What's the best way to incorporate Greek and English music at our reception?

Hi there. My partner is Greek, and I'm Aussie, and our guest list reflects roughly half and half. Wanting to ensure both cultures are represented and have a great time. How best to include music for each so everyone has fun?

Question Asked: 20/03/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Prestige Wedding Entertainment

(6) · NSW State Wide

Posted: 4/07/2023

We use our own Music planning App so you can plan your entire Wedding online including choosing all the music for your Wedding. We also include loads of song ideas direct from our Wedding DJs.

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Inferno Duet

(2) · Melbourne and surrounds

Posted: 28/03/2023

Hi there,

The best way incorpate any music from mixed nationality's is to have an equal set of each style. Alternating each 20min

Wedding DJ - Sydney Disc Jockeys & DJ Jess

(19) · Sydney and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 21/03/2023

Most experienced DJ's are very used to DJ'ing weddings that can incorprate all genres and all nationalities - its important to read your crowd and have something for everyone keeping that dancefloor full - a good DJ will be able to do this no issue at all 

Always a lot of fun to be able to mix it up for everyone -  But your DJ's will always work with you on this also 

We do Greek English Weddings all the time - We love it !!  - DJ Jess & DJ Eric 

Give us a call 

@SydneyDiscJockeys - 0417672544 

Platinum DJs

(98) · Adelaide

Posted: 21/03/2023


I would suggest sitting down with your DJ and MC and going through the timeline when you want the different music played.

You could make some different playlists on spotify and supply them to the DJ.

I would make a background one for Greek and English. Also a dancing one for Greek and English.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions

DJ Thomas McNally

Platinum DJs




NikNat Entertainment

(54) · Gold Coast / Tweed Heads / Brisbane / Sunshine Coast

Posted: 21/03/2023

Having done many Greek / Australian weddings, the best way is to allow your entertainer to play a bit of both.
Not too much of one or the other and not too many in a row.  

It's always fun if you have a traditional Greek dance and use it to teach those who are not Greek how to do it to join in the fun!

Between The Covers

(17) · Melbourne and Surrounds Brisbane and Surrounds

Posted: 21/03/2023

Hey there!

At some previous Greek/Aussie wedding's I have either performed or DJ'd at - we have found ways to incorporate both cultures in the music.. 

Previous couples have had us DJ Greek dance floor sets (roughly 20 mins) where they do the traditional dances, before switching to the contemporary Aussie Wedding Music or us performing live.. We would do this back and forth throughout the night in between formalities and include any of the traditional Greek dances + songs you would like - and definetly end the night on the Classic dancefloor songs.. 

If you're able to provide a list of the Greek songs/dances you'd like (and the order - as I believe that is somewhat imporant?) we can easily organise this + facilitate. 

To break it down, we might do something like this..


Greek Dance Bracket 1 (20 mins)


Greek Dance Bracket 2 (20 mins)

Speeches/Formalities etc

Greek Dance Bracket 3 (20 mins)

First Dances

Aussie Dance Floor Bracket (60 - 90 mins)

or something along those lines! Hope that helps!

Melbourne Entertainment Co.

(367) · Melbourne & Surrounding Areas, Mornington Peninsula & Yarra Valley/Dandenong

Posted: 21/03/2023

All of our DJs are very well experienced in playing traditional music from a variety of different cultures for a couple of sets throughout the night. We regularly perform at different types of weddings eg: (Italian/Macedonian/European/Arabic/Greek etc….) whereby a few brackets of traiditional music is played for 5-45 minutes (depending on how long you’re after). 

Upon booking with us, you’ll receive a DJ Request/Expectations Form to fill out with room to complete your:

  • Formality Requests (entry songs / specific dances Yes/No)
  • Top 10 Must Plays
  • Additional Song Requests
  • Traditional/Cutlural Songs
  • Do-Not-Plays (for any tragic overdone song you don’t want played - no thanks Macarena haha)

You have full customisation over the songs that you wish to hear including the traditional/cultural songs that you’re after. 

We may have a list of your nationality's songs which we’ve collected from some previous weddings as inspiration if you like which we can attached. You might like some of these, or they may not be appropriate. We understand that every culture has it’s own specific nuances/tastes - But it’s a starting point! 

Prodiscos - South Highlands DJ / MC

(46) · South Highlands / Bowral

Posted: 21/03/2023

I have had to do this many times over the years with a variety of cultural backgrounds. The key for me was firstly chatting to the couples and getting them to advise on specific songs that are popular. Then break it down into a couple of short sets rather than just randomly throwing songs into the mix. It has worked well for me over many years and the response on the dance floor has been terrific.

I hope that helps? 

Mercury Entertainment Group

(240) · Melbourne & Surrounding Areas / Victoria state wide

Posted: 21/03/2023

hi there, Great question! and a very common occurance for Weddings.  It is always best to cater for all guests music tastes and backgrounds.  With music we always recommend having a great variery of different music, in your case English and Greek and letting the DJ play the right music at the right time,  You won't know exactly how much or how little of each type of music you need, so having a great DJ will help make that work for you on the night.

Madison Entertainment

(29) · Brisbane and Surrounds

Posted: 21/03/2023

Good morning!

We specialise in ethnic entertainment. We can incorporate Greek & English DJ, singers (English & Greek), bouzouki player & Greek dancers!

The best way to incorporate both cultures would be to break it up over the night for eg:

ENTREE: Greek vocalist with bouzouki player

MAINS: English vocalist performing or DJ playing english music for dinner.

DANCEFLOOR: My suggestion is you have a Greek "segment" in between the english music for dancing. This way your non Greek guests will be on the dancefloor warmed up and will have a go at the greek dancing too! 

Also, having a DJ who has experience playing Greek weddings will ensure he will know what and when to play specific songs to entertain your guests/keep them on the dancefloor rather than just a playlist.

We can go as simple or grand as you like with your entertainment!

Would be happy to have a chat anytime.

Hope this helps!

Madison Entertainment - 0414 146 349


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