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Voted Top-100 wedding photographers in Australia/New Zealand by acclaimed photography website SLR Lounge & the only photographer on Easy Weddings with over 100 Five-Star Reviews who can honestly say they will personally be with you every step of the way.

Are you struggling to find the right wedding photographer?  With so many choices and without a word of mouth recommendation it's hard to know if you are getting a quality photographer that will do the right thing by you.

The best way to measure the quality and reliability of a photographer when searching purely online, is to critically view their portfolio and read reviews from past clients.

The three elements that make a great wedding photographer are...

(1) The ability to capture quality photography, consistently throughout the whole day, with a handful of "hero" images thrown in for good measure :)

(2) The ability to relate to all types of people and to be able to put people at ease under stressful situations.

(3) Great customer service.  That means, answering all correspondence in a friendly approachable way in a timely manner and delivery of goods on time.

Ben has many five star reviews, so you get a really good idea of other peoples experiences.

Still not convinced? There is always the gallery of Ben's work and plenty more on his website & blog.

Because photography is so personal and subjective, Ben would rather you be the judge of his work rather than trying to convince you of his ability as a great photographer.

If you would like to learn more feel free to make an appointment where you will be able to discuss your wedding photography needs with Ben personally, he is happy to come to your home for a portfolio viewing any week day or night.



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One hour bonus coverage

Mention Easy Weddings and receive complimentary, an extra hour coverage on top of your wedding photogrpahy package. Offer only applies for weddings held within a one and a half hour drive of my office based in Berowra Heights in Sydney.

Questions and Answers

Who will be photographing my wedding?

Ben Newnam Photography

Me.  Ben Newnam.  I wouldn't trust anyone else ??

What advice can you give when looking for my ideal wedding photographer?

Ben Newnam Photography

It may seem a conflict of interest having a wedding photographer give advice on choosing the right photographer for your wedding. To a degree you would be correct. After all, I would be crazy not to want you to book my services. Wouldn’t I?

I really enjoy photographing couples who love ?? my images and also who like me as a person. Not only does it make my day enjoyable, knowing that my clients appreciate and value my photography but also connect with me as a person. The upside for the client is if they truly value me professionally and personally then they will be more responsive and positive towards me on their big day. That can only help in capturing couples in their best light and at their most relaxed state. This only make for better images.
After all, on your wedding day, you will be spending more time with your photographer than with your family and closest friends. So it only makes sense that you will want some kind of positive vibe towards your photographer.

All my time in wedding photography I learnt that there are two types of photographers. 1) Business people who go into photography and 2) Photographers who go into business. Similar words, two very different meanings. I consider myself the later.

More often than not I have found that the companies that employ a team of photographers and offer fairly generous looking packages are generally the “Business People that go into Photography”. They work on volume to make a profit. More often than not it’s just a business to them. They may have packages that are hard to understand, even for myself. Or worse, packages with hidden costs.

Then you have the photographers who shoot alone that may also have a second shooter to carry the bags. These are “Photographers Who Go in to Business”. They may be a little more expensive, but they are with you from start to finish. From the initial consultation right up until the delivery of your album or digital files. You may strike it lucky by finding a photographer that is just starting out who produces great work and has generous packages. Who are charging less than they are probably worth, simply to build a reputation and portfolio. But even then, the newcomer doesn’t have the experience and haven’t been subjected to many possible unexpected situations that unfold at weddings.

The sole shooter takes great pride in their own work. They are the type of people who can not bring themselves to trust anyone else. They know everything is on them. It’s their business and they look after it like it’s one of their own children. No one will ever care for your own business as much as you do. So when you are the owner and photographer, you care just as much about the photography as you do about the business.

Lets say you walk into a large wedding photography studio that hires a dozen photographers. Chances are you won’t know who will be shooting your wedding until a few weeks out from your wedding. Just as important, you won’t know if you connect with the photographer who will be photographing your wedding.
All the images on their walls could have been taken by any one of their shooters. The images on their walls and in their portfolio albums have been hand picked from the dozen shooters to represent them as a company as a whole. Meaning from all the photographers at their disposal, they are bound to collate enough great images to put together a portfolio. Again, that doesn’t mean that the certain images you like in their portfolio will be taken by the photographer that will be photographing your wedding. For all you know the photographers whose images you like may well have moved on.

On the other hand, when the sole shooter shows you their portfolio you know it’s their images and they will be the one photographing your wedding. You have a better representation of how your final images will look.
The big companies can also offer a second photographer to sweeten the deal. Thats great and all, but again, do you know who the second photographer will be? They could offer a dozen photographers to photograph your wedding but if some are straight out of photography school and the rest total newcomers without the knowledge and experience about everything that goes on at wedding then they really can be a liability as opposed to an asset. Keep in mind if the second photographer were very good, chances are they would be in business for themselves. Being paid their real worth.

Even if there are some seasoned professionals working for the bigger companies, what guarantee will there be that they will be photographing your wedding?

Now I am not suggesting that the larger companies don’t produce some fine work. They do. But it can be hit and miss, depending on who ends up being your photographer. You really need to decide if you are willing to take the chance in the hope of getting the photographer that connects with you personally and shoots the of style of photography you like, just to save a couple of hundred dollars.

The advantage of the sole shooter who is a seasoned professional. Meaning they have experienced virtually every possible scenario at a wedding. They can more often than not be a calming influence on a tense situation. When an unexpected situation arises, the season professional will know how to handle it. Things such as a sudden turn of weather, the season professional will know where to go. Even wardrobe malfunctions the seasoned pro will most likely have a solution. Generally it involves Hollywood tape ?? I think you get the point. Even in tense situations the seasoned professional will still be able to deliver images you will be proud to show off to your family and friends.

The four big questions you should be asking large wedding photography companies, or any photographer for that matter, including myself, is this.
1) Who will be shooting my wedding?
2) Can I meet the photographer who will be photographing my wedding?
3) Can I see their portfolio?
4) What is included in my package and are there any hidden costs? Be aware of the up sell, whereby, for example you will be given say 20 sides included in your album package. But they will design say 50 sides and then ask you to cull the pages or pay extra to have more than the quoted 20 sides included. That extra number of pages can equate into the thousands of dollars.

Wedding photography is one of the few things you have to get right, the first time. It’s not like say, buying a dodgy pancake maker that you can just take back and get a replacement or refund. The final product is the final product and no amount of photoshopping will correct bad photography. No amount of apologies from the photographer will make up for not getting along with them on your day, who just ruined the whole vibe of the day.

At the end of the day it is about your perceived value a photographer offers you. Value to you may mean quality work, first and foremost. It may mean the experience the photographer has and the peace of mind they give you. It may mean very generous pricing. As you may only want a very basic coverage and not too fussed if they images aren't much better than your guests photographs.

As much as I would love to capture your wedding day, my style may not be to your liking and that is fine. Everyone has different tastes. But keep this in mind when searching for the person that will capture the memories of one of the most important days in your life.
If you do like my photography and are searching for your ideal wedding photographer then lets talk. Make an appointment to meet and see if you also like me as a person. ??

Can I meet the photographer who will be photographing my wedding?

Ben Newnam Photography

Absolutley.  I wouldn't have it any other way. Btw it will be me, Ben who you meet

How long before we receive our images?

Ben Newnam Photography

Approx 4 weeks

How many images do you take at our wedding?

Ben Newnam Photography

Depending how long you have me for.  Generally between 1500-3000 images


(107 reviews)
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26 Oct 2019

Words cannot express how thrilled we are with Ben's beautiful photos from our wedding! They capture the entire day so perfectly and really tell a story! He fit right in with everyone on the day, making us all feel relaxed and getting into the spirit of the event! He wasn't intrusive at all and went seriously above and beyond to get the perfect shot (lying down on soaking wet grass, standing on a 6ft narrow fence!) We got all of our photos super quickly and when I say all, I mean literally all (3900+ photos!). No stressing about having to choose which ones we liked the best, which is a huge plus over other photographers. His prices are more than reasonable, especially for the quality of the photography. He is a real talent. Do yourself a favour and book Ben for your wedding, you won't regret it!

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Mel, love your review thank you so much💕 and loved your wedding. I had such a great time being able to capture all the candid natural moments.

10 May 2019

We cannot thank Ben enough for all his hard work on our big day as well as the process of editing our photos afterwards. Ben is a professional, punctual, thorough and experienced photographer who we had a blast with on our wedding day. There were endless amount of laughs throughout the entire day and we put our complete trust in him to capture beautiful moments of our wedding. Ben went above and beyond for us. He exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful to have met as well as chosen such a talented photographer. We highly recommend him and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much again!

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Anita. That is such a great review thank you so much. 😊🙏 I got so many great shots at your wedding I had a hard time picking my favourites. Thanks again and take care.

29 Apr 2019

Would highly recommend Ben! He is such a passionate photographer, very friendly and knows how to capture the perfect photo for the most special moments.

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Em. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a couple of brilliant reviews. Cheers Ben

8 Oct 2022

Ben was absolutely fantastic to deal with and we echo the sentiments of all his 5-star reviews. He is approachable and funny, without detracting from his obvious talent and exceptional professionalism. From the very beginning through to the end, he has been responsive via all channels - phone, text and email! He sought to understand the style we were after and the kinds of images we wanted to get. He is also flexible and accommodating with our location, times and even did corporate headshots for my mum while I was still getting my makeup and hair done. On the day, he was discreet and captured wonderful candids and moments. Our guests are full of compliments for the photos. His editing is also superb and the platform he shares the (3000+) photos on is great and easy to use. We think Ben provides excellent value and can't recommend him highly enough!

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Tiff, this is such an awesome review thank you so much. Gives anyone reading a real insight as to what they can expect of me. Cheers Ben

16 Jun 2022

We can’t thank Ben enough for making our day so amazing! From the day we met Ben and on our wedding day, he made us feel comfortable and was open to any ideas we had. Ben’s photography is stunning and he’ll go the extra mile to get that unique shot! We had a blast working with Ben and can’t recommend him enough, thanks so much!

Ben Newnam Photography  

Aww. Thank you so much Sandy. It was an awesome day. You and Tomi Rock. Literally Haha!

29 May 2021

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Ben is. We spent a considerable amount of time researching photographers and when we came across Ben’s work, we were just blown away by his beautiful photos. His communication has been absolutely amazing right from our initial inquiry and even through our Covid postponement. Ben was fantastic to work with on the day and made us feel comfortable and relaxed. He took our ideas and requests on board with enthusiasm and and turned them into the most amazing photos we have ever seen! They are breathtakingly beautiful and capture everything we loved about our wedding and our love for each other. I still can’t believe these magical photos are ours!

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Mell, Thank you so much, this is an awesome review. We really captured some brilliant shots together. Thank you for being willing to try something a bit different the results speak for themselves.

28 Feb 2021

Simple amazing. Ben has done a great job photographing many of my family weddings. He goes to great measures to get the perfect shot thankyou Ben

Ben Newnam Photography  

Thanks so much Lou for your brilliant review. Not much longer and I will have your images ready.

20 Nov 2020

If you’re looking for an amazing wedding photographer who will go the extra mile to get the best shot then Ben is your guy. From our first meeting, Ben was so genuine and you can see that he really loves and cares about his work. On the day he put us at ease and helped to create some magical shots which we’ll treasure. Ben’s style allows him to not only capture some amazing portrait shots but also those candid beautiful moments. By the end of the day you’ll feel like he’s more of a friend than just your photographer. Thanks again Ben! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to any future bride or groom :)

Ben Newnam Photography  

Thank you so much for your beautiful awesome review Kathryn. Daniel & yourself were a pleasure to photograph. I must say you both felt more like friends than clients by the end of the day also. 😊

10 Oct 2020

Ben! What a legend! He goes above and beyond to make sure he captures the perfect moments (even stand on top of a pole & balance on wire to capture the perfect sunset photos). We had Ben photograph our wedding in October 2020 and we couldn't be happier. Ben was a delight to have around on the day, he made us all feel relaxed and have fun while taking the photos. Ben knows exactly what he is looking for when he photographs and his talent shows through his work. We highly recommend Ben for your special day!

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Chantelle, Thank you and Nathan so much for your brilliant review. You both are the Legends. You took this whole 2020 thing in your stride and had a blast in spite if it all which is a testament to you both. Thanks again and take care.

21 Mar 2020

From the moment I first contacted Ben I knew I wanted him to be my photographer. Not only are his photos amazing but he was always so helpful when I had questions. I was so happy with the end result and couldn’t recommend him more

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Lorraine, thank you for taking the time to share your thought with your brilliant review.

22 Dec 2019

Ben was amazing! We loved how he phoned us to make initial contact (instead of email) and we were impressed by his portfolio. Ben's photography was amazing, he captured the moment brilliantly and with the highest professionalism. He had a lovely manner, he was flexible and he took fabulous photos without being intrusive. Ben fitted in well with the wedding and he knew exactly what and where photos should be taken. He used brilliant equipment to take action and family shots. We loved working with him. The photos are a wonderful memory we will cherish forever.

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Mel, Thanks so much for your brilliant review. Your wedding was one of a kind and we loved the lemons and flowers thank you 😊

1 Nov 2019

Where do i start... Ben is an extremely talented photographer who obviously loves what he does. Our first meeting with Ben was very relaxed, he made us feel comfortable and was able to answer all our questions. From the time of our first meeting up until the big, day he was happy to answer any random question I may had and ensure that he was organised and ready from his end. On the day, he made myself, family and guests feel at ease. He was very patient with our children in helping getting them organised for the photos . He offered many different suggestions and ideas to ensure we got the best photos we could. During our reception, you didn't even notice him walking around taking photos, he blended in very nicely !! Our photos turned out amazing and we are very grateful he was able to capture those special moments.

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Gemma, thank you so much for taking the time to write your detailed review about your experience. Thats greatly appreciated. Take care. Cheers, Ben

19 Oct 2019

Ben captured our country wedding in October so perfectly! From the first time we met Ben we got along with him so easily which made the day that much better. He is dedicated and passionate about photography and that reflects in the quality of his work. We had a few photos sent to us two days after the wedding so we could share them with family and friends and then the other photos were sent to us within 3 weeks. We can not recommend Ben highly enough! He has given us the most incredible photos to cherish for the rest of our lives.

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Hilary. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your brilliant review. I had a blast photographing Amy and your wedding. You both made the lengthy trip to Mudgee totally worth it.

18 Oct 2019

Ben was really great to work with, and he accommodated our plans with water taxis and walking around the botanic gardens. He fitted in well on the wedding day and coordinated some amazing photos for us. He turned around a sample of retouched photos quickly and they were lovely. We would highly recommend Ben as a wedding photographer.

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Allison. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with your brilliant review. Loved the water taxi ride too 😊

5 Oct 2019

Ben was brilliant - the work that shows in his portfolio is exactly what you get. Whimsical, magical shots that heighten every moment captured. Could not rate him high enough!!!

Ben Newnam Photography  

Hey Jade. Thank you so much for your brilliant review. I love the word whimsical you used to described my work. I can see that in some of my images in particular the surreal looking ones that I play around with in Photoshop 😊 Take care. Cheers, Ben

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