A giant Easter egg instead of a wedding cake?

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Image: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian

This English couple will have to replace the cutting of the cake at their wedding with something quite different! Instead of having a cake at their wedding, they have opted for a giant 5.4 kilogram Easter egg.

In preparation for their Easter wedding, Lauren Pacey and Ben Lester, from Warrington in Cheshire, were searching for an Easter-themed wedding cake. After looking at various different options, they came up with a very different idea. Instead of having a cake at their wedding, they would replace it with a giant Easter egg.

“We were on holiday in Turkey last Easter and talking over our plans for the wedding when the idea came up,” Lauren explained to the Daily Telegraph. “What could be better, we thought, than a massive Easter egg for all our guests to enjoy?”

The bride-to-be had seen an impressive Easter egg shared by one of her friends on social media, so she quickly tracked it down. Known as the Imperial Egg, this 70cm high and 5.4kg chocolaty delight is made by a Yorkshire confectionery store called Bettys and costs a cool $500AUD.

While the Yorkshire confectioners have been making giant Easter eggs for many years now, Lauren and Ben are the first to use theirs as a wedding cake replacement.

So now that they won’t be cutting a cake as per tradition, it will be interesting to see how they go about dividing up the giant egg. Will they will smash it with a beautifully decorated mallet, or simply drop it from a height onto the table? Or maybe something even more creative?

Easy Weddings Easter Egg2

Lauren Pacey and Ben Lester. Image: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian

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