What happens if our wedding DJ is sick on the day?

My partner and I are wondering what happens if our wedding DJ gets sick and can't make it to our reception? Do they plan for this sort of thing? Do we need to prepare an emergency playlist or something with our venue? Thanks.

Question Asked: 13/02/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Inferno Duet

(2) · Melbourne and surrounds

Posted: 28/03/2023

In this Industry you have to be prepared for everything. There are 2 of us performing, so we will make sure that your special day goes ahead and have other entertainers as back ups. The stress is not yours too worry about, its ours.  

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NikNat Entertainment

(54) · Gold Coast / Tweed Heads / Brisbane / Sunshine Coast

Posted: 21/03/2023

That will depend on who you choose.

ALWAYS ... ALWAYS ... ALWAYS get a contract and see what the contract says about the sickness of a DJ.

Breakfast At Tiffanys

(18) · Sydney

Posted: 21/03/2023

Hi there, when you boom with us we guarantee coverage of your event. If any performer or DJ is sick we find a replacement. In almost 20 years of events we have never failed a client!

Glamour Entertainment Group

(0) · Adelaide

Posted: 8/03/2023

We are always a two person show at any Wedding event, if the DJ ends up sick at the last minute, The assistant DJ would take over.

Connor Reid Music

(12) · Cairns | Port Douglas and Surrounds

Posted: 16/02/2023

Hi there

Unfortunately it does happen on the odd occasion

I suggest you have a back up plan with contacts who perform similar entertainment and hope they can step in at the last minute.

Alternatively, a number of us entertainers could offer you a pa, mic set up at a set cost.  That way, if we are booked elsewhere, we could set it up for you to use Spotify.  You can then have your own playlist on your device.

Kind regards


Divergent Divas Entertainment

(2) · Perth & Surrounding Areas including Swan Valley to Mandurah, South West Region, Mid West Region,

Posted: 15/02/2023

Good Evening Lovelies! 
Cassandra here from Divergent Divas Entertainment 

Most DJ's would give advanced notice if for some reason they were unwell - however if it is the case, they generally should have a back up plan for you or offer a complete refund due to being unable to provide their Entertainment Service.

I can see how this would be stressful and of course worrying - the last thing you want is your Wedding Celebration to be without Entertainment.
Have you asked your DJ?
Did you sign a contract with your DJ about any situations like this?

Sofie Bozzetti Entertainment

(9) · Adelaide and surrounds | Regional SA

Posted: 15/02/2023

Hi! For my clients, there is really no excuse for not turning up to a wedding! If something tragic happens, the sick supplier should source an alternative option for you. This can be discussed with your suppliers prior to paying the booking fee. 

Ben and Vee

(14) · NSW State Wide

Posted: 14/02/2023

Ben is the DJ for Ben and Vee - if you book one of our packages where he is your DJ and he happens to be sick, we will find another DJ to come in and do that part of the evening. Otherwise, Vee can supply iPod music and DJ lighting for the evening. 

Prestige Wedding Entertainment

(6) · NSW State Wide

Posted: 14/02/2023

Yes we have back up Wedding DJs and equipment ready to go. As your playlist is planned online through us we can simply pass it to the back up DJ, its a very easy process for us.

JP Event DJ Hire

(11) · Adelaide and Surrounds

Posted: 14/02/2023

In the event the DJ that was allocated was sick on the day we would arrange for another DJ :)

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