Plastic surgery: Taking engagment selfies too far…

Talk about taking your selfies a little too far.

The latest trend out of New York is the “hand-lift,” cosmetic surgery performed on a bride-to-be’s hand so she can take the perfect “I just got engaged” selfie.

No. This is not a joke.

The service, offered by New York cosmetic surgeon Dr Ariel Ostad, costs about $1200 and promises to ensure your hands are restored to their former glory, giving them a fuller, younger, selfie-perfect look.

Dr Ostad told New York news website Pix11 that he uses a ‘filler’ called juvederm, which lasts nine months, and fills out the hollows in a hand removing any wrinkles.

The procedure takes just 5-10 minutes to perform and is garnering plenty of interest from New Yorkers for a number of reasons, including the rise in the number of selfies people are taking.

Among his customers is newly-engaged Alexandra Berry who told Pix11,“I never liked how my hands looked.”

“I always thought my hands were a little boyish growing up so I figured why not. Engagement pictures are just around the corner and there’s no better time.”

Oh, dear! Have selfies gone too far?

Would you have plastic surgery for a selfie?

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