Real brides: recently married brides share their wedding day tips


Image: Leah Cruikshank Photography | See the Real Wedding here

It’s always helpful to receive genuine advice from other brides when it comes to your big day. 10 of our Easy Weddings’ Real Brides speak candidly about their wedding, from what they would do differently, to what advice they have for future brides about to walk down the aisle.

Here are some wedding day tips from recently married Easy Weddings’ brides.

Bride: Kate

Tip: Enjoy every second, be happy and relax – everything somehow seems to magically fall into place. Enjoy the special moments and don’t worry about your guests too much, they will have FUN!

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Image: Adam Gibson Photography

Bride: Nicki

Tip: “Bring a sewing kit!! Luckily i was the most organised bride ever and had one, because one of the girls split her dress when she was about to hop in the limo. Thankfully with some help from our trusty sewing kit and clear nail polish (for the frayed ends) we were able to fix it. Phew.”

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real bride wedding day tips

Image: Alan Rogers Photography

Bride: Stephanie

Tip: “Ensure that you leave plenty of room in the schedule. Some of our speeches went over the time limit and we had to change our whole schedule to accommodate the time we had lost. If we had allowed ourselves more time between speeches, it would have been less stressful.”

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Bride: Simone

Tip: “Have a checklist of who you would like formal group photos with so when that narrow window of time comes round you can ensure no photos are missed.”

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Image: Still Photography

Bride: Mel

Tip: “I have no regrets, everyone says the day goes so quickly but for me it didn’t. I relaxed, enjoyed and soaked up every moment.”

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Image: Sail Me To The Moon

Bride: Aleisha

Tip: “Don’t stress about the little things as on the day everything falls into place and it is the most perfect day of your life.”

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Image: Lucid Photography & Design

Bride: Shanti

Tip: “I was given this advice the day of the wedding that I am so appreciative of and I now pass on to all my friends who get married:Make a concerted effort to step away from everyone with your new husband (or wife) a few times during the day and take stock of that moment and appreciate how much you love one another and how amazing that moment is. The day just flys by and there are all your loved ones in one place so if you are able to have those few moments alone with your partner during the day you can then both look back and feel those special moments that you shared together.”

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Bride: Sophie

Tip: “10 minutes walking around getting some selfies with our guests. I’m usually not a selfie person but an occasion like this calls for it!”

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Image: Leah Cruikshank Photography

Bride: Phoebe

Tip: “Not try to diy so much! It’s stressful and may not always be cost efficient.”

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Bride: Paige

Tip: “Don’t say no to the extra layer of hairspray (we had such humid weather, it wouldn’t have gone astray!)”

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Image: Sevim Dogan Photography

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