And the most important part of your wedding day is…

Every single year, we publish a national survey of couples. From all walks of life, from every state and territory, every age. All engaged couples, planning their weddings. And we collate this data so we can find out more about YOU! Who the average couple is, what they like and dislike about wedding planning, what colours are their favourites, how their proposal went… everything.

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And the most important part of your wedding day is...

And the most important part of your wedding day is…

Last year, we surveyed over 4,100 people. We gained so many valuable insights into what is important to you when planning your weddings! One of the questions we asked couples was: What is the most important part of your wedding?

Overwhelmingly, the most popular answer was “the wedding ceremony”. Almost half (46%) of the respondents chose this option! Of course, this option does make sense. It’s the emotional part. The legal part! The part that makes all of this official!

The next most popular choice for an answer was “the wedding reception”! OF course, there are always going to be those people who love a party and want to celebrate with their family and friends. 34% of respondents chose the wedding reception as the most important part of their wedding day.

The next three options were much less commonly chosen. The guests came in at 9%, the honeymoon was seen as the most important aspect to just 6% of people and finally, the wedding dress was the least common option, sitting at just 5%.

Of course, all of these aspects are important. But when posed with the question of which is the MOST important, overwhelmingly, the ceremony won out.

Couples are seeking professional marriage celebrants to take the reins and ensure their ceremony runs smoothly, with 76% of marriages performed by a civil celebrant.

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