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Should I hire a band or a DJ?

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Updated : 31/01/2019

Bride and dad had their emotional dance as I, the groom’s mother, was waiting beside the dance floor for my turn with my son. Father of the bride spoke and then said “Let’s Dance” to the guests. I had no idea there would not be a mother-son dance. I was devastated. It was very difficult for me to keep my composure for the rest of the evening. It was not a mistake according to the wedding planner and neither the bride nor her parents said they were sorry for hurting me. When my son learned I was hurt, he told me he didn’t know it would upset me so much and we could go on the dance floor now to dance. Let me also clarify that I was very generous to the couple as far as paying tens of thousands of dollars for the seated private club Rehearsal Dinner for 80+ and open bar Welcome Party at same venue, when I don’t even live in that city. I bought my son’s tux, I shared the Rehearsal Dinner flowers, and I gave my son money to help with expenses. Am I wrong to feel very hurt?
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Updated : 30/01/2019

Hi. I am looking for an acoustic duo/trio/small band (as our venue isn't huge) that can cover a wide range of music, from 80's/90's, alternative and even a touch of metal. Almost a Double J type selection. Nick Cave a must. Metallica/Iron Maiden/Ghost a bonus for the husbo to be. Wine sipping and dancing music, with no head banging. Most google searches take me to large agencies and standard event music, so any suggestions welcome. For Melbourne. Thanks
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