Choose a common flower or colour palette and let it flow from one to the other. Or do something completely different! It doesn’t all need to match to be beautiful! Pastel bouquets and a brighter reception can be pulled off by using some of the same flower types just adding deeper shades – it all comes down to execution!”

Q: Real flowers vs fake flowers?

“Why should I use real flowers as opposed to fake flowers if they’re just going to die anyway?”

A: by Botanical Designs and Florium Creations

“It really comes down to personal choice. Artificial flowers look very life-like these days, and it can be hard to tell the difference if they’re arranged well. The big advantages are no wilting on the day – they will look perfect from start to finish (this is important in the photos). You don’t have to worry about seasonal availability, you can have any flowers at any time of year, and no nasty surprises; you get proof photos and be able to request changes if needed, this way when they arrive they’ll be exactly what you want, and they should arrive well before your wedding day to reduce stress. Artificial flowers are also great for destination weddings and travel really well.” – Botanical Designs 

“Real flowers for sure! It’s difficult to source artificial flowers that look 100% real, and they are usually just as expensive if not more than fresh flowers. With real, fresh flowers, you get the lovely scents, textures, and they’ll look more attractive in photos.” – Florium Creations

Q: How much notice do florists need for cancellations?

“I booked a florist a while back but I’ve since found one I like better. I paid a deposit for the first florist, but I’m wondering how much notice vendors usually need for cancellations?”

A: by Elegant Occasions

“Let the florist know ASAP. In most cases the deposit is NON refundable. As you can appreciate, florists can only take a certain number of weddings for the day and may not be able to re-book another wedding if you cancel. They may have already knocked back work for that day to ensure they give your wedding the attention you expect and deserve.”

Q: If I wanted to use some flowers from my Grandma’s garden, would florists generally be okay with it?

“Just say I wanted to incorporate some flowers I’ve picked myself with the flowers that the florist has provided.”

A: by Sophia Kueh Flowers

“Yes, that will be acceptable with the condition that they are in their prime condition when you pick them, and send to us in time for us to make them. However, from our experience, it is better for us to condition the flowers prior to using them, for them to last a whole lot longer, and to open blooms if necessary under the right conditions. As such, we want all brides to be looking stunningly beautiful with exquisite flowers. Garden flowers usually do not live up to that standard, so do be very very stringent in choosing the right blooms.”

Q: How much do bridal bouquets usually cost?

“Is the main determining factor the size or type of flowers?”

A: by Cara Clark Design

“For a standard sized bridal bouquet of seasonal flowers, you would be looking at about $180 – $190, and then depending what type of flowers you use it could be more. It really depends on the style and size of the bouquet, whether you want a garden style with mostly greenery, a small and simple bouquet, or a lush rounded bouquet of roses and other seasonal flowers.”

Q: What flowers would you recommend for a native Australian bouquet?

“I’m wanting to go with beautiful native Australian flowers for the bouquets and decorations, whether that be centre pieces etc. I’m wanting bright – burgundy, yellow, orange, pinks, and greens. What flowers and greenery would you suggest?”

A: by Budding Moments

“There’s so many beautiful natives to choose from. You can go with King Proteas, Flannel Flower, Leucadendron – they’re just beautiful options for bouquets. Waratahs are more suitable for table designs as they are much heavier. In relation to greenery, you have so many options including different Eucalyptus, Emu Bush, and Adenanthos.”

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