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Escape is a professional live band, perfect for getting your wedding guests on their feet! With a varied repertoire, Escape can take you from 70s classics to today's top 40 with ease and style. Based in Melbourne, Escape are skilled performers whose confidence and stage presence engage audiences of all ages.

Are you looking for a wedding band to enthral your guests and get everyone dancing? Melbourne outfit Escape should be your first port of call. With a versatile list of songs that will take you from ABBA to Bon Jovi, you'll love Escape's accommodating and passionate approach to performing. Looking for something a little different for your wedding celebration? Escape can perform as a tribute band of your choice, belting out tunes from the 70s to 90s, including disco!


"What an awesome lineup! Natalie fronts Escape with such passion that my goosebumps are from head to toe. Together with the boys, they belt out tunes that leave you wanting more. The interaction with the crowd is energetic and fun! 'More, more!' we scream out, and they always come back for that extra tune. Simply sensational! They have the vibe, the sound, & the look! Cheers to your success." - Maria T. 


What you'll love about working with Escape for your Melbourne wedding: 

  • Engaging professional performers. Escape are professional performers who love nothing more than putting on a flawless show for a happy crowd. You'll find the team warm, friendly, and professional to deal with in the lead-up to your wedding and on the day. 
  • Flexible band configurations. Whether full band is your style or you're looking for something a little more understated and stripped back, Escape can adjust to suit your needs. Whichever band configuration you choose, your music package will come with sound and lighting engineers to ensure the performance looks and sounds incredible. 
  • Versatile and accommodating. Escape offers a full wedding music experience. From the use of their wireless microphones for your speeches to free DJ background music between sets, you'll find Escape to be client-focussed and attentive vendors. 


Highlights of working with Escape for your Melbourne wedding: 

  • All professional production,lighting, effects & equipment provided, set-up, and packed-down 
  • Sound engineer on site from load in to load out
  • Punctual and reliable 
  • A huge range of music genres 
  • Seasoned performers with regular gigs around Melbourne
  • DJ music included between live sets at no extra cost
  • Add-on MC services available

Choose from:

  • Escape Party Band  (Best Pop, Rock, Dance, Retro, etc hits from 70s to Today)
  • Escape Party Trio (Best Pop, Rock, Dance, Retro, etc hits from 70s to Today)
  • Escape Party Duo (Best Pop, Rock, Dance, Retro, etc hits from 70s to Today)
  • Escape 70s & 80s Tribute Band
  • Escape Band Party Rock Show


"A fabulous lineup of some of Melbourne’s most charismatic and established performers. Fronted by the stunning Natalie James, a professional, competent vocalist and entertainer, makes this show a must for any occasion." - Ben W.


Hello, Thank you for stopping by Escape's page! My name is Natalie. Weddings are our absolute favourite to do! All 4 band members in Escape are versatile, seasoned & dynamic musicians, with each over 20 years of live professional experience. Please drop me line if you would like to have a chat about music requirements for your big day or alternatively visit our website to learn more about us

Natalie James




Service Area Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

Melbourne & Surrounding Areas
Melbourne & Surrounding Areas


Escape Band offers a wide range of entertainment options for all aspects of a wedding day. Beautiful acoustic music for your ceremony & pre-reception canapés, and a dynamic party band for your reception. Escape provides an array of high-energy music including sensational classics from the 70s up until the latest Top 40 hits. Your dance floor will be filled with unforgettable experiences!

Bookings can be made for a variety of lengths, and Escape will play live sets according to your runsheet and requirements. Escape provides DJ music between live sets at no extra cost.

Our packages are inclusive of a sound & lighting engineer, professional, high end sound production, stage & dance floor lighting and effects and public Liability insurance.

Escape also offer MC services. Take advantage of one of our current special offers and save!!

For more information, please visit our website -

Choose from:

  • Escape Top 40 Band (Best Pop, Rock, Dance, Retro, etc hits from 70s to Today)
  • Escape Top 40 Duo (Best Pop, Rock, Dance, Retro, etc hits from 70s to Today)
  • Escape 70s & 80s Disco Tribute Band (Includes disco costumes, if client desires)
  • Escape 70s Upbeat Hits Tribute Band (Includes 70s costumes, if client desires)
  • Escape 70s, 80s & 90s Rock Tribute Band (Includes rock costumes, if client desires)

For more information, please visit our website -

Brendan Allen - Lead Guitar & Vocals - Brendan is a seasoned & dynamic lead guitarist / lead vocalist. With 25 years of professional experience under his belt, Brendan has played with many of Australia’s top performers including; Jimmy Barnes, Diesel, Jon Stevens, Shannon Noll, Guy Sebastian and Jimi Hocking.

Brendan is one of Melbourne's most in-demand session lead guitarists. He engages with the audience and always puts on a fun and entertaining show. 

Natalie James - Lead Vocals - Natalie started performing on stage as a dancer at the young age of 5 years old and has been working as a professional lead singer for 20 years. 

Natalie is a charismatic, dynamic and engaging performer. She has travelled throughout Australia working with some of Melbourne's finest musicians throughout her singing career. She is also the singer/songwriter of JamesLand (country music). 

In the field of professional event management and marketing, Natalie has over 15 years of experience. Her efficiency is commendable. She is organised, personable, and passionate about live events, ensuring the process from beginning to end is smooth running. 

Torren Dove - Bass Guitar & Vocals - Torren has been playing bass guitar professionally since the age of 15. He has worked with musicians such as Dale Ryder (Boom Crash Opera) David Ryan Harris, and performed at multiple festivals from the Byron Bay Blues Festival, Broad Beach Blues Festival and many more. 

Torren has a roots, blues and jazz background and has played on 2 successful albums with Jesse Valach, which topped the Australian blues and roots charts with hit single 'Baby It Won’t Be Long'. 

Torren loves to perform and interact with the crowd giving them the freedom of expression along with some solid baselines and dance moves. 

John Chapman - Drums & Vocals - Jon has established himself as a competent and professional drummer. He is capable of stepping into any musical situation and providing exactly what people require from a professional drummer. 

He has worked with many different bands/artists across a range of music genres, and performed with fine Australian artists including Shannon Noll. 

For more information, please visit our website -

If you decide Escape is the right live act for your wedding, you can lock in your date by paying a 15% deposit. Natalie will be on hand to help plan your music requirements, runsheet and any questions you may have.

In the lead up to your event, you are very welcome to contact Escape if you have any questions. A few weeks before your event, Natalie will contact you to go over the final details so you can be sure nothing will get missed and everything discussed will happen as planned at your event.

For more information, please visit our website -

The benefits of hiring a wedding band for your reception

When you’re planning a wedding reception, and you want to turn it into an unforgettable event, what’s the best way to do that? Do you hire a wedding band or bring in a DJ to provide the dance music? Live dance music with DJ sets in-between is the best way to excite a crowd and pack a dance floor.


Crowds are energised by live performances

There is a great deal of energy and live action provided by the best wedding music bands because their members are not only performing everyone's favorite dance tunes, but also performing them in a visual manner that includes movement, spontaneity, and a display of style.

It is a fact that live dance music raises the level of excitement during an event

When compared to a wedding party band, a DJ can be a cheaper alternative, but when you can combine both, with the level of enthusiasm and electricity that guests will experience, it will be well worth it!

Guests will continue to rave long after the party has ended

Wedding couples must realise it’s not only the ceremony that guests will remember, but the entertainment. And if it’s fun, high energy entertainment that’s provided, it will not only increase the excitement during the celebration, but it is what will have the guests raving long after the party is over. Entertainment will play a major role in determining the success and memorable nature of your wedding reception.

There will be a unique live music performance at the reception

Most good wedding music bands offer a repertoire that incorporates both today's most popular dance hits as well as classic hits from decades past. So the most requested songs will usually be included in their lists. And if there are two or three favourites that you just have to have at your wedding party, Escape Band will learn those for you at no extra cost.


Experienced Live Wedding Bands Keep Dance Floors Packed

For guests who wish to dance at a wedding, wedding bands are the best choice.


I would like to draw your attention to another very important point. Some couples believe it is in their best interest to select each and every song the band will play and to exclude certain songs from the set list. This is generally not a great idea, regardless of whether you hire a live wedding band or a DJ. Many experienced live bands and disc jockeys have performed their dance music for weddings and know what songs people like and dislike - what songs they like to dance to and what songs they do not like. Maintaining the party's energy is best accomplished by allowing an experienced band to control the music.

An evening of live dance music packs a dance floor

If you wish to keep your party moving, and have your family and friends thoroughly involved, it would be best to let the wedding live band you hire run the show rather than micromanaging what the band plays. It is up to you to decide what you would like, but when it comes to wedding crowds, experienced live wedding bands understand what the crowds are looking for. It is up to you – you can choose every song yourself, which will likely result in a sparsely populated dance floor, or you can leave it to the experts and create a memorable party that will keep guests talking long after the reception is in history.


There is nothing like a wedding band to create an unforgettable reception

It is possible that a fantastic wedding music band will not know one or two of your favorite songs when you book them. If those songs are to be played during the First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, or another important dance, then it may be a major concern for you. The good news is that Escape Band will learn a song or two that they do not already play just for you. It is because of the flexibility of a live band that your reception will become something memorable and exciting.


If, however, learning a few new songs is not possible for some reason, there is an easy solution. Any band worth its salt will be able to play your favorite tunes through their sound system. In the case of an iPod or MP3 player, the band can easily connect that music player to the sound system so that they can play the appropriate songs at your reception.


Live music stirs the soul

Despite the ability of live music to stir the soul, a high-energy band should not be expected to continue performing without a break for hours on end. Several couples have expressed concern regarding whether or not the music will cease completely when the band takes a break. Again, this is easily solved because, as stated above, any decent Escape plays DJ music through their sound system during the breaks.


Additionally, band breaks are the perfect opportunity to play your favorite tunes that the band may not be able to perform. It is also possible to plan all of your wedding activities during these break times, such as cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet or garter, or having toasts from the best man or maid of honor during these times. In the right hands, you will be able to get everything you desire and still put on the wedding reception of the century.


Choosing the right wedding band will ensure your reception is one to remember

Now that you have heard about the benefits of hiring a live band for your wedding reception music, it is time to choose the right band. You should choose a band that plays the type of music that you enjoy when you are considering the various bands available for hire. The genres of music are diverse - Pop, rock, dance, disco, retro, country, motown, etc. - and you will want to find a band that specialises in your favourite type of dance music.


The next step is to review the band's song list to determine how comprehensive it is. Once you find a band that plays the type of songs you like, that has a comprehensive wedding song list, make sure they will either learn a couple of your favorites (if they do not already know them) or be able to play recorded versions through their sound system if they do not already know them.


An exciting night club atmosphere can be achieved through live music

A quality band will allow you to create an atmosphere which is reminiscent of an exciting nightclub. Choosing a wedding party band that will keep your guests engaged is the key to creating a memorable event that will live long in the memory of those who attend.


Guests who do not dance will enjoy the music more

It is important that the wedding band that you hire be able to play popular dance hits that are heard on the radio today as well as the most popular dance hits from the past several decades because weddings and receptions typically include guests of all ages - from the very young to the elderly. As a result, the music will be suitable for guests of all ages. In order to pull off an event that will be remembered by everyone, it is essential to provide music that caters to a wide range of tastes and ages.


It is important to note that even if you hire the best band in the world, there is a good chance that not all of your guests will want to dance the night away. In addition, for those special guests, live music is crucial to ensure that they enjoy the event to the fullest, regardless of whether they are able to move from their seats. The majority of guests prefer to listen to the music and observe the dancing of others. They will find live music just as entertaining as the dancers do.


What is the average cost of a wedding band?

Following our discussion of the reasons for hiring a wedding band, let's discuss another important issue, the cost of a wedding band versus a DJ. In general, but not always, a wedding music band will cost more than a DJ. After all, you are usually paying for 4 or more band members, professional production, lighting and a sound & lighting engineer, rather than a single DJ. If you’re on a tight budget, let’s say $1500 or less, it may be best to book Escape Duo or hire a DJ.


Get the most out of your wedding by hiring a wedding band

It is certainly possible to hire a local band for a wedding for a lower price range, however due to the fact that you tend to get what you pay for, it is very difficult to locate a band for hire that will deliver high quality live music and professional sound production and lighting for such a low price. A DJ is usually more affordable than hiring an average-quality band if a first-class band is not in the budget.

A wedding band typically charges between $2,500 and $7,500 for their services, depending on their experience. However, some of the nation’s best wedding bands will charge more. For the best live bands for wedding receptions, airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, etc will also be included in the overall cost. It is important to hire a wedding band that will deliver the most exciting show and the highest quality live music to make sure that your once-in-a-lifetime wedding is as memorable as it can possibly be, an event that will leave guests raving for months or years to come. If you want the best wedding memories, there is no better choice than an amazing live band.


3 reviews 5 Write a Review

February 2023

Escape were absolutely fantastic to deal with!! From our initial reach out to on the day!! They went absolutely above and beyond for us and created an incredible atmosphere!! Even playing a song for one of the speeches which they had never played before 😅

Nick M.

October 2022

Escape played at my wedding earlier this year. We didn't have to worry about anything music-wise, they DJ'd too. And they took care of all the music at our ceremony and reception. All our guests had a really good time. The band was awesome. Natalie was great to deal with too.

Lisa R.

Escape Live Music

Thank you Lisa! It was an honour to be there!

September 2022

Nat and the band were amazing at my wedding! The band was very friendly and easy to communicate with and very good with prices. They kept everyone dancing and music suited everyone at the wedding. They also were my MC and did an amazing job! I will definitely be booking the band again for my next function 🥰 thanks so much guys!

Holly M.

Escape Live Music

Thank you! It was a fantastic wedding! Thank you for choosing Escape!

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