Overpass proposal: Who is Aussie Dave and why is Jen leaving him?

After proposing to Jen on a sign above Melbourne’s Nepean Highway, everyone wants to know who Aussie Dave is – and why Jen’s leaving. Image: Jay Town (Leader)

Thousands of commuters were greeted Monday morning by a perplexing wedding proposal scrawled on a bedsheet and left hanging over a highway overpass in Melbourne’s south-east.

Emblazoned with a pink love heart, the sign simply said, “DON’T GO JEN. MARRY ME. ❤ AUSSIE DAVE.”

The makeshift sign has since been taken down but, despite several media outlets asking viewers and readers if they may be aware of Jen and Aussie Dave’s real identities, nobody seems to know who they are, nor why Jen was, apparently, leaving.

Was Jen leaving Aussie Dave or even the country? Did she ever see the sign? And, if she did, did she accept?

Whatever the answer, if you know Jen or Aussie Dave, we’d love to know the real story, so please get in touch with us.

Read the original story at the Herald Sun Leader

What’s the most unconventional (or fun) wedding proposal you’ve experienced or heard of?

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