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As a wedding professional, Magical Makeovers offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

When to have a hair and makeup trial

Hi. I was wondering whether I should book my hair and makeup trial before I've booked my artists or after? What happens if you book someone and you have the trial and you don't like it? Can you cancel at that point? Is it normal to have a trial before you book?

Magical Makeovers

In most cases, youbook a trial first beforehand. Once you've trialled the artist and hairstylist, a deposit is paid to them to lock them in for your big day. In some cases, brides aren't keen to trial for a very long time, or leave it closer to the wedding day. In such instances as this, a deposit to secure them is paid beforehand. We highly encourage a trial sooner, as leaving things to the last minute can be stressful for the bride. If you don't want to book who you've trialled, then you're on the hunt again for someone else and possibly many will be booked out so close to your date. Plan to trial no later than 6 months prior to your wedding - gives you time, and also any advice given by the staff for prepping your skin or hair gives you a few months to get the best outcome for your wedding day.

How can I ensure great wedding makeup?

Magical Makeovers

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Firstly, choose a competent, experienced and fully qualified makeup artist. Use the reviews here on Easy Weddings to help you make a short list to contact. Trial approximiately 6 months prior to your wedding. She will be able to assess your skin condition and recommend relevant treatments and maintenance for you to further enhance your overall look giving you that radiant glow that all brides are after!  With a six month lead time before your wedding day, you will have the time to implement a beauty routine to ensure the best outcome and ideal skin surface for makeup application. Sure there are tricks of the trade that can mimic good skin (dewy foundation, airbrush, glow enhancers etc), but as you're going to be up close and personal in daylight on your wedding day, your skin will have an authentic glowing finish iif it's in great condition. It's all in the prep work ladies! Kerrie from Magical Makeovers, Melbourne

Top 10 makeup artists in Melbourne?

Magical Makeovers

Hi there, Magical Makeovers has several of the best Melbourne based makeup artists and hairdressers working through the agency. It's a one stop shop for the award winning, fully qualified professional makeup and hairstylists. Having won many ABIA's over the years for either Makeup or Hairstyling ensures brides they are dealing with some of the best in the industry. We have over 50 staff so a perfect fit for you is easily found in our team. The other advantage of going through a reputable agency is the emergency back up system in place; every bride wants to feel secure in the knowledge that her day wont be ruined by staff not turning up. You would think all this would cost a lot more, but it doesnt.  Give us a call on 0418323733  if you want to learn more or email us through our website www.magicalmakeovers.com.au.

I am after a make-up artist and hair stylist for my wedding in melbourne, 15/8/18?

I have 5 people in total who require hair and make-up at a location in the city. I want natural looking make-up from someone with experience, as none of the 5 people wear make-up often and I don't want it to look too heavy on the day/obvious. Are you able to recommend anyone in this category? Thanks

Magical Makeovers

Hi Christina,

thanks for your enquiry! We are free on your wedding day and have 54 makeup artists to choose from! What we do here at Magical Makeovers is find someone who fits your personal styling brief, and they will contact you and book in a trial. Naturally, they are available for your wedding also. We work very closely with you and your bridal party to ensure that you are getting the perfect look for what you're wishing to achieve. We want to bring out natural beauty, to make you look the best you can be! Most of our clients come to us because we no only listen to them, but are friendly and approachable. We have done over 12,000 weddings as a group and we have been in business for 23 years. We have almost 300 reviews on Easy Weddings which will give you an idea of our service and staff.   The added bonus of our team, is that we can provide an emergency back up for your wedding day, so if anything happens to your makeup artist (touch wood!) we have someone who steps in with all the trial notes and payments transferred. Many people assume we'd be more expensive, but we're the same rates as other professionals in the industry.  I'd love to look after you and your bridal party! Give me a call on 0418 323 733 and we can have a chat about your wedding 

What's the average cost for hair and makeup per person?

And is the bride more expensive? :)

Magical Makeovers

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Pricing does vary depending on styling, hair length and thickness of hair, also too, if you want airbrush makeup and or false lashes. On aJverage, bridal parties spend between $150-$250 depending on what it is they are after and what we need to do for them. Pricing can also be affected by the number of people, the larger the group the better the price. If you are in the Melbourne (Victorian) area feel free to contact us on info@magicalmakeovers.com.au so I can custom fit your quote to what it is you're looking for.  We would love to look after you!

When should my HMUA arrive if my ceremony is at 12pm (12.30 start)?

Magical Makeovers

Hi there, a tiny bit difficult to answer without knowing how many people need to get done - but assuming just bride only, then they take 1.5 hours to do 1 person. We get a bride ready 1/2 hour before she wants her photography done, so if your ceremony is at 12 and you don't have far to travel, and are planning to have 1 hour of photos taken, and have a zip up dress (add extra 30 minutes for laced up dress) then you'd find the HMUA would start at 8.30am for a 10am finish time. I hope that helps? 

is it better to have the same hair and makeup stylist, or hire one of each skill?

like have one person do hair and makeup, or book an individual hair stylist and an individual mua

Magical Makeovers

Hi there, I have several girls in my team that are brilliant at both, so for very small wedding parties I'd assign them. I personally prefer to assign staff that suit the bride's styling requests, and in such instances as this, two separate staff are chosen; one who meets the makeup brief and someone who meets the hairstyling brief. The best of both worlds! So to answer your question; yes two staff is preferable. The timing is also halved; and they both specialise in your chosen look. 

how much would hair and makeup (together) usually cost?

Magical Makeovers

Hi Rosanna, depending on numbers, we charge anywhere from $165-$235 per person. Depending on how many people are booked for the service. If you have 3 or more, we also send two staff. There may be travel fees if you are getting ready outside metro Melbourne suburbs.

I hope that helps? If you want a personalised quote, please contact us and we'd be happy to help

how to stop my makeup sweating off??

im a nervous sweater haha

Magical Makeovers

Hi Rosanna, defintely products such as mattifying primers, long wearing foundations, setting spray and poweders such as Inglot's Stage Sport Studio mattifying powder all go a long way to ensuring your makeup doesn't melt off! Carrying blotting sheets with you is also another great idea. Have you considered Airbrush makeup? It provides a near flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural finished look. Airbrushing is water resistant and sweat proof so great for weddings and special occasions and can last for up to twelve hours dependant on the care that is taken to maintain your makeup. Airbrush foundation has great coverage, but is thin in texture, offering a high-opacity or full coverage application that's dispersed as sheerly and evenly as possible, so you don’t have that caked on feel or look. The result is perfect-looking skin achieved with minimum product. Most of our 54 staff are airbrush qualified so we can trial this for you to give you 100% confidence for your big day.

whats the difference between professional makeup and professional BRIDAL makeup?

Magical Makeovers

In essesnce, nothing.  A professional Makeup service is customised for the clients needs based on what she's wanting to achieve. If she is wanting a particular style (that is more romantic/fresh/bridal) then that's what we give her. If she is wanting a vintage inspired look, or catwalk glamour, then that's what we give her. The service/skill and attention we offer is fundamentally the same to all our clients. All our makeup brands and techniques offer long wearing results which suits all applications. For this reason, we don't charge extra for brides; just because your're getting married. In fact it often works out more affordable than service for 1 person because usually a bridal party of 3+ people also getting makeup reducing your rates!

Is it better to book one specific make up artist, or a makeup artistry company with multiple artists

Magical Makeovers

It's often thought you would get a more personalised level of care with an individual operator, but it's no different with us. In fact, quite the opposite. From the level of personalised service from the office to ensure that the perfect staff are selected by you to suit your styling needs, to then meeting with your makeup artist at the trial in the comfort of your own home, to the same artist naturally looking after you on your wedding day. THe only significant difference, is what happens if she's sick? With our agency Magical Makeovers, that's our problem. We fix it before you even know about it. In many cases if there's enough notice a complimentary trial is offered to ensure you're 100% happy. Magical Makeovers has been around for 23 years, and has loved looking after over 10000 weddings and are well respected by everyone in the industry. The staff that work through the agency would never want to lose their 'place' on this highly reputable company and do their absolute best for my clients. With a personal job what's the consequence? The bride doesn't book. But with an agency allocation? they would lose their job. Agency provides you with more coverage than you can imagine. Hope that helps xx

I have really oily skin, how can I ensure I stay matte well after my make up is done?

Is there any magical setting spray I can buy and test in the lead up to the wedding?

Magical Makeovers

We use a variety of different methods to provide a long lasting, matte result, starting with mattifying primers, silicone airbrush makeup or oil free foundations are highly effective, and matt finishing sprays ontop of high quality HD setting powders. At your trial, we can use these products so you can see how effective this is for you, and if you want to buy them to use before the day we will write down a list of our products that we recommend you can get. We can also give you some loose powder to take with you (in a snap lock bag) to keep the shine at bay. Oil can be controlled on the skin, but adrenaline can also make brides shine, so it's always recommended that you take some powder with you in your touch up kit.

What am I asking for when asking the MUA for 'bridal makeup'?

Is it usually airbrushed or something? I don't get it :s

Magical Makeovers

Hi Chenel

We do airbrushing makeup as well as conventional. The advantage of airbrushing (primarily if a Silicone based foundation is used) is it's long lasting power. As a bride doesn't have a lot of time in between her ceremony, photos, guests and then reception, and at reception just wants to enjoy all her guests without wondering if her foundation is wearing off or requires any touch up! Often we trial with one side airbrush and the other conventional so the bride can decide for herself if it's best for her. In saying that though, our conventional makeup we use is high quality, long wearing and high definition. If I am being completely frank though; every bride once they see the flawlessness of the coverage with airbrush by comparison to the conventional product will choose it 99% of the time. I hope this has helped? Warm regards, Kerrie Magical Makeovers

can makeup artists cover tattoos?

like i said in my other question, i dont know much about makeup so this might be a silly question. i have a few small tattoos id like to hide on my wedding day. will my makeup artist cover them for me? is this a usual bridal request? and should this be included in her price?

Magical Makeovers

hi Kessia a professional makeup artist is best for this service. We usually use airbrush makeup for this service is the coverage is flawless. Tattoo coverage does cost a little above the regular rate as we are sometimes spending up to 1 hour and a lot of product and skill in covering tattoos. Naturally, it's all about size and depth of colour that really determines time and product which then reflects on price quoted. If you need a quote for your tattoos, please email us a photo and we can give you a price. cheers Kerrie Magical Makeovers

what am i asking for when i ask my makeup artist for 'bridal makeup' ?

im not really a girly girl, so i dont know anything about makeup. i dont know what im asking for when i ask my makeup artist for the bridal look. and will they know what colours will look best with my dress/flowers/with my skin? i honestly dont know what to expect out of this appointment and would love an explanation

Magical Makeovers

Hi Kessia

DareI say, leave it to us. If you told me that you're not a girly girl, and you don't wear a lot of makeup - then we ask you a few questions about your colours, styling, wedding and hairstyling (if you know) and work within what we believe brings out the best of you. That feels like you. We don't want to change you- just make you look the very best you can be. We want your fiancé to see you walk towards him and recognise you and feel enormous love for you ! 80% of our clients come to us with the same anxiousness about styling. That's the reason they are employing a professional in the first place! So you're not alone I assure you! cheers Kerrie

Can I bring my bridesmaids to my Makeup/Hair trials?

I'm indecisive and need a firm hand to tell me if I look good!

Magical Makeovers

Of course! I find that we not only get solid advise from someone who knows you well but we can also chat with them about what they want to achieve on the day, Make a special day out of it! Get some nibbles and sparkling and have a lovely time!

How long should I set aside for my make up trial?

Magical Makeovers

Hi Lucy, I would recommend booking your makeup/hair trial in June/July of 2017 at the latest, as dates such as early January are more limited as many people go away. We offer a makeup trial that goes for 1- 1.5 hours giving you enough time to explore styling and be 100% confident that the look is the best representation of yourself. For a hair trial we take up to 2 hours. We try a couple of different styles, after spending time initially with a consultation to get to know you and your styling preferences. I hope this advice helps! Please feel free to chat with us on 03 9846 5298 cheers Kerrie

What is a good style of make-up for a beach wedding?

Do you have any advice for make-up for a beach wedding?

Magical Makeovers

Hi Lucia, congratulations on your engagement! I would recommend fresh glowing sunn kissed makeup style, lovely defined lashes and soft coral/pink lipstick. I would keep the eyeshadows soft in shade, but lashes thick and full. We'd be happy to do a makeup trial for you! Love beach weddings!

Do I have to wear my hair up on my wedding day?

I prefer my hair down but everyones saying I should wear it up because it's more elegant and formal. Do bride's traditoinally have to wear their hair up?

Magical Makeovers

Hi Jordyn, I made the mistake of doing what everyone else suggested and not what I wanted. I regretted it ever since. This is your day, this is your beauty. Brides these days where their hair whichever way they please and there's no rules to follow. If you feel like a compromise, perhaps a half up and half down style? Even still, elegance and formality can still be achieved with down style. Our Website has over 300 samples to be inspired by, and for even more, try our Facebook page which has 12,000 images. I'm sure you'll find something to show your stylist that would not only please yourself but everyone else too. Just remember, to be yourself!

How much does wedding make-up usually cost?

Magical Makeovers

Hi Sarah, exciting times planning a wedding and it's coming up very soon you must be so thrilled! Our makeup prices are based on how many people require our service. We charge $100 per person for makeup and there is no travel fee if you are getting ready in metro Melbourne area. This price is based on 3-5 people. We also offer airbrush makeup and false lashes (optional and small fee). We've won over 17 ABIA Awards in both Hairstyling and Makeup services and this year received a rating of 99.80%. We have 52 staff and assign someone from the team who best fits your styling needs so you are 100% happy.

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