How much are travel fees for wedding bands/djs?

G'day. We're currently tossing up between a city wedding and a destination wedding in the country. Wondering how much wedding bands/djs charge to travel (and if they even want to?) How far are they willing to travel for a wedding? Thanks!

Question Asked: 3/02/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Heather Muggridge Music

(6) · Adelaide and Surrounds, including Clare, Barossa and the Fleurieu Peninsula

Posted: 26/03/2023


Most people will charge $50 p/h $25 per half hour for travel, espcially as petrol has gone up so much, this is not a cost a lot of small vendors can cover. 

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Prodiscos - South Highlands DJ / MC

(46) · South Highlands / Bowral

Posted: 14/02/2023

Hi guys,

Generally an hours travel each way is included in our rates. Then approximately $60 per hour over that.




Streamline Entertainment

(26) · Perth, Margaret River

Posted: 14/02/2023

For any event outside of the Metro area we charge $50 per hour of driving. This covers fuel and time.
For events that are more than 1.5 hours from the CBD we charge an additional $100 - $150 to cover accomodation costs

Ben and Vee

(14) · NSW State Wide

Posted: 8/02/2023

Ben and Vee travel fees:


Central Coast - free (you live near us woohoo!)

Hunter Valley/Newcastle- $100.00

Sydney- $150.00

Mid-north Coast/Blue Mountains Region/South Coast - $200.00

We are currently working within a 3 hour driving radius from Terrigal.

Rocket Entertainment

(7) · Adelaide and Surroundings

Posted: 8/02/2023

This question has no real answer, because it's different for every artist.
Where are they comming from? if its less than an hour away, most bands wont charge travel, beyond that, how far? do they need to drive? do they have to fly or take a ferry? how long are they spending in transit? what are the costs to them?

Even fuel is expensive in 2023, so if you're a rural drive that they have to sit in a car for 4 hours each way, expect to pay at minimum for thier fuel and vehicle costs at AT LEAST 50c/km to cover 2 way travel PER VEHICLE (and all band members + gear may take 2x or 3 vehicles)
in this scenario, that extra 8 hours driving is the LEAST enjoyable part of thier work, so, expect to pay for this time at somewhere between $25-$100/hr

flying if possible may sound more expensive, but, cuts down thier travel time, so expect to pay lower fees per members time, but, then expect to pay airfair costs, partking, vehicle hire at the other end, possibly extra luggage costs need to be considered.

If its far enough that the band is on the road and performing for more than 10hrs in total, you may need to start looking at accomodation too, or, if no planes leave after theyve finished. alot of musos will gladly sleep in a smelly car boot if they have to, but generally, a basic minimum standard somewhere near the event or airport, with access to charge devices, do some washing up, and get a feed without going to far is going to run you at least $150-$400/night depending on dates and locations.

ofcourse, others may have higher gig fees, and build this into the price and not charge you for it. some may be desperate for the work, so not charge you (though, be carefull, if theyre desperate, there may be a reason)

So, that all noted? how long is a piece of string? once you nail down some finer perameters, you should be able to establish what thier fixed costs are, what thier time is worth, and what opportunities it costs them maybe not being able to commit to events immediateley before/after yours (including the day before/after) due to travelling.

The more band members, the bigger that cost, and some bands will have members that wont travel is also another consideration

At Rocket Entertainment, I book events not only for myself, but many other artists, and can testify as to how individual this question is, so there is no fixed rule.
Me myself, I'll generally stay at a sub $100 hotel room or with friends if I fly, in my bus or van if I drive, add on costs of fuel or airfairs, and a reduced rate flat fee on my hourly charge which varies based on the level of inconvenience and or cost of not being able to commit to other events. I fly for 1-2 events per month, so have the system down pretty well and have a few "home" bases scattered about with duo/DJ colleagues around Australia to keep costs and hassles down, but for many, this can be a rather extensive and expensive undertaking, so, dont balk when you get travel quotes above what you expected, that's pretty normal for anyone working away from home lugging lots of equipment

Daniel Arvidson Music

(0) · Newcastle

Posted: 7/02/2023

I travel anywhere to perform and help create that perfect memory on your special day. The cost of travel is worked out in the quote, when it is decided how many hours to perform, if there is a Ceremony & Reception, if there is wait time in between, have to travel from one location to another.  We work with your budget and help you work out the timing of your special day. Lots of Beautiful Wedding locations up here in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley, where you can have your Ceremony & Reception at the same Venue. All the best :-)

Kris Wason & Flipside Band

(10) · Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay and surrounding regions

Posted: 6/02/2023

Most bands will include the cost of travel up to 250kms in their fees.

If the travel time means having to arrive the day before and leaving the day after, you could be charged for those days as the musicians are unable to work on the travel days

JP Event DJ Hire

(11) · Adelaide and Surrounds

Posted: 6/02/2023


the travel is from Norwood location to your event location and return @ Mon-Fri $55.00pre hour Sat $ 60.00per hour Sun $65.00 with 3 hour minimum.

Between The Covers

(17) · Melbourne and Surrounds Brisbane and Surrounds

Posted: 5/02/2023

We are happy to travel - but we do charge $30 per hour, per musician for each hour of travel from Brisbane CBD. If the wedding is a late finisher, or more than 3 hours away from Brisbane, we will sometimes ask for accomodation to be provided, or we will charge for accomodation and organise ourselves. 

Timeless Wedding Entertainment

(213) · Statewide

Posted: 5/02/2023

Hi There,

Generally speaking we quote on all of our weddings individually. As our Musicians, DJ's and MC's live at different locations across NSW, pricing usually depends on the distance that the individual act needs to travel. We will discuss this with our couples when they first make an enquiry and will often recommend someone who is reasonably close to the venue if they are available. Of course if our clients have their eye on someone specific then we can always incorporate the travel fee into the overall quote after checking with the act. Travel would usually be an additional $50 to $300 depending on distance, and most of our performers are happy to travel for 3-4 hours each way before accommodation is required.

Tim Densley

Timeless Wedding Entertainment

Mobile: 0418 677-082


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