Can you help this bridemaid find her dress before TODAY'S wedding?

Bridesmaid Caitlyn Box lost her grey-blue coloured gown and will have to wear the black one if she doesn’t find her gown. Image: Caitlyn Box

Oh, no! Bridemaid Caitlyn Box flew in from London for her friend’s wedding and, after picking up her blue-grey bridesmaids’ gown, a very jet-lagged Caitlyn accidently left it on the 381 bus from Bondi to Sydney.

“I’d flown in from London so I was jet-lagged and not feeling that well. I hopped off a stop early and left it on the back of the bus,” Caitlyn told

Frantic, Caitlyn called the bus service but had no luck. The dress had disappeared so, desperate to find it in time for the wedding, Caitlyn posted the message below on poles along the 381’s bus route.

She’s offering a $200 reward for the dress, which she needs for the wedding – TODAY!

Caitlyn says she can’t simply purchase a new dress as her gown’s colour has been discontinued and, if she doesn’t find it, she’ll have to wear a black version of the dress, while the other two bridesmaids wear the correct shade, which matches the wedding overall theme.

However, though Caitlyn has tried her best to get back her bridesmaids gown she told, “It’s just a dress and there’s not much she can do about it and if we can’t find it she’ll just wear black. As long as everyone’s having a good day.”

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