10 wedding photos we absolutely adore

Of the thousands of wedding photographs we see every year, some jump right off the page and poke us in the hearts. They don’t need to be technically perfect – or highly edited, but there’s something about them that forces us to stare – and keep staring. Here are 10 we’ve recently seen that did just that!

There’s something a little bit fun and mysterious about this lovely wedding photo. Though you can’t see the bride and groom’s faces, you can only wonder what they look like – and what they’re doing beneath that brolly!

We love the look of sheer contentment on this groom’s face and, even though we only get a brief glimpse at it, you can just feel how truly sweet this moment is for him.

An astounding picture that captures the light in this Church so beautifully. This shot, by photographer Ben Newnam, picks up the true solemnity of the occasion – and the moment two people become one.

Proof that a dark and dreary Winter’s day doesn’t mean your wedding photos will be ruined! The photographer, Pavel, ties the grey surrounds in perfectly with the bride and groom’s black and white outifits – and their black and white umbrella, under which the groom gently shields his new bride from the rain.

Beneath-the-veil shots aren’t a rarity, but this oh-so-sweet shot, of a bride sharing a funny moment with her flowergirl, truly stands out and, we bet, it’s a moment they’ll both remember for a long, long time.

A simple shot of a the newlyweds enjoying an intimate conversation alone after their wedding ceremony, the photographer has composed it so beautifully. We can spy a tiny pop of blue in the bride’s shoes – yet everything else in the shot is comprised of natural, earthy tones. It’s just lovely and so, so Australian.

The pride in the father’s eye. The amusement, perhaps, coyness on the bride’s face. This wedding photo captured a moment in time that neither the father-of-the-bride nor the beautiful bride will ever again experience.

A clever mirror shot of a newlywed couple snatching a wee peck on the cheek – again and again and again!

From Beccy and Paul’s Real Wedding, this photo perfectly – and beautifully – illustrates just how attentive bridesmaids can – and need to – be. It could easily have looked terrible and unflattering, yet photographers DeRay and Simcoe took the perfect shot from the perfect angle – and even captured the bride’s appreciative over-the-shoulder glance.

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