Video: Little boy interrupts wedding with important announcement

Ben and Hannah gasp as their young son interrupts their wedding

The moment Hannah and Ben’s three-year-old son stopped their wedding to declare an important announcement. Image: Hannah Lienert Forrest via Facebook

When a kid’s gotta go, a kid’s gotta go, even if it is in the middle of his parents’ wedding vows.

South Australian couple Ben Lienert and Hannah Forrest were mid-way through their ceremony when their three-year-old son – and Page boy, Hudson succumbed to the Call of Nature.

He tugged on his father’s suit and declared – rather loudly, “I need a poo!”

His parents, the celebrant and the assembled guests burst into fits of laughter, while his savvy – and fleet-footed aunt grabbed him and rushed him to the loo.

The video, shot in the Barossa Valley, shows the wedding party continuing to laugh with the groom and his best man unable to hide their amusement. The bride tried to conceal her amused surprise by covering her mouth, but there’s no doubt that she found the situation just as funny as everyone else, including the 3,847 people who have liked the video since it was uploaded on Saturday, December 12, 2015.

Kids sure do say the darndest things!

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